On-going Thoughts: Inu X Boku SS 4/

It’s actually getting somewhere this time. That was sarcasm.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

The episode begins with a scene with two characters that are definitely not tailored towards a female audience.

It’s then followed by a very important scene. Haven’t seen anything like this prior to this episode.

Fan service for the girls followed by fan service for the guys. She’s confused on why her heart beat’s been erratic lately, it probably due to some inherent heart disease. (You can’t think about your health unless your nude and submerged in water [Law of Anime]).

It appears that I was right, her heart rate was indeed caused by health problems, and not love.

Seems to be mistranslated, it should be “I’m Banri Watanuki, room one, and I’m your generic shoujo protagonist who acts tough on the outside, but I’m really nice on the inside, although I’ll never admit it because that trait drives bitches crazy.”

His secret service agent, we learn that he was born a few decades ago in a hospital. He was born overweight and soon transcended into the realm of being “forever alone”. However, since he’s a descendant of the hundred eyes, he sees things he doesn’t wish to and he has trust issues. He also claims to know everything about Ririchiyo. He predicts a match to occur on the following day.

Arousing. I would joke about the prospects of countless fan fictions written about this, however, it appears that they may be adapted instead.

Naruto storms in appearing to be quiet agitated. He gives his life story about how he essentially has no self esteem because he transforms into a raccoon, very touching.

Well shit, I kind of blanked out. What proceeded was a bunch of filler bull that wasn’t essentially to anything. All I remember was fox boy charming a transvestite maid, and I kind of lack the sanity required to rewatch that portion to accurately, and vividly describe it.

Take the offering of fan service.

It appears that he just happened to have picked up some gifts for her. It would have been bad if it was intentional, could have been mistaken for sincerity. Anyhow, it appears that he was off somewhere training to master Rasengan protect Karuta.

She’s wondering on why the fuck her heartbeat’s erratic. Forget the heart, check the brain, she’s mentally retarded. The guy then proceeds to essentially confess his love, however, she’s probably too retarded to understand that. never mind, she read a book and it was k.

On-going Thoughts: Ending

New ending song, I’d search up the title, but I don’t really want to bother. It’s forgettable.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

I’ll probably drop this now. It’s getting too obnoxious, I’d watch it for the main chick alone, but the main dude is just too obnoxious. This isn’t going anywhere. Anyhoo, doing First Impressions on Black Rock Shooter next, hopefully that replaces this as the Thursday show.

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One Response to On-going Thoughts: Inu X Boku SS 4/

  1. Non says:

    Actually, it does get better, but if they’re following the manga at this pace then it would probably be towards the end of the series, since it’s only 12 episodes. The beginning of the show is pretty much a bunch of episodes like this, then it starts getting to a little bit of meat.

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