On-going Impressions: Another 3/12

The horror.

Excuse the mediocre quality. watching in 480p, have to go out later today, so I wanted this review up asap. This review is ridiculously long. There’s also a download link with the opening at the end. Yeah.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

Well that was somewhat anti-climatic. They even did a flashback of her removing the eyepatch, then a transition to the opening. Turns out, it’s a doll’s eye. It’s probably symbolic in some way, but I’m too retarded to discern the actual meaning behind it.

She gives a speech on how dolls are hollow on their own; and how they yearn for life. She mentioned initially that he probably shouldn’t be here, then confirmed it by saying that “the place is drawing something out of you”. This either adds to the horror element, or she’s batshit insane.

The dollmaker’s name is Kirika, she resides on the second floor. So the layout thus far is composed of the main floor, where the dolls are displayed, the “basement”, where additional dolls are stored, and the second floor, where the dolls are made. Insignificant? Probably.

This doll looks extremely similar to her. The doll has her left eye covered. The doll has a green eye. Misaki has a red eye and a green eye. She is missing one of her red eyes. Can we deduce that her other eye is in that doll? I mean, she did say that dolls were “hollow”, perhaps she gave the doll part of her to invigorate it with life. Or perhaps, I’m just overanalyzing this.

He then questions her on whether or not she has any siblings. She appears to be an only child, much like the deceased girl mentioned earlier. But chances are, they’re not blatantly the same person; horror anime generally have mysteries.

Wow uhm, it appears that I was mistaken, this anime doesn’t take place in the past as previously suggested. Anyhow, she goes on to tell the story that everyone’s been hiding from the boy. The girl in the story appears to be a kindhearted model student, however shortly after starting the ninth grade, she passed away. There were numerous theories on her death, however, all of them seem to coincide with an accident, so it wasn’t intentional: like suicide. Her classmates were devastated for their loss; however, one day, a student began to see her at her seat. The other students soon began to see her too, almost as if she never died.

Well, without going any further than that, it appears that the class has difficulty coping with her death. They were devastated, so they probably didn’t want to accept it, so perhaps they forced themselves into an illusion. But that still doesn’t make sense, losing a classmate is tragic, but it shouldn’t catalyze a chain reaction. I doubt she was intimately close with everybody, just doesn’t correspond to logic, but whatevers, it’s anime.

Anyhow, soon after, the teacher began to acknowledge her presence, however, she used her “presence” as a catalyst for academic success among the classmates. Just seems like another case of not copying with death properly, then ultimately going batshit insane.

At graduation, it appears that the girl appeared in the class picture, with a deadly pallor of course. Now, assuming that this is a “school story”, I’m assuming this part was added into the actual story for shits and excitement. Storys don’t stay entirely accurate, especially after it’s been passed down for several decades. Just seems like a game of telephone gone abruptly wrong.
She then mentions that there’s more to the story, however she stops after the boy’s grandmother calls.
So, how is this a horror anime thus far? =l

Next day at school, they discuss their prospects for the future, namely the high school they’ll be attending. It appears that Sakakibara is heading back to Tokyo, to a private school, K High. However, the class president jokingly intervenes saying that she’ll transfer too. Not exactly sure why everyone’s warmed up to him now. Anyhow, he’s walking home with orange haired chick.

He asks about Misaki, needless to say, she retorts with a generic scripted line. Struck by incredulity, he questions her, however, he’s cut off by a classmate who emphasizes his disdain of the rain, quite the opposite in comparison to Misaki, who enjoys the company of rainfall. Being the persistent douche who fails to “read the atmosphere”, he questions the guy. Needless to say, I use needless much to often; however, the music shifts and they both question him on how he knows the origin of such a tale. He tells a white lie, and blames it on a rumor; however, it was mentioned in an earlier episode that people of this community “stick together” more often than not, making that lie seem blatantly false. However, since the anime doesn’t follow through with the hints they give, the pair takes his word for it and questions him on the completeness of the rumor that he heard. He tells him the fragments that he was bestowed, it appears that the fragments appear to be futile, he was only told a quarter of the story, the first year. It appears that there’s a multitude of additional years in which he hasn’t been told yet. Needless to say, needless is redundant, however, the scene shifts to Sakakibara and his parrot. Then it dramatically shifts back to the teacher telling them to keep quiet for now. However, she says “for now” which such inevitable frustration that implies that the truth will eventually be leaked.

