On-going Thoughts: Nisemonogatari 6/11

So much character interaction and bad-ass moments. This is probably the best episode so far, just the sheer volume of awesomeness.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

He recounts what happened when he tried to siphon the poison from Karen. He states that he wasn’t able to fully absorb the Bee, however, he still managed to alleviate some of Karen’s suffering. He leaves a note asking Tsukihi to stay with Karen; he heads out and runs into Hachikuji.

He greets her, albeit not in his usual way reminiscent of pedophilia. She questions his “boring” greeting, he retorts, and the conversation drifts off to fun bickering. Afterwords, she questions him on his serious demeanor, he seems much more “serious” than yesterday. He replies by saying that a lot has happened (Karen’s pseudo-coma); Hachikuji decides to not pry.

She mentions that he doesn’t look well, probably the side-effects from absorbing the Bee. He mentions the Wreathe-Fire Bee to her, and explains his dilemma; however, I don’t think he mentioned the fact that Karen was the victim. He tells Hachikuji about how he wants to respect his sisters’ reasoning (their sense of justice), however their actions tend to be far too rash. She insinuates that that’s basically the definition of him, he tends to have good-intentions, yet, he puts himself in danger due to his rash reasoning (Which is true, he essentially acted as a punching bag in most of the arcs in Bakemonogatari). However, she states that if he didn’t have that type of mentality, she wouldn’t be here. He accepts the insinuation, but he reaffirms the fact that they’re still “just kids”, they’re arrogant and they don’t listen to anyone.

“Hachikuji, when do you think you become an adult?”

She retorts that you’re not an adult if you have to ask that question. The “official” age to become an adult is twenty in Japan, however, the age has never been definite, it shifted depending on the times. Others say that you truly gain the essence of adulthood once you begin to work; but she believes that you can be an adult without working. He accepts that his sisters are kids, he shouldn’t expect them to grow up so quickly.

Oh hey, an allusion to Detective Conan. They split once they approach Senjougahara’s house.
Anyhow, there’s actually an opening this episode. Still no release date for the singles on any of them. Fuck. Animation appears to be the same.

“If, by some strange coincidence, a hundred sharp pencils I was carrying embedded themselves in a third-party, would that be an accidental death?”

Senjougahara is awesome.
Anyhow onto the serious business, he questions her on why she’s arming herself so heavily with pencils. She mentions that they’re essentially complements for a chat with Kaiki; she’s been forced to confront him since Aragagi refuses her protection. He questions her on how she’s going to initiate the meeting; miraculously, she still has a business card from Kaiki from way back when.

“Senjougahara, I’m about to say the worst thing in the world. But if you fell for this, isn’t it partially your own fault?”

Apparently she assumed the card was the works of reverse-reverse psychology. If you’re a conman, you can definitely come up with a much more convincing and realistic title, rather than an outlandish one (In her defense, she was “right”). He offers aid her in meeting Kaiki; Senjougahara retorts with a near-stab to his eye. She asks him to take back his request if he wishes to live; needless to say, he ignores the feint and reaffirms his desire to aid her. Not only because Kaiki endangers his sisters, but also her, Senjougahara.

She states that his safety isn’t the only thing catalyzing her desire to seek revenge on Kaiki. She affirms that if Kaiki didn’t make his grand return, she would’ve went out hunting for him. Aragagi assumes that her experience with him was “a little thing”, and indirectly pries for information. He assumes that she’s going Kaiki just like all the other conman, however, she confirms that a primary catalyst for her intents is because Kaiki essentially caused her parent’s divorce.

She doesn’t credit Kaiki with the entire matter, however, she still played a role in ruining her family. She finds his actions unforgivable, if she did manage to forgive him, she wouldn’t be “herself” anymore (definitely correlates with some information from Bakemonogatari; I just can’t remember it). She knows that regardless of Kaiki’s interference, divorce was inevitably between her parents. She believes that she’s the actual catalyst to their divorce.
“Kaiki used the crab I met to ruin my family, all for money. Because it made no difference…” (also, the instrumental to the first OP plays here) The quote basically states that regardless of his interference on her family affairs, divorce was inevitable. He merely capitalized the situation as an opportunist.
She believes that Aragagi’s safety was a secondary concern for her, just a reason to commit her act, just an excuse, in the end, she just simply hates Kaiki.

He drifts off to his singular thought. He doesn’t believe her reasoning, and that’s probably the correct belief. She couldn’t even hate Kaiki when the the affliction initially happened, there’s no reason for her to suddenly hate him now.
In theory, she holds another reason for her disdain towards Kaiki, or the initial reason was true, she wants to protect Aragagi. It could really be either reason right now, she constantly affirms her ardent love towards Aragagi, whether the “love” is clouded in the veil of dependence; I don’t really know. But she never really had any development towards her parents, as dull as that sounds. Sure she loves her father dearly, and probably her mother too, but how often did she actually relapse on that. She may have in private, but it just wasn’t a primary theme in the show, I’d assume that the gatari’s would show the essential,important developments. Anyhow, enough digressing, back to the episode.
She mentions that the crab should have catalyzed a “child-like” behavior, yet, it wasn’t there even when she was afflicted with it. He questions her on Kaiki’s “conman” persona, he doesn’t believe that he actually is one, he believes that he genuinely holds powers of some sort. She accepts his reasoning, Kaiki probably feigned ignorance in order to siphon more funds from her father. He mentions that his sisters attempted to stop Kaiki, and the conversation shifts as such.

