On-going Thoughts: Zero no Tsukaima F 6/11

Essentially just rage.

Now, from what I know, adapting the fourth season faithfully is impossible; there just isn’t enough time to cram everything into 24 episodes, nevertheless 12. So, it’s understandable that the fourth season isn’t going to be fully faithful, but it should spend the time adapting the important content right?

On-going Thoughts: Episode

Nope, hot spring episode. There isn’t a fucking reason to have a hot spring episode, we’ve already seen every character here half naked, and there’s probably a plethora of creative fan art that I’d read if I really wanted to rub one out know the characters better, why would you waste time on a hot spring episode… It’s not even a logical hot spring episode, it’s a fucking flash hot spring episode, the shit literally springs out from the ground, pun fucking intended.

No, fuck you.

It appears that Tabitha was acting to catalyze Louise’s stupidity to ultimately reunite with Saito. Whelp, that’s enough “actual” plot for this episode.

Tabitha decided to position herself in Saito’s bed. Unfortunately, his dick wasn’t on autopilot and he realized that the person underneath the sheets was actually not Louise.

Oh come the fuck on, how many times has this happened. You’re even aware that every girl on this show is out to get his dick, why the fuck are you acting like an oblivious idiot. At times, I like to think that Zero no Tsukaima actually revolves around the foolish love around two teenagers, and not around the misadventures of my dick and I.

The latter it is.

You’re fucking with me. You have no idea who the fuck this “suspicious person” is? Holy shit, you guys are more oblivious than Ash and the creative guises of Team Rocket.

And you’re the definition of stupidity.

Holy shit, it was the Queen? So fucking unpredictable, I thought it was a creeper or some shit like that.

Because Queens can leave notes behind that say

Dear whoever the fuck commands me, the fucking queen

I’ll be losing what’s left of my low self-esteem by bathing with low-ranking nobles and commoners. Please do not look for me. It’s not like I have to do anything urgent like command the fucking nation and prevent invasions.

Love, your Queen

and get away with it.

Bullshit, he did you a favor. What happened to the last person that you felt “true love” towards, oh right…

The nude violence is the most sensible thing this episode.

Apparently nothing reconciles two friends like a nude brawl. The Queen intends on not giving up on Saito, then she gives a bullshit speech on regret.

Hey Saito, I believe that you’ll do the “right” thing and tell her to kindly “fuck off”. Remember your speech on “true love” about Louise, let’s uphold what we say.

… Part of me was hoping some sort of shit would happen making this much easier to mock. But I guess he actually did what he should have done. Although the Queen doesn’t intend on giving up her lust love, Saito declared his intentions, so that’s fine I guess.

Well this scene was inevitable. Ironically, the hot-spring parts of this episode remains the most “logical”.

The chances of Tiffa not cockblocking is the chances of…. you get the point.

Wow, did she actually take the Queen’s pep talk on regret to heart, seriously?

“It’s okay for you to look at other girls. You can even cheat on me. But promise me one thing. Don’t die before me.”


Oh that’s good, you’re upholding your common sense. Growing up fast I see.

Whelp, that’s enough masochism today.

Oh fuck off, you’re an asshole you realize that? A bigger question is, how the fuck do you both walk into the room and not see the nude elf on the center of the fucking bed. Maybe you guys should have went, “Hey, 98.76% of our conflicts occur because there’s someone else naked on the bed, perhaps we should check”, actually no fuck it, how the fuck do you miss her, there weren’t even any sheets on the fucking bed.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts
I felt that this episode really accentuated the monogamous love between two individuals. Zero no Tsukaima should really be viewed as a standard for every romance anime, if the guy ain’t getting four bitches at a time, he’s doin’ it wrong.

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