On-going Thoughts: Zero no Tsukaima F 2/12

Hadena is much more coherent now. That was sarcasm.

Hadena beat Crunchyroll, therefore I’m using them for this episode. Needless to say, I immediately regretted that decision. I’ll be correcting every other line while doing a brief review.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

“Although I only receive a knight’s salary, I’ll buy that for you at the very least.”

That would be a slightly less mediocre way to translate that, still mediocre, but better.
Anyhow, the episode begins with Saito and Louise shopping at the marketplace. It’s romantic.

“This is where His Eminence will be celebrating the third anniversary of his coronation.”

I blow at correcting. Fan subbing is harder than it seems.
Anyhow, it appears that the classmates are on their way to His Eminence’s celebration. They’re volunteer guards.

“The Pope appeared to be too calm”

Meanwhile, the Queen meets with the Pope. She believes that the Pope foresaw the last attack; perhaps he was a part of it.

“It’s that feeling again… Just by seeing him, my heart’s already thumping”

On an overhanging balcony, Cow-Tits intends to ruin the currently stable romance. What a tool.

“Contracted fire, change thy direction according to my guidance.”.

Meh translation, flows slightly better, still retarded. I can’t edit very well apparently; it looked easier than it seemed.

Anyhow, some elf is working for the King of Gallia. The orbs he’s creating possesses the ability to decimate acres of land; in other words, a weapon.

A perfect line, I’m impressed.

Index welcomes Saito back to their room.

“S-Saito! We can’t, I’m wearing holy vestments…”

“It’s fine because you’re so cute”

Impeccable logic, the penis supersedes the futile logic of the brain.

Spell check is too mainstream; It’s “embarrassed”.

They proceed to foreplay using appellations such as “Lemon-chan”. Needless to say, the inevitable plight of thin walls befell them; thus, the inescapable phenomenon of the “cock-blocking” came into play.

Fast-forward onward to the next day, Index made new friends. Saito leaves her with her friends, and heads off to talk to Cow-Tits. [Cow-Tits generally isn’t in my vocabulary, it’s just that Hadena insisted on using Cow-Tits to refer to Konoha in C³ (Cubed Curse Crap)]

“Saito-san, do you mind if I ask for a favor?”

The logic in this is almost as applicable as you would find in hentai.

His Eminence, it’s like Your Majesty or His Majesty, it’s essentially the same, except it’s used to addressed high-ranking members of the clergy, rather than royalty.

Anyhow, it’s predictable that Louise is probably going to end up kidnapped.

Brother Jack is your Brother; he is not a monk.

The fight ensues, he basically outskills the legendary hero, Gandalfr, logical right?

Turns out that it was an unpredictable trap. She gets kidnapped once more. Now, all Saito needs is a samurai hat.

Crappy line, it’s grammatically correct, but it’s still a shitty line.

Anyhow, it appears that Gallia is planning on invading. It appears that this season is going to be centered around overthrowing the rule of King Joseph.

Doo doo doo, screw this.

On-going Thoughts: Ending

At least they translated the karaoke properly right?

Didn’t really care for the ED. Not really into cutesy things like this.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts
A decent episode I guess. I enjoyed it =p.

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3 Responses to On-going Thoughts: Zero no Tsukaima F 2/12

  1. Abel says:

    The entire back and forth gives me a headache. Of all seasons, my favorite one is the second – but the end of it made me just think that it won’t get far if Saito doesn’t makes the first step to stop the other girls.

    • mdlolz says:

      This season does seem to be rushed. I like to believe that Saito’s behavior towards the other girls are purely through good will; however, he really does need to set a line. I think my favorite season was actually the first, although the second comes in pretty close. The third season never happened.

      • Abel says:

        Yes, the third was more 80% Fanservice, and I still can’t understand why it’s called Fanservice when it’s destroys the Anime… and the 20% plot that rushed through the Novel. In the Light Novel he stayed after his ‘dead’ and didn’t came instantly back.

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