In the next scene, it appears that his sister comes home drunk, or she’s just slurring her words for shits. She might actually be baked. He then questions her on whether or not she knows the class that his mother was in. The music shifts to some cliche suspenseful tune, and her facial expression quickly changes from being relaxed, to anxious. She denies the fruition of knowledge, however, it’s pretty blatant that she’s a mediocre liar. The boy however, appears to have undergone a complete personality change, instead of questioning and calling out blatant lies, he accepts it and questions her on other things. Instead, he questions her on whether or not she knows the seemingly famous tale of what happened back then, however, she was lost in a reverie. He has to ask her the question once more, she tells him about how the story’s been going around for years. The boy goes on to mention that he only knows fragments of it, much to the sister’s surprise who assumed he knew the entire thing. Given that, it appears that the sister initially suspected the boy of knowing the entire story, rather than only a small portion. By reaffirming it as just a story, and it going around for several years, it appears that she’s trying to suppress the validity of the story. Suddenly, common sense strikes and she affirms that those type of stories get embellished constantly, to make it more suspenseful. She shrugs the story off as a joke, yet she contradicts her self by saying “There’s a right time to find out about everything.” What the fuck is wrong with this script? She leaves confirming that his mother was in Class 3. The irony behind it is that this would probably be much more suspenseful silent, than by using that suspenseful track on loop.

The scene shifts to him talking to his worried classmates on the rooftop. They called believing that he was injured, or in need of help. They warn him into not meddling with things that “don’t exist”. Now, I’m assuming that Misaki doesn’t exist, there isn’t much proof that she actually does. While they were in the shop, the old lady never explicitly interacted with Misaki, and at the hospital, she was basically a ghost. She’s somehow interconnected to Sakakibara since his mother was a previous student in that class. They plead for him to exit the rooftop saying that it’s too dangerous, and that they’ll tell him the whole story next month. Needless to say, being the meddling kid that he is, he’ll probably chat with Misaki on the roof, which will inevitably result in a cliffhanger.

The scene then shifts to him talking on the phone to the mediocre nurse who doesn’t believe in patient confidentiality. The nurse confirms that the girl’s name is Misaki, and not Masaki, ruling out the coincidence. The girl’s full name was “Fujioka Misaki”. He stares at the clock, it appears to be 1998, late May, and 9:08 AM. The nurse then asks him on why he wanted the information. Following the anime law of Bad Shit Happens to People Who Snitch, the nurse is going to be killed off. She then mentions that he has exams soon, the future exams seems to be emphasized quite often. It could be of some significance.

The boy, avoiding the courtesy of asking for permission to leave your seat, exits and chats with Misaki. He mentions that she’s always finished early. He then mentions the girl’s name; and she replies by saying that Misaki was her cousin. I’m calling bullshit. She mentions that they used to be around each other a lot, they were closely connected. Now, this story takes place twenty-six years ago, she’s assumed to be fifteen. Perhaps she actually is her cousin, but she’s not just another girl, she’s probably dead too. Or she’s batshit insane. The boy, being the spectacular detective that he is, avoids that lie and asks her on whether or not she knows the rest of the story.

She then confirms that she doesn’t exist. Brusquely, a barrage of flashbacks with clues that I’ve already pointed out begins to play. Needless to say, it feels accomplishing to have gotten every single clue. I’ll now proceed to gloat incessantly

Lmao, what? This was kind of abrupt. Anyhow, she runs from the classroom and trips on the stairs, falling onto her umbrella. Now, I’m assuming she’s running because she saw Misaki. Lmao, seriously, what the fuck. Her neck’s like having a spasm and there’s blood sporadically gushing out. She’s like choking on her own umbrella while her hands are having continuous spasms. Sakakibara’s in the background having a panic attack while a teacher goes up to her with the intentions of saving her. Regrettably, her glasses didn’t make it.


On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

It’s more of a bad comedy, rather than a horror anime right now. Misaki hasn’t killed anyone yet, people just tend to overreact and ultimately kill themselves. Like I said previously, she’s probably just a good troll.

Another: Opening 1 Download

Ali Project would probably be much more enjoyable if all their songs didn’t sound the same.
It’s the single version of the song, 320. The cover is accurate. The song’s name is “Kyoumu Densen (凶夢伝染)” by ALI PROJECT

Oh right, and cool kids comment.

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2 Responses to On-going Impressions: Another 3/12

  1. Llama765 says:

    Wow that was a heavy read mdz… I’m actually still on the fence about whether or not to start watching the show. I had high hopes, but your reviews and others I’ve read make me hesitate. Guess I’ll wait another week before deciding whether or not keep up with it this season.

    Thanks for the review.

    • mdlolz says:

      I really appreciate you actually reading it. It’s not a terrible watch if you’re not overly critical, it’s just targeted towards a very specific audience.

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