First Impressions: Ano Natsu de Matteru (TV)

I still don’t remember the name of the last anime that hit this many cliches.

I heard Ano Hana influenced this anime a lot, which ultimately catalyzed my urge to actually watch this. I normally avoid anime with big boobs; it’s generally a stigma for stupidity. But I decided to give this a chance.

First Impressions: Opening

I really liked the opening, it fit well. The song seems to be allude to film making, which I’m assuming is a central theme in the anime. The song is called “sign” by Ray.

First Impressions: Episode

The story begins with him giving a pretty sentimental speech. It’s a good way to start an anime, it’s great characterization because it’s direct philosophy from the main character. I’m assuming this speech is of relative importance; so I’ll probably be trying to decipher it for the remainder of the pilot.

The scene is abruptly interrupted with an explosion of sorts. Surprised by the sudden shift in mood.

It suggests that the episode was a dream; however, that’s probably not the case. There were some minor indicators in the dream that deter the possibility of it being a mere dream, this brings the supernatural element into play.

Formally introduces the main character. It’s apparent that he isn’t your average high school boy, which is great. He’s reminiscent of L; although I don’t think he’s exactly socially awkward.

This with the combination of his speech in the beginning suggests that his parents are deceased. It’s assumed that he lives with an older sister now, rather than a single mother.

He’s doing fine at school; he doesn’t appear socially awkward. It appears that he has trouble remembering the specifics of what occurred last night. He only remembers testing out his new high-speed camera. His friends appear eccentric, much like him.

The main heroine is introduced. I’m not really sure what to expect from her. Big boobs in general, has a direct correlation with mental deficiency based off my extremely scientific observations. I’m hoping that her existence isn’t for the sole purpose of fan service; much like a certain pink-haired apathetic protagonist in a certain mediocre series.

This and an earlier scene characterizes the main heroine to be relatively self-conscious. It could be because she’s like every other teenage girl, or it could be something else; there is a supernatural element in play after all.

They come up with the idea of shooting a movie. Everyone, including the new girl approves of the idea.

It appears that this guy has sporadic daydreams. Not sure if this is comedic relief; or if it’s alluding to the possible sexual deviancy of the main character.

At the pool, they notice a scar on his neck. Being the supportive friends that they are, they assume it’s a hickey from a sexual misadventure. Needless to say, he’s confused on how he got it. It’s probably related to the first scene.

After school, he sees the main heroine fishing. She doesn’t appear to be proficient in handling a rod. Further extenuates the fact that she’s probably not normal.

Shifts off to another day dream. This time, with him inviting the homeless transfer student with a place to stay, his house. Knowing anime, it’s going to happen.

=l. He reluctantly allows her to live with him for a while. This basically sets the stage for countless awkward scenes; as well as a plethora of fan service. Also supports the theory that she’s probably an “alien”; she doesn’t react the way you would normally expect.

This shower fan service scene was extremely unpredictable. She doesn’t know how shampoo works; she’s either an alien, or a retard. I’m assuming it could be either, it’s a really hard diagnosis. The facts so far say alien, but my heart says retarded.

The guy’s scar begins to act up. We can assume an awkward sexually suggestive scene is coming up. (She is showering right now; he requires aid. Fill in the blanks with the facts. That was a haiku; shameless fan service)

Don’t worry, the towel falls off later.

Some novice probably cursed him.

And it ends with her kissing Snow White to cure him from his eternal slumber. Can’t say I really enjoyed this episode; the OST was great though.

First Impressions: Ending

Actually really enjoyed the ending. This series probably has a mediocre storyline; but the OST seems to be above average so far. The song is “Vidro Moyou by Nagi Yanagi.

First Impressions: Concluding Thoughts
Was expecting more from this I guess. Not sure whether or not I’ll pick this up; the OST is great, but the storyline so far seems mediocre. The film-making aspect, which was believed to be a central theme, is being overshadowed by the supernatural phenomenons. I’ll decide next week whether or not to drop this I guess. (It was also kind of boring; I can’t write decently for things that don’t interest me).

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7 Responses to First Impressions: Ano Natsu de Matteru (TV)

  1. Abel says:

    It is, after all, made by the creators of Onegai Teacher and Onegai Twins – Aliens, School – the only thing that is missing would be the red haired girl to be his teacher, well…
    Excuse my bad english.

    • mdlolz says:

      Yeah, I guess it would be natural to have multiple similarities, but still, was hoping for more originality. And your English is readable, so that’s fine.

      • Abel says:

        Originality is missing in the Anime nowadays, most of them are just a mixture of old ones – Shakugan no Shana, Zero no Tsukaima, Hidan no Aria, To Aru Majutsu no Index – even Light Novels have their similarities. Thank you very much.

  2. mdlolz says:

    Originality is missing, it’s somewhat of a risk to try something new. Trying old things that work would remain the safest bet, but they can only do it for long. I don’t mind “cliches” and not being “original” if it’s pulled off well. There’s predictable cliches like Rainbow, which remained enjoyable, and irritating cliches like Ao no Exorcist which turned obnoxious. But yeah, originality is usually rare nowadays, it’s a hit or miss. And unfortunately, it’s more often a miss than a hit.

    • Abel says:

      Yes, I enjoyed Anime and Visual Novels from Type-MOON – they were original and not quite the same as other cliches with mages, vampires or the magic itself. I hope they make an Anime from the Fate/Hollow Ataraxia in future after Fate/Zero Season II.

      • mdlolz says:

        Yes, the Fate series has pretty original magic, it’s not by any means, “traditional”. I was actually hoping for a remake of Fate/stay night after the second season.

      • Abel says:

        Yes, an OVA for Heaven’s Feel or the Realta Nua Ending would be awesome. Both were open for continuation.

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