Concluding Thoughts: C³ (TV)

Oh C³...
Why didn’t I drop this?

[Contains vague spoilers, then again, it’s so predictable a caveman could do it]

C³ is best described as an atrocity then again, that might be considered a generous title. This would be the “ideal troll” series to give somebody to watch. It’s not very good in storyline, and the characters are the aggravating type of cliché. It follows the generic harem law of everybody falling in love with the average dude, and it offers incessant and redundant fan service. The series basically follows this extremely unique and innovative storyline:

Boy meets unique and strange girl, strange girl is suffering from a curse, boy wants to help girl, girl denies boy’s kindness and runs away after accidentally hurting boy, boy finds girl and basically accepts girl, then girl learns the meaning of friendship. Innovative and original right? Normally, the storyline wouldn’t be aggravating on its own but it’s just portrayed and executed in such an obnoxious way.

The majority of the episodes are generally composed of 60% school/fan service, then 30% actual plot, with the 10% being the OP and ED. The series basically started off as excessive moe fan service followed by an episode or two of melodrama. Then it led into some action, which was surprisingly pretty cool. Then it fell into the inevitable plight of more melodrama, love triangles; then from episode eight onwards, it’s visited by sporadic random tentacles[perhaps, slightly exaggerated].

Surprisingly, the actual plot does actually exist, albeit rushed and poorly told. The small plot is littered with mediocre storytelling and incessant fan service. C³ basically tries to develop a seemingly serious plot, but the plot is about as creative and unpredictable as Bleach’s. The plot basically revolves around trying to alleviate the girl’s curse, but it does it in such a bad way. Numerous questions are raised with each episode, and they are answered, but are done so in such a mediocre way.

To be fair, most series raise questions, but they answer them. Now how do they answer them? Well, most of them would answer them through subtle hints, actions, and perhaps even some dialogue. How does C³ do it? Well, they do it through dialogue. Not intelligent dialogue, but in blatant “Why did this happen”s and “What was that”s. Now imagine the end of a mystery anime, where everything is resolved, there’s been a few subtle, yet significant clues, and the main detective puts it all together, in blatant monologue. Now, if C³ was a mystery anime, that wouldn’t be so bad, but it does this without any clues. They literally just commune a meeting and go, “What was that?” and well, that’s how the majority of the questions were answered, in Q and A format, intelligent right?

Now C³ isn’t an entirely bad series. It does have a few redeeming “good” points. The art and animation is simple, yet in some scenes it’s done really well. Both openings look great[it’s simple, but they actually do look good], and the ending theme fits. The action scenes are also pretty cool, the history behind the torture weapons, and the actual fighting isn’t bad. It’s entertaining when it comes to that, but besides that, it doesn’t have much going for it. Basically, imagine Bleach with more melodrama, and much more boobs, tentacles, and panty shots.

Objective Score: 3/10. It’s the irritating type of below average, it’s not good, and it’s not enjoyable. This show was actually one of the few that I fell behind on due to the incessant bullshit I put through while watching it.

Subjective Score: 3/10: It’s still shit. If you’re into tentacles, panty shots, incessant fan service, and boobs, you’ll probably like this. If you want a decent storyline, or even decent characters, you probably wouldn’t like this. The show is mostly fan service, and the plot itself is mostly ridiculous and only used to further develop the fan service.

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2 Responses to Concluding Thoughts: C³ (TV)

  1. Yerdua says:

    You have convinced me not to bother with this anime. I was initially interested in it because I thought it had some horror-esque elements in it.

    Great reviews, by the way.

    • mdlolz says:

      Thanks :P. It’s really similar to Higurashi, except Higurashi did decent on the horror element. C³ is essentially an ecchi comedy masked by occasional gore.

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