On-going Thoughts: Inu x Boku SS 3/

And it continues, also, why isn’t that T capitalized?

On-going Thoughts: Episode

Another glimpse into her childhood. It appears that she has two families, the Shirakins, and her actual family. After complaining to her real father that she envies the freedom her sister has, she gets slapped. Her father is distraught with anger due to her sister being constantly compared to her, basically he views her as taking everything for granted. I’m assuming her childhood encapsulates the origin of her caustic personality. You can’t exactly blame the father though, he’s forced to be a bystander while he watches his daughter. Anyhow, the flashback ends here, I’m assuming that these glimpses will occur on an episodic basis.

Because watching her dress every morning is essentially in characterization and the overall mood of the show. Probably a complex allegory of waking up and putting on a new persona.

She’s attending school now. It should be noted that she’s making a mental note to not act caustic. However, it’s said formally, in a business-like manner, there’s no emotion behind it. We’ll see this evolve later on.

Bullshit. Find me one example in real life where a group of guys makes fun of a pretty girl right in front of them. This shit just doesn’t happen. I could understand if the girls started rumors, but it’s her first day at school, there’s no reason for a pure disdain towards her. Mad at her because she’s rich? Bullshit, she even said she attends a upper class school, you’re rich too.

Needless to say, she didn’t react as calmly as she could have. This further proves the point that the adapted personality is merely a defense trigger; she didn’t want to use it. It’s pretty evident that it only occurs when she’s under distress, probably has to deal with her past.

It appears that she yearns for social interaction too; it’s pretty obvious that rich pretty girls have to deal with the daily struggle of making friends and fitting in.

She witnesses an exchange of lips between fox boy and some chick. Needless to say, being the jealous archetype of a protagonist that she is, she revolts.

They exchange their perspectives in the elevator, she was not pleased when he mentioned that he kissed the girl to quell her aspirations of a deeper relationship. Ironically, she wasn’t pleased that he could do such acts with a clean conscience. She’s essentially calling him out on putting on a false veil. What a hypocrite, but it’s alright since she’s the main protagonist, and she’s a girl. That means criticizing her is essentially inviting retaliation.

The argument ends with her condemning his actions, and essentially firing him as her Secret Service agent. Now, she reverted to her caustic personality during the argument, it appears to show not only as a defense mechanism, but as a means for her not to get “hurt”. It appears that being bullied as a kid has its drawbacks.

Now she’s recollecting on why she committed her actions the way she did. Further extenuates that she actually does have a conscience, it’s not just brute,blind insults. She seems to loathe herself for it. Essentially ,her defense mechanism attacks herself afterwards, like an allergy. Or so I think, Biology was a while ago.

The party is occurring today. She’s getting her hair done by obvious good-intentions chick. Not sure if it’s merely translated to avert repetition, but she “hopes” to not insult her, unlike earlier when she intended to make an effort not to. Now, this “hope” is catalyzed with emotion, rather than apathy. Shows that she has a capacity to not hurt the people closer to her, rather than treating everybody like a stranger.

She’s regretting her actions, and loathing herself once more. She appears to have adapted the method of taking all the blame, rather than assigning it blindly to someone else. Noble, but foolish.

Bullshit, men do not make fun of attractive girls in front of them. This scene is purely used to emphasis how illogical this shit is, and how these people are the manifestation of complete tools, not human beings.

Why the fuck do you think so? Also, why the fuck are you stalking her?

Because pouring a glass of wine on your head is a symbol of apology.

She realizes that she’s attracted to generic shoujo lead.

Now, this scene is purely for the “cuteness” factor. She’s said “Thank you” numerous times prior to this, with little to no significance.

She’s come to the realization that she is, in fact, an idiot.

And they make up. How is this a shounen again? It’s pretty explicitly shoujo. Social outcast girl gets constantly saved by generic shoujo lead boy. Seriously, I don’t have anything against it, just this labeling is a bit inaccurate.

On-going Thoughts: Ending

New ending song. It appears that there’s going to be multiple ending songs, however, the down side to this appears that all the songs are meh. Guess it’s quantity over quality in this case, the song’s name is “Kimi wa (君は)” by Ririchiyo Shirakiin’s voice actor.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts
Slightly better episode, depending on my schedule I might drop this, don’t really know yet. Nothing really keeps me from watching this aside from the noticeable amount of views this gets over the majority of this season.

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  1. okthxbaii says:

    Note to yourself: Never take MAL ratings seriously.


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