On-going Thoughts: Another 5/12

I have a heart condition, so my doctor told me to work on my cardio by walking home.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

Last time on our incredibly well-written show, the nurse took a fall and broke her leg or something. Thankfully, she survived with minor bruises. Unfortunately, it’s apparent that the elevator was damaged beyond repair.

Sakakibara’s passive face. He seems to be shocked at the death of the elevator.

The class seems to be hostile or cautious towards Sakakibara. It’s probably because he stalks his classmates home.

He decides to do some research, and finds his mother in the yearbook; she graduated back in 72′. The librarian seems to have limited knowledge of the past, how cool would it be if Misaki and the Librarian were nonexistent, just figments of his imagination, like schizophrenia. But then again, a twist like that would be too intelligent for this show. Anyhow, they converse further and it appears that the Librarian knew his mother, he learned from Sakakibara about her death, and the reasons behind it.

She informs him that he’s to report to the faculty room. She apologizes and insists the proceeding events were catalyzed in order to safeguard the majority. They’re probably putting him down.

They interrogate him on the death of the elevator, they believe that Mizuno’s affliction was an accident; however, the suspicious premeditation around the elevator looms in the air.

He heads back into the classroom to find it empty, he finds a student there who dismisses him and asks him to uphold the class rules. Essentially, telling him to not go near anything suspicious like a cosplaying pirate is far too simple, instead, they find it necessary to talk cryptically.

No, no you don’t.

He invites some classmates to walk home with him. They accept.
So basically, the classmates have secret class meetings (like when the classroom was empty, and presumably numerous more prior), yet, they accept his invitation to walk home. I’m assuming it’s far too illogical to assume that walking home with him = bad shit happening. It’s not like any of his associates fell on umbrellas or murdered elevators.
Now, Sakakibara is a cool guy, he asks them to tell him what’s occurring, so presumably, he could do his best to catalyze the success of said operations. Instead, they find it fit to deny him the knowledge.

I’m loving the variety of facial expressions on this show. Needless to say, they’re going to murder him, you can’t explain the definite knowledge of something bad happening to him. Logically speaking, they wouldn’t walk home with him if they knew the eminent “bad” occurs while they’re with him, so, it’s probably going to be caused by their actions. It’s simple circular reasoning.

“Hey, even if we do kill you, I hope there’s no hard feelings.”

“Remember, we’re going to kill you based off of definite logic, not because we’re an organized cult revolving around the profound and intelligent use of circular reasoning.”
They essentially stress the word “all”, I hope they realizes that the word “all” entails everyone, not everyone – melodramatic emo kid.

It’s cool, I don’t either.

He’s definitely not giving up so easily. He probably needs the roster as a reference point for his journal.
Them being intelligent, tactic beings, they essentially go “Sure Bro, not a suspicious request at all, While we’re at it, want our addresses too?”


Oh hey, a sensible person on this show. I’m confident that we’ll surely get somewhere now.

It appears that he overestimated Takabayashi, he probably shouldn’t have written his name in his notebook.

What type of fucking position is that, is he trying to squeeze one out. Also, how does shaking him back and forth alleviate cardiac arrest, seriously.

His thinking face emerges.

Yeah, I think he died.
So, let’s not walk home with alleged elevator murderer next time.

I’m be pretty irritated if I died while trying to let one out.
He gives a cliche speech on never giving up, or something similar to that.

How has that worked out for you so far?

Is that a serious question? You murdered the elevator, that’s what happened.

He gains sudden clarity that maybe the class doesn’t like him.

Bastard broke the rule of not talking to him. He’s dying next, count on it.

Sudden flash to doll. Because dolls are scary.

That phenomenon is called being ignored.

No, you lack an eyepatch. Also in the background to the upper left, what type of dolls do they sell here exactly.

You tell me. *ba dum tss*

Gets roster with everyone’s name on it, Misaki’s is crossed out with red marker.
Assumes she exists.
Almost as logical as the romance in a certain series revolving around two idiots.

It appears that Misaki lives here, I’m assuming her mother’s the dollmaker on the second floor that makes the sex dolls room decorations.

She essentially invites the guy who stalked her home upstairs.

No you bastard, stay away from the elevator.

Whoa, that’s like a logical statement. Next time, let’s tell the guy why he’s dangerous instead of leaving him up to exacerbate the situation.

He was essentially supposed to bully her too in other words.

Oh hey, actual development. It appears that there’s an extra person in the class, presumably the cause of the deaths. They isolated them because they assumed that they were the extra ones. I’m assuming the extra person is the person you suspect the most, because the show is obviously using reverse psychology to make you look for the least suspicious person. In other words, they were right on ignoring Misaki, but since Sakakibara constantly intervened in their ignoring, they couldn’t help but notice her existence, thus, starting the curse. Or it’s the president.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

I liked the part when the screen turned all black then it faded to the credits.

On-going Thoughts: Downloads


Don’t really care for the song, but it’s much better than Ali Project’s “I can’t believe it’s not the same song” song. Completely relevant picture too. It fits a somber mood I guess, but this anime doesn’t really give one.
“anamnesis” by Annabel

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3 Responses to On-going Thoughts: Another 5/12

  1. grek14 says:

    Definitely one of my weekly highlights :D
    (The review, not the anime)
    Poor elevator, he was the one with the most depth in this show so far.

  2. Vezah says:

    Your reviews are hilarious. Now everytime I finish an episode I end up here. :)

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