First Impressions:Senki Zesshou Symphogear (TV)

…The power of music?

[Using Commie subs]

I really wasn’t planning on watching this initially, but it’s a Friday night, and I’d prefer to ignore my friends. Anyhow, this show wasn’t as bad as I assumed, I thought it would be pointless ecchi and brainless fighting; surprisingly, there isn’t any ecchi. Anyhow, I’ll skip the Opening and Ending since there wasn’t a clear one this episode.

First Impressions:Episode
So basically the anime opens up with a rather somber mood, it’s kind of surprising. Didn’t expect such early drama out of a seemingly “fun” anime. Anyhow, the scene quickly transitions into a flashback.

Basically introduces two new characters; they don’t seem the most original. They appear to be famous singers, central to the theme of the anime I guess. Not really expecting much from them.

Transitions into the concert. The song wasn’t that bad, it was probably generic J-Pop, but it was still pretty enjoyable. Anyhow, it’s relatively boring so far, but things begin to happen.

So basically in the middle of the concert, this oversized Wurmple pops out of nowhere ready to wreck some shit. He initiates the fight by laying a million or so larvae; I was relatively surprised by how dark this was turning out to be.

The deaths aren’t exactly graphic, or detailed, but it’s there.

More deaths follow. It appears that the larvae petrify their prey, then they shatter them into coal or something. Basically, these larvae are assholes; they’re just killing everybody. They don’t need a reason, they don’t appear to be siphoning any type of energy and they don’t appear to be eating them. They’re essentially just going “Sup, Tag”.

It appears that red-haired chick wittily asks blue-haired chick for aid.

After some strategic planning, she transforms into the Red Power Ranger. Check out that transformation sequence. Will she be able to save the day? We’ll see.

Turns out that she didn’t. Still surprised that there’s so much violence this early on, I assumed this was a musical with dancing animals and shit. Well, I guess the stampeding horde of larvae could be seen as a “dance”.

For some strange reason, Sailor Mars decides to sacrifice her life in order to save Generic Female Lead #3. I’m not exactly sure why, she witnessed the death of like a hundred people, why does Generic Female Lead #3 stand out? Perhaps it’s the prelude to some in-depth backstory, or perhaps she did it for shits, either’s plausible. Going with the latter.

So, she proceeds to rampage using the Contra cheat code, or something like that. It appears that she’s singing a song, while hacking and slashing the larvae to death. It’s almost like a Disney musical, minus the singing animals. Alas, after the battle, It’s assumed that Sailor Mars fell as a martyrdom to a lost cause.

Anyhow, this is when I got somewhat lost. The setting shifts back into the present and Generic Female Lead #3 is fine (It was assumed that she passed away to a place free of rampaging asshole larvae in the first picture). On the side note, the script here is really innovative and explicit; I like how there was no ambiguity behind it (Otherwise someone could have made a tasteless sex joke).

The setting shifts once more to the middle of nowhere, or somewhere, it isn’t mentioned. Captain Obvious here is having troubles against the musical bugs. I wonder who’ll save the day?

Wow! It’s Sailor Mercury. In case your memory is mediocre, she was Sailor Mar’s lackey. Needless to say, she murdered the unfortunate bug while singing.

The setting shifts once more to the school. Guess who the new transfer student is? Anyhow, I’m assuming that she’s probably not the biggest fan of Sailor Mar’s retarded choice to sacrifice herself for Generic Female Lead #3

After some implicit bullying from Sailor Mercury, Generic Female Lead #3 decides to buy a new CD after school. Needless to say, she discovered the harsh reality that South Park is probably safer than her town.

Suddenly a high-pitched scream is heard in the background, she quickly rushes to the aid of a small girl. Predictably, she abducts the child and runs away with her.

She quickly loses morale while running with the small child. She reminisced on her short,unproductive life; however, right before she gives up, she suddenly remembers the encouraging last words of Sailor Mars. She’s awe inspired by the words, and manages to escape onto the roof with the small child.

However, the asshole larvae were already on the roof. It appeared that her future was grim, perhaps she considered offering the small child as a collateral sacrifice, we may never know. Why? Because she suddenly discovered that she was every generic shounen lead, she had magical powers of some sort. She began to glow, and her insides turned blue (That actually happens).

However, it appeared that during the transformation process into a Power Ranger, she lost all her clothes. It also appears that the small girl is being vaporized in the background.

The episodes ends with this picture. What does this picture represent? I’m glad you asked, it’s actually an allegory for the loss of human sanity followed by the sudden,inevitable influx of primal instincts. Or she turned into a Power Ranger.

First Impressions: Concluding Thoughts
This wasn’t that bad, but I didn’t exactly love it. The animation was relatively average, and the storyline seems like a joke so far. The characters aren’t exactly the most intriguing, and there doesn’t really seem to be anything going on besides ambivalent forces clashing. However, the OST was actually good, I enjoyed it. The music itself wasn’t bad, just remarkably forced at times. It’s probably a good watch for someone who enjoys this type of show I guess; I probably won’t be watching anymore episodes.

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