Concluding Thoughts: Working'!! (TV)

O hey
A good slice of life.

[This is a review from the perspective of someone that didn’t watch the first season. Might contain some generalized spoilers]

Ironically, everything that I was looking forward to this fall season turned out to be absolutely mediocre, and everything I didn’t care for turned out to be pretty decent. Knowing this, I picked up Working’!! without watching the previous season, and surprisingly, it wasn’t difficult to quickly get accustomed to the characters.

From what I’ve noticed, several factors make Working’!! a “good” anime; however, a few others hinder it from becoming a “great” anime. Working’!! has a cast of great characters, although they’re not the most original and developed; they all remain easily likable. Now, as opposed to many other slice-of-life’s; relationships between the characters tend to stay almost completely static, with a few smaller developments towards the end. This normally wouldn’t be a “bad” thing in a slice-of-life, but it’s disappointing to see the possible “romances” at a halt, especially when there’s so much chemistry going on between the characters.

But what else makes Working’!! a “good” anime? The centerpiece in the anime besides the slice-of-life aspect is the comedy. Now how is the comedy dealt with? It’s actually dealt with in a rather unusual way. In comparison to other anime such as Seitokai Yakuindomo and Haganai where the basis of the majority of the jokes are vulgar, the jokes in Working’!! actually incorporate a different feel. The jokes aren’t really offensive, which opens the show to a much broader audience.

Now, the greatest factor that sets Working’!! apart from many other comedy anime, is the lack of ecchi. Nowadays, obnoxious fan service and ecchi basically go hand in hand in comedy anime, it’s somewhat disappointing. But Working’!! is basically void of all the irritating aspects of it. It’s a rarity, and it should be appreciated.

Objective Rating: 6/10. It’s a good comedy anime. It’s episodic, you could easily pick up the anime on episode eight, as easily as you could on episode one. It’s constantly enjoyable, but there aren’t any episodes that leave you breathless, it’s constantly good, but it’s never extraordinary, or great. It leaves you in a good mood after watching it most of the time.

Subjective Rating: 7/10: It’s a really enjoyable watch. The characters create a familial atmosphere, and it’s hard to not keep a smile while watching it.

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