On-going Thoughts: Another 7/12

Another is just an intelligent parody of the horror genre, it can’t possibly be serious.

The last episode left off on a cliffhanger, knowing Another, a retarded death is eminent.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

I appreciate Another for teaching me the extents of faces that humans can make.

So the teacher goes to school and offs himself in front of the entire class. Why didn’t he just do this at home.
Another, this is not how physics works.

Yes, call the ambulance. He’ll be fine after a few blood transfusions and some stitches, a few days of medical leave and he’ll be back, fit and ready for work.

I think the teacher suffered some bruising.

Oh hey, our teacher just offed himself. Let’s blame the two kids that we’ve been ignoring, ignoring them obviously worked, they just did something to kill the teacher.

-Another logic

Alright so a flashback, the librarian explains that earlier today the teacher basically told him “I’m probably going to off myself, don’t do the sensible thing and stop me.” Being the responsible adult that he is, he stays silent and stares at him as he goes off to off himself in front of his class. Then he starts complaining about how he thought that was suspicious. Anyhow, the police investigated the teacher’s house, they found out that he lived with his mother. His mother was suffering from some illness, when they found her, she was dead.

He basically strangled his mother. So, stress from work + being forever alone = killing your mother. Anyhow, from the cumulative evidence, they decide that this is an occurrence of a phenomenon. I’m having difficulty taking Another seriously.

So basically, he’s not ignoring them anymore, because they realized that they were following dogmatic,theoretical bullshit right?

OR SO PEOPLE WILL SAY. See what she did there? I was in the middle of a smartass comment when I tabbed back in. So basically, the entire school will still blame them for the shit happening because it’s always easier to blame someone for something. He asks her on what her thoughts on the matter is, she says that she can’t blame Kouichi no matter what everyone else says, unfortunately, she’s been blaming him for the past six episodes because of what everyone says. Anyhow, as head of countermeasures (super important title), she states that things are only beginning. I’m thrilled that we’ll be seeing more creative deaths.

They ask the librarian about the incident where the deaths stopped midyear. Anyhow, they come to the conclusion that something happened on a school trip during that period, that ultimately stopped the deaths. They do not find any tangible evidence. Anyhow, it appears that the president was in the library early, as head of countermeasures, to investigate the same matter; needless to say, a class trip is announced in class the next day.

He always has the coolest dreams. The dream is basically Mei saying to him that he’s the dead one, but that can’t be true, if the answer is given then it’s probably a lie. He calls his dad later, he’s still complaining about India being hot, he learns that his Mom left a suspicious picture of the class at her parent’s house.

He’s eating food with the head of countermeasures. Anyhow, after fucking with him, she gets the sensation that they’ve met before.

“I can’t come up with a visual memory, but a physical one.”

What event results physical account with no regard for a visual one?

Anyhow, the group soon arrives. They learn that a previous member of the class has PTSD-isque reactions when questioned about the event. Anyhow, this guy supposedly stopped the calamity of random deaths in the class. They learn nothing conclusive, but they seek to find the guy to question.

He goes to Mei, and asks her to accompany him to question the dude. Then, he says that Mei really was the model for the doll, she says that the doll was actually the daughter that her sister gave birth to twelve years ago. Sadly, she was a stillborn (we can get all the grown features of a doll, from a stillborn). Anyhow, she has to be somewhere tomorrow so she can’t go; her parents believe in flash vacations. Her father hasn’t been mentioned much.

She gives him her number, in case anything important happens while she’s gone. However, he’s still uneasy on whether or not he’s dead or alive.

Thankfully, Mei has some magical eye power that makes her go, you’re not dead.
On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts
Five more episodes.

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2 Responses to On-going Thoughts: Another 7/12

  1. Dimorphic says:

    You REALLY say ‘Anyhow’ far too many times. Looks like that became your favorite word after ‘Needless to say’.

    • mdz says:

      I tend to use a lot adverbs repetitively. I think it’s less frequent nowadays, since back when I wrote Another, I wasn’t really paying that much attention to my word choice.

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