First Impressions: Mouretsu Pirates (TV)

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Using HorribleSubs and the pictures are larger now. Changed themes, the blog looks worse, but the pictures are larger. That’s what matters to me I guess, so I’ll probably try to make the blog less crappy within the next few days.

I was actually pretty surprised by this; I didn’t expect for it to be science fiction. Seriously, Pirates = Boats+ Water, right?


HorribleSubs doesn’t do karaoke, so I can’t exactly say if the lyrics matches the series. But, the song did sound “spacey”, and I did like it. The song’s name is called “Mouretsu Uchuu Koukyokyoku: Dai Nana Gakusho ‘Mugen no Ai'” and it’s by Momoiro Clover Z.

First Impressions: Episode

The episode basically begins by giving a brief history of every other galaxy. Seriously, it’s always a space rebellion, or in this case, pirates. Anyhow, the setting quickly transitions.

Basically two characters are introduced. They’re observing some girl; she appears to excel at piloting spaceships. The introduced female really reminds me of that one irritating chick from Ao no Exorcist.

The observed girl. I really should learn their names, but it’s just so difficult. Anyhow, she appears to be oblivious to the fact that she’s being watched; she quickly rushes to her workplace. The observers of the girl quickly rush to stalk her.

A shot of the town. It’s evident that they’re not in some space colony in the middle of nowhere, so that’s good. The scenery is minimal, but descriptive enough to create a “light” mood. I’m assuming that this series is only going to be partially “serious” when it comes to violence.

They manage to find the girl at her workplace, a brothel. Or a maid cafe.

Now, they formally meet. This appears to be their first meeting, signifying the fact that she was probably spying on the girl; and in turn, stalked her afterwards.

They mention to her some alluring offer. I can deduce based off the facts so far, (they’re stalking her, observing her, critiquing her abilities) that they’re solely after her organs for the black market. Or they’re aspiring to recruit her for their pirate ship.

She goes home and talks to her Mom about her strange encounter. They claimed to have known her mother, was it true? It appears that it was.

Soon afterwards, they sit down for dinner with the alleged organ harvesters. They appear to be old friends; they preposition her daughter with the effort to lead their pirate ship. It appears that she was oblivious to the fact that her father was the previous captain; he died from the unforgiving and inevitable pestilence of justice (food poisoning). However, they inform her that piracy is a perfectly legal occupation (they have it on paper after all).

She’s stays up all night undecided. The next day at school, the most predictable new teacher gets introduced. And a new student transfers in, hitting every cliche in the book it appears.

The setting shifts to her workplace. She has new clientele; they’re either rival organ harvesters, or members of the pirate ship.

The transfer student comes in and orders a parfait. It’s assumed that she has a chocolate fetish.

It appears that her mother ordered her “protection”. I suggest following the suspicious dude with a badge. Needless to say, his cover was quickly blown and a laser battle initiated.

Because covering your ears protects you from vaporization. They manage to escape from barraging lasers, and the episode ends on a cliffhanger.


The ending song was fine, no karaoke so I couldn’t really tell what it entailed. The song’s name is called “LOST CHILD” by Momoiro Clover Z.

First Impressions:Concluding Thoughts
The show really wasn’t that bad. I don’t think I’ll be watching more though; not because it’s bad, but because I’m not exactly looking for a lighthearted “serious” anime right now. This is pretty similar to Last Exile:Ginyoku no Fam, which I’m already watching. Anyhow, this show appears to be a full season of twenty-six episodes; I don’t really have time for it I guess.

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