First Impressions: Amagami SS+ (TV)

Starts off with a wet dream.

[Using UTW subs]

Amagamii SS+ is the sequel to the first season. I didn’t finish the first season, but I did enjoy what I did watch, mainly the first arc. Anyhow, let’s get started on this First Impressions, still experimenting on how to write properly. For those new to Amagami SS, it’s basically an arc-based romance anime, it’s enjoyable nonetheless. However, the rotation for the girls this season is in reverse.

Basically the opening is called “Check My Soul”, it’s sung by Azusa, who did the opening for last season too. I like the song, it fits the mood adequately. However, I think last season’s opening “i Love” held a bit more power when it came to the words, it seemed to be a much better fit.

First Impressions: Episode
Basically a recap of what happens with commentary.

So basically Amagami SS+ takes place a month after the events of last season; I didn’t really watch her arc last season. I’ll assume they’re doing fine though, he’s having wet dreams about his girlfriend, that’s oddly romantic.

a glance
It appears that her arc will be centered around her reelection as president. She’s running against some familiar faces, but chances are, she’s going to win. She doesn’t have much competition, there’s the dude who gives off the stalker vibe, who’s probably going to be out first; followed by nervous train wreck freshman and the girl with insecurities(and quite possible, daddy problems). Not exactly the fairest contenders when you’re going up against an experienced leader.

it thickens
And the plot thickens, it appears that one of the candidates intends to sabotage their relationship, as well as use her sexual appeal as leverage. Logically speaking, the guy would disregard her sudden lusty romances and stay faithful, but we all know what happens (Guys don’t have brains in anime, just penises, generally speaking of course).

Disregard the shitty quality, I tried to get a better shot but MPC intends to capture the same frame each time. Anyhow, it appears that his girlfriend has this under control, she knows that she’s only trying to incite a jealous rage… right?

Skip forward a few minutes of plot and you reach this. It appears that the dude really is accurately portrayed as the “average guy”; I totally had the same vibe when he pulled out that camera. Oh, and this isn’t just a fan-service scene, it’s to develop the characters and the storyline. (She needs borderline nudity in her picture to sway the crowd in her favor; It’s a proven statistic that sex = wins, You did click the link)

Fast forward a bit and the secondary results are in. It appears that the borderline nudity pictures worked wonders and she’s catching up (not exactly, it was through the power of friendship and hardwork; but I like my explanation somewhat better). And I was totally right, look at who’s last, Stalker Smile is. Anyhow, the elections seem to be moving rather quickly, I’m not exactly sure if all three episodes are going to stay this way for her. Hopefully not, variety is great.

And the girl with alleged daddy problems makes her move on the guy. Now right here, the guy is thinking “No way”, that’s generally the correct answer. We should go by our intelligent impulses, our instincts are there for a reason. But what’s the chances that he actually takes the “No way” in his head seriously? He has a penis after all.

Fast forward a few lines and you reach this inevitable truth. The guy has an IQ of 58. It appears that deception is a hard concept, even if your girlfriend tells you beforehand. Naturally, the correct thing to do would be to run as fast as you can in the opposite direction, it’s just the logical thing to do. But what’s the chances of him actually doing that? This would be the ideal point to have some third-party intervention to stop his asinine actions, perhaps a friendly sniper shooting him in the head, or a sudden heart attack. That would definitely reduce the melodrama casualty by at least 17.3% (It’s not a random %, I just divided by idiot/why is this shit happening)

M-M-M-Melodrama. What an innovative cliffhanger, leaving off right after the guy makes a retarded decision. Although it wasn’t his fault, he could have done so many things better in that scenario. Chances are, melodrama and tears will ensue. Oh anime and your creativity.


The ending is by Azusa, it’s called “Kokuhaku”. It’s not a bad song, it fits, just not something I’d listen to on repeat. I do actually collect anime music, it’s cool looking through your album arts on your I-pod, it really is. I’ll probably be uploading the OP/ED to the current on-goings to this site as they come out. The release date for the Opening is 2012/02/01 with the Ending coming out at 2012/02/08

First Impressions: Concluding Thoughts

Anyhow, it was a pretty enjoyable watch. Kind of worn out by the majority of Fall 2011 which blew, there was only a few gems with a ton of disappointments, hopefully, this season’s better. I’m picking up this show to do a weekly review on, it’s an enjoyable watch, it’s not irritating, and it’s extremely easy to make fun of. Seriously, making fun of structurally “good” anime is so difficult. I’ll probably be watching the majority of shows coming out, then deciding whether or not to pick them up. Expect ZnT Season 4, Nisemonogatari, and Another as guaranteed.

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