On-going Thoughts: Another 6/12

Just Another episode. *ba dum tss*

Last episode, we learned that Mei actually does exist; the classmates just choose t ignore her (It’s completely logical to conform to superstition in anime). Let’s see what creative death awaits us this episode.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

They’re discussing the curse; apparently it began a month late. Glasses dude is so not going to survive past the next three episodes, just sayin’. Using the ED cover art as reference, people on it die. First it was umbrella cruelty followed by a slight trip on an elevator to severe constipation. Anyhow, they begin to deduce on who the person is, the class president doesn’t believe that Sakakibara’s the “ghost”, actually, how cool would it be if it was him. Would make an awesome twist ending, but it’ll more likely be someone else, like the president. The class president used “his hands weren’t cold” as a staple in her reasoning; it’s possible that Sakakibara and her both have cold hands, causing them to feel “warmth”.

So he questions her on why the fuck the class didn’t tell him about the rule initially, why they had to give bullshit one-liners like “IT’S TO SOON FOR YOU TO KNOW”, apparently, since he already talked to Mei, the class didn’t want him to think of them as a bunch of nutjobs bullies superstition enthusiasts. Oh right, they give the shitty desk to the bullied kid, it’s just the logical thing to do; let’s make the victim think he’s dead regardless of whether or not he is, trust me, it’ll work.

She appears to be the dollmaker, as well as Mei’s mom.

A teenage boy with interest in dolls? Blasphemy.

Another insists that you constantly play a loop of cliche horror music, regardless of the scenario. Anyhow, he questions Mei on her relationship with her mother. She says that’s how it’s always been, she then questions him on his family. He tells her that his Mom died after giving birth to him, Mei seemed a bit shocked, she changes the subject back to her. She says that her mother essentially treats her like just another one of her dolls.

“I may be flesh and blood, but I’m not real”

Did the guy just look past that statement like it served little to no importance at all…?
He questions her on her position as scapegoat for the class; she says that it can’t really be helped, if she wasn’t singled out, she would have to join the others in “bullying” the other kid. How cool would it be if this entire show was an anti-bullying PSA.

The fuck do you mean logical? The logic behind that was developed through years of arduous circular reasoning, seriously. Let’s ignore the kid because if we don’t, some magical power will kill us all. All of the deaths so far aren’t tangibly “supernatural”, the first death was caused by glasses tripping on the stairs onto her umbrella; her cause of hysteria? Probably because she saw Mei or Sakakibara, or she’s just plain batshit insane. Second elevator death, it was mentioned that the elevator didn’t seem normal, in other words, it was probably rigged. Now, that could mean that some grandmaster troll out there insists on fucking with the entire town by rigging the elevator, or it could just be an accident, it’s an old town, and from what I remember, his first ride in the elevator wasn’t the smoothest. The most recent death takes the icing on the cake, the guy has a fucking heart condition, yet walks home. Pair that with increased heart rate caused by being scared as fuck that you’re walking next to the cursed boy, and you kinda incite a fucking heart attack. A series of bullshit,scripted unfortunate events = ancient curse, that is logical.

Not exactly sure on what Mei’s character is, she’s constantly changing her outlook. She goes from trollin’ the guy to helping him, to being sentimental on helping everyone else. Now, her quote could signify just another cliche belief, or it could have to deal with her past; her father isn’t mentioned in the series thus far, and she told him that she related when he mentioned his dead mother.

She explains that she got the eye as a result of a tumor; she woke up with it, and her mother designed a replacement eye for her. She mentioned that she nearly died from surgery, and mentions how death isn’t kind. She mentions how everybody is essentially dead, they’re all alone. She welcomes him to the “I don’t exist due to some bullshit theory” Club, and turns all cutesy.

He’s on the phone with his father, he initially insists that he’s been at the school for a while now, rather than the brief period of time than he remembers, however, he quickly changes and accepts that he’s only been there for a brief amount of time after the phone got engulfed in static. Sakakibara also questions his father on his mother, like the librarian, he doesn’t know much about her junior high school years, that kinda means his mother was the “ignored” person (trust me, I’m an expert at circular reasoning).

This is by far, the most brusque, ingenious day dream ever. He should actually do it, they have to ignore them regardless of what the fuck they do in class.

They each lunch on the roof, the phrase “someday” is repeated here numerous times. He essentially hits on her. At least Mei has a more diverse personality than a certain pink-haired protagonist.

The librarian knew about the situation beforehand; Sakakibara questions him on whether or not he should be talking to them, he says that he won’t be affected. He then explains how the extremely well-tested curse works, it only affects the students of class 3 and their families residing in Yomiyama. He shows them the “actual” school roster, it contains the names of the victims, and the names of the “dead”. Now, the mechanic of peoples “memories” changing is pretty essential, earlier, his father recalls that he’s been at that school for a while now, while Sakakibara himself believes it as a brief amount of time. The curse and it’s effects has its limits within town range, his father is in India, the phone call began to get staticy; the “curse” could affect the reception, as forementioned in a comparison by the librarian.

Welcome to the “I can’t believe this show is regarded as decent” Club. He goes on to say the success rate of ignoring the kid is “50%”. I’d go on a rant about the asinine logic behind it actually working, but I’m preoccupied with finding a decent movie to watch.

“It’s not a curse. There’s no malice to be found. It occurs naturally, like a typhoon or earthquake.”

Almost like a coincidence.

Interesting, it appears his mother died a result of the curse. She died after giving birth to him; perhaps some of the “curse” was transferred to him, like superpowers or some shit like that.

The memories of those affected was altered.

Because it isn’t Another episode without something batshit insane happening.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts
Retarded storyline, as long as it turns out plausible and fluid, I don’t give a damn.

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2 Responses to On-going Thoughts: Another 6/12

  1. Vezah says:

    I believe Sakakibara’s mother was in class 3 the year this Misaki guy died. That year the curse didn’t started yet, so she’s not the ignored person, ‘cuz anyways that “method” was stablished 10 years before the present.
    I think what they tried to imply is that she died because she was back in town the year her sister, Reiko, was in class 3. (since any familiar of someone in class 3 can die, also she was related to the events, so.)
    Just wanted to clarify some things. ^^

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