On-going Thoughts: Amagami SS+ 6/13 + News

The end to Nanasaki’s arc, and “News”.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

So the last episode essentially left off at a depressing cliffhanger. Now, if you don’t remember, allow me to refresh your memory on what happened in the last episode. Since Amagami SS revolves around the use of “anime logic, the main guy was essentially kidnapped overnight to a religious cult training camp to better his grades because that’s the logical thing to do. This leaves our heroine in this arc, Nanasaki, heartbroken and somewhat depressed. Now, “anime logic” isn’t all that bad, it basically guarantees a happy ending to the arc, so there won’t be a 5CMPS ending.

Since her boyfriend is locked away at some cult, she accepts the invitation for a sleepover from what’s her face and what’s her face. They’ll be doing basic girl stuff: game competitions, chat competitions, meat bun competitions, and probably period competitions too.

Needless to say, after hearing about their lame schedule, she ditches them with the excuse that she forgot to buy Ikuo a present. The anime insists on playing constant flashbacks about all the good times they had, that makes since he passed away is used solely for pointless melodrama. She keeps on crying when reminiscing, then she has a panic attack about the future, then magically the appears next to her, out of breath.

She breaks down in to tears of joy, but immediately goes tsundere on him afterwards due to “anime logic” (an oxymoron on its own). She questions him on his escape, and he tells the tale about how he bested the fanatic cult members and their initiation ceremony by riding in on his trusty unicorn, escaping the inevitable human sacrifices finished his tests early.

He asks her to go out on their Christmas Eve date, unfortunately, she made plans with his sister and third wheel. She calls them to abruptly cancel their night of fun. Thankfully, her boyfriend induces a fake-kidnapping instead of a plain “Sorry, I can’t make it, something came up”, because that’s the sensible thing to do. Thankfully, her sister assumed that the caller was her brother, and not some sexual predator, regardless of the different voice and the circumstances surrounding her brother’s imprisonment.

He buys her a coat as her Christmas present. So…sleepy.

Unfortunately, calamity strikes. Cults Educational training camps don’t require your permission in anime; instead, they hold the rights to abduct you and essentially force you to study, because that’s logical. Being the good friend that he is, he actually sets them in the opposite direction. This is strange, that was essentially a free pass for melodrama, he could’ve been like “Fuck it, my love life sucks, let’s fuck it over for them too.” He’s pumped by his good deed, and proceeds to sexually harass flirt with every passing body without a dick.
(Thankfully, training camps have an excess of staff who are willing out to search the entire town without any sort of clairvoyance on Christmas Eve, for a kid who shouldn’t even be there.)

Erotic play essentially to the storyline and character development occurs between his sister and what’s her face.

The stage was set, it was a twilight night with romance in the air. He “accidentally” walks into the red-light district with her, thankfully it’s an accident. He thinks to himself “Wow, you’re an idiot for accidentally walking into the red-light district, now she’ll think you’re a perverted dick”, he braces himself for the thrashing and the inevitable name-calling. Yet, nothing occurs. Instead, he glances over and sees her with a serious,passionate look in her eyes, he feels a tight squeeze on his hand. It was then he realized, that it was a fucking dream because grown-men actually have families, and they tend to not search the town for you on Christmas Eve. Afterwards, they bump into someone they recognize, and they run for it.

She begins to give a monologue about her feelings when they were briefly separated for the period of 3 years one day.
Also, why exactly would you use “weak” as the adjective to describe yourself? You’re not exactly a shounen lead who lost a major battle that resulted in all your friends getting hurt for you.
Anyhow, she goes on to describe her worries about university, their seemingly inevitable separation at this point. He comforts her telling her that nothing would change, they would always be together, he would always love her, and shit in anime will forever remain illogical.

He plans on buying an apartment once he begins to attend college. He asks her if she would like a key to the future apartment. She accepts the offer by planning on waking him up every morning.

Oh hey look, a kiss that doesn’t look retarded for once in this series. Actually surprised that the anime didn’t go for the cliche insert song here, or some memorable OST. Was essentially just ambiance, it worked out surprisingly well. Eyes… so tired… difficult to mock anime.

Fast forward an unspecified amount of time and it appears that they’ve moved in together.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts
I thought the arc was pretty good, just not the biggest fan of arc-based romance. It’s essentially doing a half-assed job at character development, followed by a happy ending. There isn’t exactly a “strong” drama, it’s pretty ridiculous. Getting kidnapped by the school is not exactly my idea of conflict, just my idea of an easy to target to mock.


Appears that I was wrong about a secondary opening, the other girls are actually on the cover of the ending song. The song is called “Kokuhaku” by azusa, which translates to Confession apparently. ~the more you know~ The full version of the song is actually noticeably different than the short version, worth a listen I guess; It’s a “better” song than the OP for this series in my opinion.

Hey, thanks for everyone that’s actually been reading the blog thus far, it’s encouraging. Anyhow, I’ll be stopping my blog advertisements on MAL, so hopefully, you’ll still check back here every once in a while for updates. Besides that, there’s a few new things that I’m planning on doing with the blog, such as more “in-depth” reviews, instead of my half-assed “Concluding Thoughts”. I also plan on picking up some more “On-going Thoughts” that are already done airing, primarily ones that are easy to mock. I’m planning on doing an “in-depth” review on “Denpa teki na Kanojo”, a short two-episode OVA. Stay tuned for that I guess, thanks for reading.

Here’s the current schedule

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I’ll be starting a new On-going Thoughts on a very unique show; I’ll also begin working on the review of Denpa.
Denpa teki na Kanojo

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