On-going Thoughts: Nisemonogatari 2/11

I should stop picking the most revealing pictures as the display.

On-going Thoughts: Opening

Surprisingly, there’s a new opening this episode. After watching it with the subtitles; I actually like it more. It has a really “teenage girl” feel if that makes sense, it seems to exemplify Karen’s character.
On-going Thoughts: Episode
The episode starts by showcasing both sisters; the film effect carries on over from episode one.

Karen is introduced first. She’s shown as a tomboy who really enjoys athletic activities; she’s a year older than Tsukihi.

Her presentation is followed by Tsukihi’s. She’s athletic and enjoys brawling, like her sister; however, she appears to be much more feminine; she doesn’t look like a tomboy.

Anyhow, enough blatant introductions, I feel like I’m pitching profiles for a dating site. Onward to the episode.

He arrives at Sengoku’s house. In the last episode, he was on his way until he was sidetracked by his borderline pedophilia. However, that was characterization so pedophilia is okay.

They arrive in her room. I’m assuming that the closet is symbolism for secrets; or something of that nature. Not being how you actually are seems to be a recurring motif this episode.

Not much of a caption needed; she seems to be out of character. Assuming it contributes to the theme of this episode. Or it’s just fan service. Damn you Shaft.

The primary plot of the arc gets introduced. His sisters appear to be up to something; albeit, they don’t believe in the supernatural. It’s definitely going to be built on more in the succeeding episodes.

For the sake of less pictures; I’ll briefly summarize. He leaves Sengoku’s house after an erotic game of twister. However, the interference of her mom’s untimely arrival home resulted in Koyomi leaving. He receives a phone call; and proceeds to answer it.

Kanbaru is introduced in this episode. She had her own arc in Bakemonogatari; she appears to be acting eccentric, but that’s how she usually is.

Just more teasing from her side.

Another brief summary, I really would like to include the pictures; but it’s four separate pictures for the punchline. Kanbaru’s grandmother walks in on her talking on the phone naked, she takes a glance and continues on. What a badass grandma.

He hangs up and walks into Karen. Karen appears to be trying to move the ground. Needless to say, Koyomi lectures her on how she should act like every cliche generic imouto character.

Oh hey, I had a picture for that. Well, I need a caption for this picture. Look to the right, that bicycle defies gravity.

Assuming “stuff” relates to the dilemma that Sengoku introduced.

Once again, skipping four pictures. She’s heading off to settle her matters; she says that she’ll have a tale to tell tonight. Now that I think about it, it’s going to take three or more episodes to simply show Koyomi’s average day. He is, the most interesting man in the world.

She’ll be back.

He arrives at Kanbaru’s house. It appears that she’s troubled over her badass grandmother. It could be a facade, or it could be genuine.

These skin shots are necessary. Well, the line is at least. Alludes to the presumed theme this episode.

Basically as time passes by, Kanbaru tries to pitch how eccentric she really is. Koyomi challenges that by saying reading Boy’s Love isn’t exactly odd for a girl; it’s common for a girl to read about “handsome” guys.

She really wants to put on a different perceived persona. She wants to be different than who she really is?

Thus, the prelude to the imminent rape.

Needless to say, he probably woke up several hours later naked in a ditch with a sore pelvis.

On-going Thoughts: Ending

Not sure how I feel about the ending actually. I had ridiculously high expectations for ClariS; They did “Connect” and “Irony”, which were both great openings. In comparison with Bakemonogatari’s ED, this doesn’t exactly meet the high standards that it set. However, the song is terrible, and it’s not completely out there, I just had high expectations. Only time will tell whether or not the ED actually grows on me, till then, it’s “meh”.

On-Going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts
I liked this episode; I like to believe that this really is abstract symbolism and not shameless fan service. In all seriousness though, it’s a fun watch; whether or not it’ll surpass Bakemonogatari is still questionable.

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3 Responses to On-going Thoughts: Nisemonogatari 2/11

  1. grek14 says:

    I sure know what you mean with the ending xD
    I was also looking forward to it with excitement for a while now, and it just isn’t that what I hoped for. Although still very good.

  2. Kevin says:

    A bit concerned with the amount of fan-service in the show. The quality of the previous series means that I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt, but Shaft are walking a thin line here. Trust me when I say that I don’t mind fan-service but not when it gets to the point that it hinders the story.

    Fortunately that hasn’t seem to have happened yet.

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