On-going Thoughts: Amagami SS+ 5/13

Nanasaki’s arc begins.

It’s Nanasaki’s arc time; I didn’t watch her original arc in the first season, so most of this will be new. Hopefully, it turns out to be enjoyable.
On-going Thoughts: Episode

They’re on the beach sharing an intimate moment. From what I know, she’s a swimmer, sadly, I don’t know anything about her personality. Guy appears to be an idiot like usual. Anyhow, it appears that they haven’t been able to see each other as much lately, due to a busy schedule, this appears to be their outlet to personal time. This takes place around a year after the last Christmas, assuming her arc will cover all of this Christmas.

He’s been studying in cram school in order to make it into a university, and ultimately be “fit” for Nanasaki. One of his rare admirable moments.

We can only use our imaginations to fill in the blanks.

Skipping a few insignificant scenes, she’s “become a great captain.”

He gets in trouble for being at the pool. She begins to lecture him, however, her underclassmen decide to poke fun at her facade.

She gets embarrassed and drops it.

It was apparent that the storm was subsiding, until his sister decided to make her entrance. Inevitably, she does what any sister does, screwing over their brother.

Unfortunately, fair trials are merely fairy tales.

She forgives him under the condition that he goes shopping with her. He gladly takes the “punishment”.

Anyhow, the next day at school, he’s lying down in the nurse’s office due to exhaustion. Nanasaki comes in and they begin to converse. He appears to have trouble sleeping.

This guy and his requests, at least it’s not in the shed this time.

A better question would be, why didn’t you pick a different angle? She sings him a very creative lullaby. Remarkably, he actually fell asleep.

He got the results of his mock exam back, he didn’t do so well. However, he has an explanation.

How is that understandable…?

Anyhow, the dilemma emerges. Although he knew most of the answers to the test, he did bad. That means he has to go to a concentration camp on the 23rd, ruling out their Christmas date.

She tells him to not worry about it, it’s pretty obvious that it’s under the veil of disappointment.

She questions herself on why she allowed herself to say such a thing. She lied, her meeting actually takes place after Christmas, meaning that they’ll be able to meet each other even less often.

Followed by shots of her looking sad, and him working hard.

Followed by her being informed that her boyfriend was kidnapped by the cram school, since he needs extra time to work harder. Only in anime, and in religious cults.

She’s walking alone on what seems to be Christmas or Christmas Eve. What a depressing arc.
On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts
Really thought the guy was going to show up at the end, this arc is depressing thus far. I’m sure it’ll end happily, but still, depressing. Amagami SS+ makes you care for the characters although actual development is kept minimal, it’s just the cutesy interaction between them. Starting to actually prefer the ED over the OP now.

On-going Thoughts: Downloads

“Check my Soul” by azusa
Initially, I assumed that there was only one opening since it’s a 12 episode season, however, according to the cover scans, there’s only three girls on it. I’m assuming there’s going to be new opening after Nanasaki’s arc. I can’t say that I love the song, it’s too robotic, however, it’s a “cutesy” song, so that’s fine I guess.


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