On-going Thoughts: Nisemonogatari 3/11

Fanboyin’ this show so much.

Seriously, this fucking show. The storyline essentially progresses at a snail’s pace, but it’s so fucking enjoyable to watch because of the dialogue. This remains the most difficult show to do an On-going Thoughts on, there’s so much description in the words; yet, you can’t exactly explain them. The description isn’t storyline orientated, it’s character development and more.

On-going Thoughts: Opening

The song’s the same, however the animation’s different. I really am starting to like this song a lot now. In comparison to staple staple, this song would be better “song-wise”, however, “sentimentally-wise”, staple staple still has the lead (Partially due to the instrumental version of it playing during some extremely memorable scenes.) Anyhow, enough rambling, onto the episode.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

Aragagi finishes up with Kanbaru, not much of the storyline develops. The dialogue is ridiculously good though. Some character development, it’s assumed that Kanbaru and her mother have a strained relationship.

Aragagi leaves the house and meets a strange man bearing “ill-omens”. He appears to be somewhat related to Kanbaru, and her mother. However, he leaves afterwards deeming it “not a threat”, Aragagi finds his presence similar to Oshino. He calls himself Kaiki.

He bumps into the best character of all time, Senjougahara. Needless to say, ridiculously enjoyable bickering follows.

So ridiculously enjoyable.

Seriously, this script.

Anyhow, she learns about Kaiki’s visit to Kanbaru’s estate and the scene shifts to black.

The dialogue continues once more. I can’t really explain their conversation and their prospects without seeming too opinionated. It’s really how you interpret it. Really liked this scene. The explicit reason for her locking him up is to “protect him” from Kaiki, who tricked Senjougahara prior to the first season.

This last scene was kind of a surprise. She reluctantly lets him go after losing a battle over the phone, the caller was proclaimed to be Hanekawa. It actually is really surprising, it doesn’t fit Senjougahara to break her composure usually.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

Best episode so far, but then again, that isn’t saying too much. This series has great characters. The storyline doesn’t progress very fast, but then again, I don’t really watch this for the storyline. Nisemonogatari is riddled with eccentric and unique art, a cast of great characters, and ridiculously “good” and “intelligent” dialogue. A lot more happened in this episode then I covered in this half-assed review; I can’t explain it easily in words without sounding either too sentimental or cheesy.

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One Response to On-going Thoughts: Nisemonogatari 3/11

  1. grek14 says:

    Liked the part at the end the most.
    And also the ending is getting better when heard a few times :D

    By the way, thanks for your awesome reviews, really like them a lot ;)

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