On-going Thoughts: Amagami SS+ 3/13

It’s friend zone’s turn.

The second arc in Amagami SS+, this time featuring: friend zone.

On-going Thoughts: Backstory

So here’s Piggy, er Rihoko. She’s basically the main guy’s childhood friend, she’s in a one sided love with him. Inevitably, she’s mostly friend zoned by him. It doesn’t seem like the worst choice though, the aura that they emit doesn’t seem to be at all romantic, just friendly.

So Junichi essentially gets guilt-tripped into joining the Tea Club in the first season.

Still a better romance than Rihoko and Junichi.

On-going Thoughts: Episode
Anyhow, enough bullying, onto the actual content.

Basically she’s pretty conscientious about her weight. It’s usually used as a means of black humor.

So here’s a flashback of his sexual harassment adventures as a kid.

Now here’s him sexual harassing as a teenager.

So basically his parents are out of town, so he’s stuck at home with his sister. Needless to say, they’re both inept at cooking. Given that, she offers to lend her abilities as a chef at dinner; he readily accepts the offer with enthusiasm. I’m assuming this arc revolves around her and the Junichi getting closer; perhaps they get into a relationship, or perhaps she gets friend zoned once more. It’s probably the latter.

Rihoko bumps into the former tea club members. After a conversation about how life is, they decide to aid her in her cooking adventure. Being the supportive pair that they are, they bestow upon her the gift of eel and lotus root, clearly not used to insinuate anything. Clearly not going to happen either.

And the episode ends with a fucking irritating scene. Why the fuck was this necessary. Seriously. Whatever, she denies the opportunistic asshole’s lust-inspired advance and says who she’s actually in love with; needless to say, there was a train in the background, making it mostly inaudible.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts
Enjoyable for the most part, except the last scene. Please don’t use sexual harassment or a history of sexual violence as a catalyst to sympathize towards any of the fucking characters. It’s a low blow, it’s effective, but it’s a dick move that leaves the viewer more irritated then caring. Then again, just my opinion. If I wanted to watch rape, I’d watch hentai where the characters and the storyline doesn’t matter.

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