On-going Thoughts: Amagami SS+ 8/13

Needs moar cliches.

Last time on the misadventures of idiots, they missed their bus because they were busy eating.
On-going Thoughts: Episode

Anyhow, because this is anime, everything goes as planned; they get picked up by a trucker. (Who’s actually not a sexual offender, amazing right?) They bicker about who’s fault it was for being left behind, unfortunately for Junichi, he actually thinks that he has a chance of winning the argument convincing her that he’s not actually blaming her. The trucker tells them about the hot springs at the next stop; Junichi quickly shifts into a daydream. He reconciles their disagreement by giving them a speech about relationships.

They arrive at the Indian Burial Grounds hot springs. Kaoru’s easily frightened by the ominous atmosphere, she relies on Junichi to calm her. They bump into the caretaker of the grounds, she welcomes them.

Anyhow, Junichi has the sudden urge to pee, Kaoru insists on going with him. They’re basically paranoid that there’s something dangerous lurking.

They find the perpetrator, she murdered a fish. If these two were on a survival show, they would probably make it to the end solely due to their stupid,inherent luck.

They proceed to bathe, the bathing areas are gender specific. He hears a scream, and goes to investigate. Needless to say, numerous anime cliches were pulled.

After she throws stuff at him, she invites him back in, because that’s how humans tsunderes work. Anyhow, the music shifts, and it appears as if she’s about to give a sentimental speech.

Suddenly, a wild “best character ever” appears. Unfortunately, in the midst of her impulsive rage, she stands up and gives a full-view of her body to Junichi, who then proceeds to use overheat. Then, through the art of reasoning, proceeds to blame him.

After the quasi funeral of the missing bra, and dinner, they head to bed. Because this is anime and cool scenarios have to occur, they share the same room. She professes that she doesn’t know how to approach their relationship. She’s having trouble discerning the clear line between being just friends and being lovers; from my observations, she’s having trouble finding the line between playful violence and abuse too. Sadly, he falls asleep during her speech because he’s the most intelligent man in the world.

The next morning they leave, he then realizes that he’s missing his wallet. Thankfully, Kaoru has an IQ above 46, so she pays the tab. However, they’re low on funds now, and she proceeds to blame him, although it is his fault, not because he left the coin purse behind, but because he’s a guy, and guys are always wrong. He blames her, so they inevitably begin arguing again.

She storms off, but he does the sensible thing and follows her. Suddenly, he slips, and they reconcile, because you never know how you really feel about someone unless you see them in pain. It suddenly rains, and they find shelter.

He realizes that she’s wet. He also realizes that she’s missing her bra. He also realizes that he’s essentially a masochist. Anyhow, they apologize to each other again, and they reconcile again. It’s accentuating the idiocy around teenage love pretty well. Some dude on a bike drives by and informs them that the bus stop is no longer functional.

He calls her sister with the little change that they do have left. She goes on to inform them that since she’s a good sister, she took the initiative and had their luggage shipped back. Sadly, she uses up all their minutes, and they’re left stranded once more.

They suddenly find a beach. They play with the water. Kaoru tells him that she has a lot of fun with him. Because missing buses, and getting harassed by wild life is her idea of fun. He admits the same feeling too, because nothing says exhilaration like a daily serving of masochism.

Then they do stuff on the beach.

Thankfully, the law of anime occurs and they bump into a friend. This would be a deus ex machina, but he had a flashback that totally justified this entire scene.

And that concludes Kaoru’s arc.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts
I thought the arc was pretty enjoyable. Ridiculously cliche and predictable, but watching Amagami as an “actual” romance anime is like watching Bleach for storyline. It’s just a cutesy romance anime that doesn’t end up as obnoxious. Anyhow, that one chick is next, I’ll probably have to watch it mute.

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