First Impressions: Black★Rock Shooter (TV)

The OVA was shit, let’s see how this does.

My experience with Black★Rock Shooter the OVA was rather unique and unfortunately memorable. It was the first show that I watched a blue-ray rip of, but it was also a show being ridiculously memorable for being melodramatic and sporadic. It was essentially forty-five minutes of constant crying and speculation on why my friend doesn’t talk to me anymore. While watching the OVA, I really wanted to drop it, it was just “bad”, however, it being the first blue-ray rip, and me being obsessed with finishing things, I did. Thankfully, I developed standards. Let’s see how this does.

First Impressions: Episode

The series starts with some pretty awesome visuals. No idea what it’s about, but that’s okay, it’s pretty and shit.

The series shifts to school life, and the animation quality has a stroke or something. It appears to be the first day of junior high.

Anyhow, she trips and falls and she makes a new friend. Characters thus far are similar to the OVA.

Bracelet girl goes home and begins talking in a cup. She’s warned to not befriend the girl who tripped.

Back at home, our main protagonist reads her treasured storybook. It’s probably related to the opening sequence, it basically tells the tale of a bird who flies around and the sky changes color or some shit like that.

Next day at school, they talk again. Her name seems to be related with the apparent “bird” motif. The also appears to be minimal so far, I hope it’s intended.

After her basketball practice. This is feeling like the OVA again, ridiculously slow. Nothing is happening so far, it’s essentially just school life.

On her way home, she bumps into glasses chick. They both know the story about the Tiny Bird, glasses girl mentions how her version of the book is different, with a first edition cover. Needless to say, the main chick gets excited and asks to see it. Previously, glasses chick was warned to not befriend her, she ultimately does.

Immediately after entering the room, she shuts all the curtains, and closes the door. Probably solely to prevent vision from the outside, it isn’t to block off light sources since she turns the lights on. They ultimately just bond more; suddenly, the doorbell rings, rapidly.

In walks a girl on a wheelchair, she repeats “I got it from Yomi.”, not exactly sure what that means.

They have some snacks, wheelchair girl treats main protagonist with disdain. She does this by essentially giving her the “dirty color” snacks, what a badass.

After their snack, they play with dolls. Needless to say, she got the cutest one.

Apparently by being told to go away, she has a panic attack, or mini seizures.

She leaves the house stating that she had a great time. She runs home, scarred by her experience. Why am I watching “The Daily Life of Junior High School Girls” and “How to Bully a Teenage Girl”.

She runs home and skips dinner, she cries on her bed. Did I mention the OVA was melodramatic? She starts questioning “Why did she give me those snacks”, “Why did she make that face”, “Why is this script so bad”, ultimately, she decides that she did something wrong. She gets a text message from glasses chick, an apology.

Glasses chick talks to the cup again, wheelchair girl tells her that she belongs to her.

The scene shifts once more to the rainbow world. The OVA never gave an explicit explanation about this world, it was just assumed that they were somehow paralleled. The main characters have alternate selves in this world, when they’re in conflict, so are their characters in this world, and vice versa. Anyhow, wheelchair girl’s voice can be heard from a distance. It’s assumed that our main protagonist, is Black Rock Shooter in this world.

A battle scene commences, she takes seemingly heavy damage, but she also seems to be fine afterwards. Assuming it’s symbolism for being under attack and not attacking back, while being resistant to the onslaught of violence, or insults.

Oh hey, they appear to be drifting apart. I’m glad it’s nothing like the OVA.

So she talks to the counselor about her problems. The counselor describes her eyes as innocent, they don’t look for trouble, however, the inevitably attract it, it happens. She essentially describes the heart as being resilient, regardless of how shit you feel, it won’t show physically. She basically insinuates for her to get over her problems, and to quit whining and being melodramatic. It’s a mediocre pep-talk that resulted in common sense that our unfortunate protagonist lacks the knowledge of recognizing. (she also mentions how there’s also someone else out there hurting for you)

Holy shit look at her artistic abilities. Anyhow, she refuses to budge and prepositions her with friendship once more. This anime basically taught me what any other children’s storybook could: true friends stick together regardless of what happens.

I believe this scene was supposed to be touching, and not cliche. At least they got the scene part right.

First Impressions: Ending

It’s by supercell, yet slaughtered by whatever this shit program is. Why do people find this program so appealing, it’s not. Seriously, way to shit on a song, it’s called Bokura no Ashiato. The ending is minimally animated, mostly just pictures, but detailed ones, so that’s fine.

First Impressions: Concluding Thoughts

It’s looking too much like the OVA. It was torture through the OVA, it was somewhat torture through this. I don’t have a desire to watch the daily life of junior high school girls, and how mentally unstable they are. So I guess I’m dropping this.

Edit: Whoa, appeared that I missed out on a rather crucial detail that was mistranslated in WhyNot’s release. It appears that Yomi’s actions resulted in her being in a wheelchair, possibly explaining when she’s so servantile towards her.

Edit: Actually, the OP served as the ED this episode, and the ED server as an insert song. The OP is shit, the ED was meh. The OP was really shitty though. Bleh, song wise, OP would win easily if it wasn’t ruined by a shitty robotic voice. /rage

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7 Responses to First Impressions: Black★Rock Shooter (TV)

  1. Gavrilo says:

    Actually, I DO want to watch the daily lives of mentally unstable junior high school girls… if it’s done well. Really trying to like this one, but it should take a couple of lessons from stuff like Bokurano, Shadow Star, heck, maybe even AnoHana. That’s how you make good teenage psychological drama.

  2. Vega Altair says:

    I enjoy posting unconstructive spam comments at 1:30 AM.

  3. Vega Altair says:

    I apologize for my asinine behavior; I’ll proceed to realize how much of an idiot I am.

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