On-going Thoughts: Another 4/12

Thankfully, she survived with minor injuries.

Well, last weeks episode was kind of meh. Sure someone died, but the death was ridiculously melodramatic, making it humorous. Let’s see how this weeks goes.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

Well the episode opens up with the students gossiping about the death of glasses. It’s mentioned that her mother died on the same day too. I’m still hoping for Another to pull something much more intelligent then having a “curse”. Her death wasn’t explicitly caused by Misaki; I’m assuming she saw Misaki, lost her shit, then tripped and fell on her umbrella. I’d like to think that Misaki didn’t use some magical power to drive the girl to her suicide. Nothing supernatural really occurred thus far, with the exception of Misaki being invisible, but then again, she could just be a hallucination of the kid, and everyone playing along to fuck with him. Anyhow the curse develops, and more gets added on. Such as more kids dying from each class, essentially bs added for effect among the school kids.

They placed her umbrella at her memorial. That’s the equivalence of placing a knife for a stabbing victim, or offering some bullets for some guy who got shot. Real sensitive there.

He heads to the hospital for a check-up. He chats with the nurse; the nurse offers her sympathies for the sight he beheld, and leaves for the moment. He then gets his check-up, and everything seems to be in order. He then goes out to lunch with the nurse. She’s probably not going to survive this episode, snitches tend to die.

The nurse’s little brother is in the same class as Sakakibara. She mentions that he mentioned some “circumstances” with the classroom, probably the thing they’re still trying to hide from Sakakibara. She assumes that his brother seems to be repressing the details due to fear. Her little brother believed that last weeks death wasn’t an accident, he’s essentially a conspiracy nutjob, but let’s assume that he’s right. That would mean that an influx of deaths will commence, with no reason whatsoever. There isn’t exactly a motive for Misaki to kill kids, and if she does, you can’t exactly stop her if she doesn’t have a reason. She’s probably immortal if she does have powers of some sort, that would make resistance futile; you can’t exactly win against that. Oh well, let’s assume that he’s a nutjob and every death so far just coincided with human stupidity.

Now the conversation shifts to the topic of what Mei actually is. She could either exist, or she doesn’t. Now, she mentioned that she’s invisible to everyone but Sakakibara, and he was earlier warned to not meddle with things that “don’t exist”. Well, let’s rule out Mei’s confession of not existing, you can’t exactly trust the eye-patched girl in the corner. Now, that leaves the things that “don’t exist” statement, the class could either see her, or she could actually be invisible. Let’s rule out the supernatural for now, there hasn’t been any concrete proof thus far, let’s say that she does actually exist. Now, the entire class probably does see her, but they probably ignoring her because they’re assuming that she doesn’t exist, there’s plenty of proof for that. It follows the story of the past far too often, the past acknowledged the dead girl, the present is refusing to acknowledge it, perhaps the class consensus is to ignore Misaki, to ultimately rid themselves of the curse. Who knows, perhaps something like this is too intelligent for a cheesy horror series.
Anyhow, the scene soon fades off, and a flash frame of a doll is shown. It’s apparent that dolls automatically = scary shit on this show. They do some pretty scary shit like stay there and do absolutely nothing.

She talks to some chick that I have no memory of. Apparently she’s in theatre club with the class president.
Suddenly, a gust of wind scares the shit out of me. Why? because it’s played at fucking max volume and I’m in a quiet fucking room.

Needless to say, the wind blowing to the left blows the mirror forward. Thankfully, our protagonist has amazing reflexes and saves her from an untimely death. Afterwards, she loses her shit too, she’ll probably be spending the rest of her life in a germ-free white room, with soft pillows everywhere. Unfortunately, she’ll probably die due to the script saying so.

Anyhow, our detective heads to the doll shop, because that’s what all logical detectives do, they turn to the supernatural. The lady at the front counter greets him with her designated script, identical to the initial meeting. I’m starting to suspect that she may actually be a doll, rehearsed script and everything.

He stares at the green-eyed Misaki doll, unpredictably, she comes out of the shadows and greets him. Misaki comments on how the entire class now fully believes in the story, essentially the nutjob preaching about the idiots. She mentions that “it’s begun”. He tries to pry for details on the eminent events, as well as the original story, however, due to the script, she doesn’t reveal anything more. She warns him about tomorrow and tells him to be careful, she mentions that she won’t be going to school. Well, I’m assuming that the guy isn’t the cause of the events if he has to be “careful”. Of course, the scene ends with a doll falling and a fade to black from the Misaki doll. Because dolls are scary and stuff.

His sister seems to be feeling sick lately, plenty of headaches. Thankfully, she pops some pills and it was k. He attempts to pry more information out of her, he only gains the knowledge that she was in Class 3. She stresses the importance of Rule #3 and Rule #4, upholding the class rules and everyone sticks together for the community I believe. Basically, if everyone acts like an overreacting idiot, you do to, otherwise, you get killed off. Anyhow, it seems to appear that his sister’s stressed by the bird’s repetition of the phrase “Why?”, probably has some deeper meaning behind it, but like his sister, I have a headache too, so I’ll leave that till it’s blatantly explained.

The class begins to juxtapose their theories on whether “it was happening” this year or not. They came up with the conclusion that it was happening due to the death of not only glasses, but her mother too. Sakakibara walks in and a deafening silence emerges, they appear to be alienating him now.

He interrogates him for the promised story. The president interrupts and defines how the situation has changed, being the great detective that he is, he allows her to impose her bs retort and ultimately, he learns nothing.

He gets a phone call from the nurse, and the music obnoxious changes. She questions the existence of Mei, and he confirms it. She then asks if she’s nearby, she’s not, so she explains her reasoning. She mentions that she talked with her brother about the incident, he didn’t tell her anything, but when she mentioned Mei, his composure changed. Since his reaction was so ardently adamant, I’m assuming that the entire class does see Mei, they just refuse to acknowledge her existence. That’s ridiculously contradictory, sure they’re doing the “supposed opposite” of what happened twenty-five years ago, but they’re essentially doing the same thing. The class from the past couldn’t see her, but they pretended that they did, now they see her, but they pretend that they don’t. It’s essentially the same.

Thankfully, she survived with minor injuries.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

Meh still, now I have a headache. If I post another entry, it probably means that I wasn’t murdered by eye-patch girl.

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4 Responses to On-going Thoughts: Another 4/12

  1. grek14 says:

    Your reviews are indeed much more entertaining than Another itself :D

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ritsuko is the protagonist Aunt, not sister :p

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