On-going Thoughts: Amagami SS+ 7/13

Definitely reality and not a wet dream.

It’s Kaoru’s arc; I have no idea what happened last season relating to her. So this is once more, new material. Anyhow, after some tentacle roleplayin’ her arc begins; What’s his face asks Kaoru for help.

“Oh you’re doing abstract art? That’s pretty difficult stuff.”

Abstract as fuck, you see those constant abstract patterns? That’s meant to emulate the bullshit dialogue artistically, if it doesn’t make sense then it’s just too abstract for you; you need a heavy dosage of circular reasoning to fully comprehend it.

Anyhow, she offers to fix his abstract art to look more like landscape. Therefore, an artistic stance is required, one that’s not reminiscent of every other episode. \

Because sporadic seizures and dry humping is essential in the artistic process of creation. Afterwords, she gets lectured by nosy caring friend about the dangers of public indecency misunderstandings.

Kaoru takes her friend’s advice on going on a trip with him, because they’re dating and that’s what people who are dating should do. She questions him on the location of the trip, he has a hunch of what he wants to encounter on their trip. , he really has a fetish with girls saying his name, just sayin’.

My god, what a smooth talker. Anyhow, he’s broke and can’t afford the trip; so, she suggests that they get a part-time job. And that’s essentially how they got into the tentacle roleplayin’ business.

You know, I was exaggerating on the tentacle-roleplayin’, but whatever, this works too.

Future tentacle porn art enthusiast.

They get fired with only half the pay because not everybody’s a tentacle-enthusiast.

Who needs love when you’ve got money. Anyhow, they find an affordable vacation via a bus tour. They’re leaving tomorrow. There hasn’t been any major conflicts this arc yet, that’s probably going to change.

Anyhow, they get on the bus, they appear to be the only couple on the bus, the rest appear to be friends and forever-alones. Needless to say, this guy is shameless in requesting things.

Why am I so easily entertained, anyhow, the noise produced while choking on a cookie is very similar to choking on a larger cookie. For some reason, everyone decides to watch, it’s like an innate curiosity. The old man, the female friends, and the forever-alone guy, they all wake up to listen in on the exciting developments. They were inevitably disappointment when they realized that Amagami SS+ wasn’t a H-anime, and that scenes like that only exist in creative fan-made endeavors.

Because buses take breaks in the middle of nowhere at night. It’s not like anyone sleeping minded.

Guess who missed their bus. No seriously guess. Unpredictable. Not a sudden development towards the last three minutes of the episode. Anyhow, they try to alleviate the situation to no avail.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

Still enjoyable regardless of the redundant storyline, and the minimal characterization.

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