First Impressions: Inu x Boku SS (TV)

It has pretty guys.

First Impressions: Episode

Introduced to the main character; she’s cold towards everyone, that’s awesome.

Seems to be a childhood friend, or something along the lines of that. It appears her personality isn’t concrete, probably an act she puts up. Probably a tsundere.

From the first picture, it’s apparent that she’s moving into a new apartment complex. It’s “commonly” known as a complex for the elite; keyword is commonly. There’s a supernatural theme with this anime, so there’s definitely more to be discerned.

She drops one of her boxes, needless to say, generic shoujo protagonist appears.

It appears that he’s extremely passionate in his aspirations to serve her. Needless to say, harakiri was suggested when his service was impulsively rejected; he essentially guilt trips her into accepting him.

He’s essentially a heterochromatic Rick Astley.

He commences a tour of the complex. This is labeled as a shounen; I’m not sure how much bishounen I can take.

Needless to say, they run into an extremely original character.

This is probably some really intriguing symbolism; I’m just not intelligent enough to analyze it properly. I apologize for this mediocre review.

Anyhow, characterization begins.

It appears that she was bullied for being rich and attractive. Only in anime. Whelp, that’s enough characterization for an episode.

He was sincerely touched by her story. =l

She goes on to explain how she doesn’t get along with people; she’s best left alone because she inevitably hurts them. I’m assuming she’s cold towards people because of her rough childhood. The childhood experience basically catalyzed a development of a false personality; in this case, a cold one to act as a “self defense” mechanism. Given this, it’s logical the anime would revolve around her alleviating the “social awkwardness”, and ultimately, result in her making new friends.

Being the faithful dog that he is, he promises to help her.

A quick glimpse of two people with essentially the same hairstyle.

She’s thinking about her new pet.

And now she’s being robbed.

It appears that she has magical ocular powers. This would explain the complex; it’s filled with people similar to her. I’m not sure how much “action” is going to be in this anime.

The dog comes to his master’s aid.

Did I say dog? I meant fox.

As suspected, it appears that everyone in the complex has magical powers of some sorts. The powers appear to be inherited; they claim to still be “proper” humans.

Where’s the partner when you need him? Looks like he’s pretty much screwed. The scene kind of goes gray after this; I’m assuming they killed him. Wouldn’t be logical to allow some human know about the existence of magical foxes.

Basically the fox really likes taking bullets.

First Impressions: Opening

The song was decent, there weren’t lyrics; but it felt appropriate for some reason. The animation was great though, it portrays her conflict (individual against society). The song is called “Nirvana” by MUCC.

First Impressions: Concluding Thoughts

A mediocre first episode; I’m not sure if I’m picking this up. It really depends on how I feel next week.

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