“Just so we’re clear, Aragagi-kun, my impression is that “right” is a concept that won’t work on him. And “right” is all you have, which makes you strong against hypocrites, but weak against someone who’s really evil.”

The quote is presumed to be directed towards Aragagi and Kaiki, she believes that regardless of the “just” belief that Aragagi holds, it won’t work on someone who’s truly evil, or in this case, someone who truly holds power. Sure his half-assed vampirism works against hypocrites, or in this case, fakes, but using your rhetoric against someone like Kaiki is relatively meaningless.

“I won’t sit back and let you become a criminal.”
“I’ve no intention of committing any crimes. I’m just going to punish him…”
“In modern society, the two are identical. Senjougahara, you might not know this, but I love you. Even if you do become a criminal, and end up in jail, I’d still visit you everyday. But, I’d rather be with you all the time. Sometimes, I don’t know why I’m dating you. But I love you so much, I don’t need a reason. If you’re going, then let’s go together. You can protect me…I’ll protect you.”

Essentially, great dialogue. Senjougahara affirms her sense of justice while Aragagi retorts it with the actuality of what would happen. Even if she does manage to “stop” Kaiki, it’ll result in her being a criminal, regardless of her “good-intentions” behind it, a crime is a crime, there is no ethics behind it, it’s logically tangible. Anyhow, that’s followed by another cool confession from Aragagi.

“If I were a man, I’d be so jealous of your manliness that I’d kill you. I’m glad I’m a woman… So I can love you.”

I’m just glad that Nisemonogatari didn’t decide to pull the bullshit, “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND MY FEELINGS QQ SO LET’S BREAK UP”. That’s basically when the chick has some retarded melodramatic past and she overreacts from a relapse or some shit like that, then she proceeds to catalyze more melodrama by breaking up with the guy because he’s not sensitive enough to her feelings or some shit like that. Anyways, let’s move back to the episode.
She accepts his intentions, however in exchange, she has a request, more explicitly, a condition. He accepts it regardless of the contents of the condition. She doesn’t give the condition yet, she intends to tell him the condition once the encounter is over. She alludes to cutting her hair.
Listen, she better not fucking cut her hair. Seriously, who the fuck likes short-haired heroines. Seriously, keep the fucking ponytail, ponytails are fucking cool, do you know why? Because ponys are essentially fucking cool, and they’re related to fucking unicorns. Unicorns reign to be the biggest fucking cool kids out there, therefore through circular reasoning, I fucking deduced that ponytails are cool and that short-hair should not occur.
Anyhow, he accepts the skewed reasoning and they proceed to go. Not sure if that telescope reference with an allusion to the first season, or foreshadowing for the future. I’d kill for another stargazing episode, regardless of how “cliche” that episode was, it’s still the most memorable and best scene ever.

Since the meeting with Kaiki is at five, he’s going to head home for a while, he tells her to not confront him by herself. Knowing the gataries, she hopefully won’t pull some melodramatic pointless shit. So far, the gataries have been amazing when it comes to limiting needless drama. She might lie, but she’ll keep her promise. She proceeds to tell him to get some sleep, Kaiki isn’t someone you can go against half-awake regardless of his former vampirism. She proceeds to tell him that he “might not be able to sleep tonight.”
That is by far, the most ominous and seductive line so far. It’s so ambiguous that it’s great.

He returns home to a frightened Tsukihi. Karen appears to be missing, probably confronting Kaiki. She doesn’t know where she is, or any idea on where she could be, but she assumes that she’s going to Kaiki. He declares that he’s going to find her, he tells her to stay home.

“You really don’t trust me, do you?
“I don’t. But I do worry. But more than that, I’m mad!”

What a badass.

He panics on the topic of where Karen is. He attempts to think like an overly ambitious,arrogant teenage girl, to no avail. Suddenly, he awakens his inner Shinobu.

“Shinobu, do you know what’s going on?”
“Basically. Your sister’s almost as reckless as you are…”

The comparisons between Aragagi and his sisters has been pretty prominent these last few episodes. She begins to reminisce on the good ol’ days, where he went searching for her. He questions her on her intentions to help. Unfortunately, “I’m not in a position to refuse any request you make.” She explains the bond between vampire and host; he’s outgrown her in power, so regardless of her lack of desire to aid him, she has to.

“It’s not an order. I’m not in any position to order you.”
“Then I won’t do it, idiot. What you just saw was me saying I’d help you, but I’d rather not say so myself. So please, allow me to save face by calling it an order. Why couldn’t you tell. My showing up right now, when I should clearly be sleeping was obviously so I could help you.”

So she essentially lies about the relationship. She was volunteering to help him find his sister, yet she didn’t want to lose her “pride” doing so. Now, I didn’t read Kizumonogatari yet, but it’s pretty obvious that Aragagi is hesitant on endangering Shinobu in any way, or forcing her to do something she doesn’t want to.

“You’re a tsundere too. Then it’s an order. Get off your ass, and find out where Karen-chan is, already!”
“Oh no…Oh, no. What cruel fate forces me to obey the orders of a lesser being like this human. But, I cannot disobey an order…”

Aragagi is still, a badass. Really am enjoying the tasteful character interactions/relationships in this series, seriously. If Bakemonogatari was full of this, then I really need to rewatch it.
Thus, the episode ends with the tracking. Expect action very heated dialogue in the next episode.
On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts
Probably the best episode so far, just the sheer amount of bad-ass moments paralleled with strong dialogue. Nisemonogatari is turning out to be far better than expected.

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  1. grek14 says:

    Mh, with this episode Nisemonogatari is now probably my favorite anime besides Bakemonogatari

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