On-going Thoughts: Zero no Tsukaima F 4/12

I was going to wait for HorribleSubs, but I settled for Hadena. The irony of that.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

The episode starts with the headmaster using creative similes to compare the peril they were in and the encounter with Joseph. I’m going to refrain from correcting Hadena on every sentence, there isn’t hope for them. Anyhow, they should be expecting a reward from the queen, perhaps territory.

Looks like she’s still desperately in love with him, and he’s still hitting on every other chick.

It looks like Tiffa has new friends now. They’ll be teaching her the essentials of being a woman.

Saito and Louise begin to dance; the song playing in the background is the same from when they first met. They’re getting a lot more time together this season.

The chances of them actually consummating their love is the equivalence of Hadena being coherent at the English language. Needless to say, he was cockblocked by the whore maid.

Tabitha returned to Galia due to an urgent message. She’s probably taking care of some royal matters.

Seems like I was wrong. Completely forgot about her mother. That’s kind of the effect of having such a prolonged gap between these two seasons. Anyhow, the elf who made the explosion orbs aided Tabitha and gave her an elixir to heal her mother. When questioned on why he aided Joseph, he said that he had matters he had to do, it’s probably going to come up later. Everyone cries and rejoices at the success of the elixir, including good ol’ Jeeves.

Louise is drafting up the “small house” that Saito aspired for in the future. All small houses have guest rooms and imperial halls.

Their house hunt didn’t work out.

Tabitha is essentially forced to serve as the Queen of Gallia. Her mother’s voice actor seems more suited for an old lady character.

Saito and Louise are notified by the Queen of the coronation of Tabitha. They accept her decision.

She does grant him some territory, although “measly” due to Tristain’s debt.

Gets free land and a free mansion.
Complains about it.

Tabitha postponed her coronation, hence she’s rooming with them. I hope there’s an actual reason that she’s here to be explained the next morning.
On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts
Essentially a filler episode, but I don’t really care, I don’t really watch Zero no Tsukaima for the enthralling and ingenuous storyline. Hopefully Tabitha’s reintroduction into the house isn’t a medium for more fan service, hopefully there’s a legitimate reason. Such reasons could include not wanting to be the Queen.

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