On-going Thoughts: Another 2/12


So basically last weeks episode was pretty lackluster. It appeared to be just another horror anime; not much changed this episode. Let’s do an analysis.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

The episode begins with Sakakibara and Misaki talking. She asks him whether or not he was okay with “this”, then it cuts off. Not much to go off of, but let’s take the scenery into account. There’s a plethora of yellow roses in the background. Yellow roses normally symbolize joy and friendship; however, in the past, it carried a lover’s stigma, that often symbolized a dying romance, or jealousy. However, it now serves as a symbol of purely friendship; we can assume that this scene extenuates a newfound friendship.

One of Sakakibara’s classmates painted something reminiscent of “The Scream” by Much (was also alluded to). The reasons are revealed later on.

She doesn’t seem hesitant in calling him by his name; could just be friendly, or there could be a greater meaning.

Anyhow, he talks with the student who drew his rendition of “The Scream”. He explains that he uses it as an outlet to alleviate his “fears” of the world. I’m assuming it’s his way to cope with some traumatic incident that probably occurred within the school.

Another classmate cheerfully questions them on what they were up to, he jokingly suggests their topic of discussion. However, his mood greatly shifts once he learns that they were talking about “something darker”. His worries were alleviated once they mentioned that it was on the topic of the “horrors of the world”, rather than something that would have been more concerning. He accidentally mentions the “cursed class 3”, however, before he got any further to explain it, Sakakibara rushes off to the library.

He finds Misaki there, she appears to be drawing a model of something similar to herself. She offers to take off her eyepatch, however, he declines it.

The bell rings and the librarian ushers him out. It’s somewhat strange that he doesn’t interact at all with Misaki, perhaps she’s only visible towards him.

Afterwards, he goes home. He mentions to his sister that he wants to go to an art school. Strangely enough, according to my mediocre recollection, his painting wasn’t shown in art class. We learn that his Mom died shortly after his birth; perhaps there’s a relation to that and his ability to see the girl. Things usually aren’t introduced without reason.

Being the average teenage boy that he is, he walks to the hospital during the dead of night to ask an auspicious question.

Being the well-trained nurse that she is, she waives the necessity of patient confidentiality in order to appease him. Also she used the phrase “dig anything up”, get it? It’s a double entendre, it’s funny. =l

Anyhow, at school, we learn that the class president is in charge or overseeing the safety and protection of the class. However, it’s not yet explicitly told on what “safety and protection” encapsulates.

He rushes off after he catches a glance of Misaki. Being the good friend that he is, he allegedly stalks her home.

He’s incredibly bad at tailing. Following the “Law of Hitting Every Cliche in the Book”, he loses her, but manages to discover a strange building. Once again, the law takes effect and he receives a phone call confirming his theory that there was a dead girl named Misaki. Needless to say, he walks in.

It appears to be a mannequin shop. He browses around the store.

He eventually finds Misaki. He questions Misaki on her relationship with the doll; she mentions that the mannequin embodies half of her, perhaps less. In theory, this could explain her bizarre monologue in the hospital morgue during the first episode, where she mentions that “she’s retrieving her other half”. I’m assuming that the mannequin was built and modeled after her. But for what exactly? Perhaps her body was lost and the mannequin built was used as a placeholder for the funeral (it is in a casket); or, the mannequin is insignificant and only serves to pull cheap scares. I don’t really know.

Needless to say, the episode does not end on a cliffhanger. She probably possesses both of her eyes; she only wears an eyepatch to fuck with people. Maybe she’s an intelligent troll and nobody knows.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

This show is a horror anime, yet, it hasn’t really scared me. It follows cliches, and it’s not quite obnoxious, but it’s not exactly good. Anyhow, hopefully it gets better.

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