On-going Thoughts: Zero no Tsukaima F 3/12

Damn you cliche and touching scenes.

I liked this episode, far better than the shitty third season so far. This season is a bit rushed, and the developments seem a bit questionable, but it’s still better then ending the series on a bad note.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

The episode starts with Joseph using the mirror to siphon Louise’s void power. He uses explosion to detonate one of the orbs that the elf previously made in the last episode. Needless to say, the explosion did a substantial amount of damage, on both sides.

Saito and Tabatha head off to rescue Louise. Before departing for rescue, Julio hands Saito an “out of place artifact”.

On board the airship, Joseph gives Louise a speech on why he’s committing his actions. He essentially states it as a mere curiosity as to how many casualties he would need to inflict in order to feel remorse. He blames it on his daddy problem’s as a kid; he was always overshadowed by his younger brother, Tabitha’s father. Basically, he’s a whiny bitch.

Instead of listening to his life story, Louise cuts herself free and jumps off the airship holding the orb.

Unpredictably, Saito catches her. However, Louise loses the orb. This strikingly cliche development is overshadowed by the cuteness of Louise, ridiculously effective.

Saito heads on board to defeat Joseph. However, he has to go through Sheffield, Joseph’s void familiar first. She uses summoning spells, and Saito is essentially met with an endless stream. He resolves this by using the “out of place” artifact that Julio gave him earlier.

Needless to say, he needs a new wardrobe. He’s been wearing that blue jacket for four seasons.

After shooting Sheffield in the leg, rather then killing her, he confronts Joseph. However, Joseph was trained in the arts of double team, making the pistol useless against him.

I’m assuming that God meant to give the acceleration ability to his younger brother.

Tabitha uses some overpowered ice spell and defeats Joseph. She then questions on whether or not to execute him on the spot. Louise pleads with Saito to convince her to grant him mercy, so that he could atone for his sins. Saito has one of his rare, logical moments, when he tells her to decide on her own. Needless to say, the Law of Anime Protagonists Always Doing the Good and Moral Thing dictates her mercy.

However, right before they capture and imprison him, Sheffield, his loyal dog, appears out of nowhere. She holds the detonation of the orb as hostage, and beckons them to get off the ship. Needless to say, they comply.

Unpredictably, it’s followed by a romantic scene between Joseph and Sheffield. This scene would have probably been much better if there was actual development between those two, rather than just sporadic fragments in which assumption was necessary. However, adapting four seasons worth of material into one isn’t the easiest, so let’s just go with it.

The Pope thanks the heroic valor of the group from the “bottom of his heart”. Saito accuses the Pope of intentionally catalyzing the confrontation between Saito and Joseph, putting Louise in Danger’s way. The Pope apologizes, but doesn’t deny the insinuation. Saito is irritated at the prospects of Louise being in harm, and calls for her to quit the Index fan club.

Needless to say, this extremely cliche, predictable, and touching scene follows. She doesn’t quit because she knows that Saito will always be there for her. It appears the Zero no Tsukaima plays off every other thing as extremely cliche, but also succeeds in making the cliche effective, rather than irritating. Why do I enjoy this show so much.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

It’s a decent season so far. As long as this “pace” continues, it’ll be a decent concluding season. Hopefully, seven of the twelve episodes aren’t dedicated to complete filler fan service, much like a third season that never happened.

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