On-going Thoughts: Amagami SS+ 4/13

Tis the end of friend zone’s arc, does she get screwed over again?

On-going Thoughts: Amagami SS+ 4/12

And I bet you look real nice in a dress servicing a multitude of men in a crowded prison.

Anyhow, left off at this abrupt, seemingly forced scene. Because sympathy can only be built upon by a select few methods.

The fuck? Who reacts like this?

Let’s pretend that scene never happened. She heads over to his house to make him dinner, it’s assumed that he heard her implicit confession.

They appear to pretend that nothing really happened.

Her sister gets an invitation, this essentially leaves the two alone for a day.

The amount of cliche that this line will inevitably catalyze is astounding.

A recurring motif appears to be every girl having a shower scene. It’s most likely some complex device that fully exemplifies the complex characterization.

He reminisces through his flipbook, recalling his memories with friend zone. They’ve been essentially inseparable from a young age.

It appears that our male protagonist has a smily face t-shirt fetish. First sheds, now this.

In the middle of the night, they manage to find themselves within the company of each other. He invites her to do fireworks, and a flashback of their childhood commences.

They talk about their prospective futures.

They have been pretty close since kindergarten. I actually like her character now, she’s not as bad as her first impressions insinuated.

Whoa, it’s confession time.

Oh fuck off, you are not leaving friend zone with another friend zone ending.

Only time that an awkward fall of this nature was appropriate.

A double confession? Oh you and cliches.

Nope, the guy confesses first. He’s a “fucking idiot” 95% of the time who relies on the mental capacity of his penis, which is about as reliable as driving while heavily intoxicated on several substances. However, he does have his very few “I’m not a fucking idiot” moments. This is one of them.

No shit.

Because pushing her into you is romantic. That was sarcasm. I just needed a caption. There isn’t very much to analyze or write about in Amagami SS+.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

Although the characters remain ridiculously linear and underdeveloped, Amagami SS+ remains ridiculously enjoyable. It’s a “cute” series in a way, it’s not meant to be analyzed, it’s meant to be watched brainlessly for enjoyment. So yeah. How’s life?

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