On-going Thoughts: Nisemonogatari 8/12

Oh yes… that episode.

Last episode was essentially fucking amazing, I doubt this week’s is going to rival it, but it’ll still be good, or so I hope. I believe it’s the beginning of Tsukihi’s arc.

Ongoing-Thoughts: Opening

A new arc means a new opening, no complaints here, I really enjoy new openings. I personally liked it, it was cutesy, but the song appeared to flow; no idea what the lyrics mean though, HorribleSubs doesn’t do karaoke.
The song’s called “Hakkin Disco” by Yuka Iguchi
On-going Thoughts: Episode

The episode starts with Koyomi as the narrator. He goes on to recap Tsukihi’s role thus far, but he ends by mentioning that this is a story of yet another “fake”. Karen being “fake” was exemplified by her wanting to be strong regardless of actually being it, similar to Araragi; I’m assuming Tsukihi’s false veil will differ.

Karen greets her brother early in the morning, unfortunately, her greeting involves asphyxia. Koyomi is surprised that his younger sister, is actually looking more “feminine” with her skirt. He accuses her of being bullied, she retorts that thoughtless comments such as that nearly drove her off the edge to suicide in elementary school. She then mentions that the origin for her disdain of evil was inadvertently caused by him. Whether this is playful banter or actuality, I don’t really know.

Driven by a mix of brotherly love and blind fervor, he denounces her comment and insists on the names of the bullies, who’s actions most likely caused her to dress like a “girl”. Needless to say, his passionate courage results in his sister’s confession of love for him, I don’t blame her, If I was gay, I’d probably fall in love with him too. He’s essentially the coolest guy ever.

He then shifts from the assumption of bullying, to assuming that it’s cosplay. She reaffirms her notion that thoughtless comments like that garners a suicidal impulse. Finally within the realm of common sense, he asks her why she’s dressed like that. She replies by saying that she just wanted his opinion on how she looked. He’s speechless, she begins getting mad, he then praises her look.

She shows her appreciation and love to her brother, he finds the newly acquired cuteness creepy. He then asserts that her actions are similar to Kanbaru, this results in her stopping and making a sudden request.

Karen requests that Koyomi introduce her to Kanbaru, whether it’s because of Kanbaru’s athletic prowess, or whether it’s for her personality, I don’t know.

He’s somewhat disgusted by his sister’s newly developed personality. She tries to make amends by offering him something, that didn’t turn out so well.

Anyhow, he questions her on the new personality. She mentions that she only acts like this at home, not out with her friends, because she’s a role-model.

He then questions her on how she knows about Kanbaru. It was through the unofficial Kanbaru-sensei fan-club, Kanbaru Tool. It’s essentially a blog-like program, where pictures of Kanbaru are taken, then shared. Through her extensive use of the program, and other trustworthy sources, Karen discovered that Kanbaru looks up to Koyomi like a teacher. He then narrates that he holds no intentions of actually introducing his sister to Kanbaru, the reason being her tendencies to announce her sexual proclivities. Kanbaru, much like Karen, serve as role-models, they act differently in private than they do at school.

He denies her the meeting, this results in her jabbing him. He retorts by pointing out that she resorts to violence when plainly begging and asking doesn’t work. She then mentions that there’s really no other way to get through to him, he then announces a “game” as a compromise. He mentions that the advantage is skewed in his advantage, she accepts regardless. If he wins, then Karen gives up her desire on meeting Kanbaru, if he loses, then he will have to formally introduce them to each other.

I’ve only heard rumors of this toothbrush scene in legend, what it actually entails, I have no idea.

The Toothbrush Game is essentially him brushing her teeth for five minutes. Through an eloquent speech about human psychology and human resistance, he justifies this as an arduous challenge. She laughs at his proposal, calling it far too easy. She’s probably going to regret that.

Thus, a toothbrush fetish was invented. I’d essentially need the audacity of a steamy-romance novelist to accurately describe the scene. Let’s just say that after this, Karen’s earlier offer doesn’t seem that far-fetched.

I swear, every screen cap this episode has Karen in it. He compares her with Hanakawa and his ideal of a perfect woman.

Why am I even taking more pictures, I have nothing to say.

I’d could try to justify that scene as literary genius for being a mock-heroic… The dilemma at hand paralleled with the orchestra… It could be justified as such. Anyhow, Tsukihi walks in and ruins the incest to be.

“Onii-chan, Karen-chan, please tell me what, exactly, is going on here?”
“W-Wait, Tsukihi-chan! It’s not what you think!”
“Why is my brother happily pushing Karen-chan into the bed, while brushing her teeth? Why is Karen-Chan wearing my clothes and happily smiling, while being pushed into the bed by my brother?”

I could see where the situation at hand could be misinterpreted as Koyomi wanting to get the best of both worlds. Karen’s body… Tsukihi’s clothes… them being sisters…Yeah…

“Would you two stay like that, just for a moment? I’m running to the convenience store to buy an awl.”

He was hoping for extenuating circumstances, unfortunately, he was met with the death penalty when his excuse of, “Oh noes, what were we about to do? Thanks for saving us Tsukihi!” didn’t work. Tsukihi runs off to the store.

She mentions the game, you all lost it appears that she won. He agrees to introduce her to Kanbaru, he praises her. She questions him on whether or not he prefers a best out of three, because you know, Tsukihi interrupted, so it’s technically a technical foul, which usually means it’s a tie. She then goes on to state that there’s extra time before Tsukihi comes back, she then offers the possibilities of extra innings. He can’t help but do it.

“And so, starting that morning, Karen and I began to get along a little better.”

Just writing this as clarification. There’s plenty of satire in the gatari’s, he didn’t screw his sister; it’s a joke.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

The ending animation definitely changed, but I’m too lazy to create a separate section for it. Normally, I hold fan-service episodes in contempt, but fact of the matter remains that this actually did happen in the light novel, and that it had “good” placement. Fan-service episodes are obnoxiously irritating when they’re out of the blue, but this was aired right after the climax of the series. I call that last episode the climax, it was, I can prove it if you want to challenge it. Anyhow, I enjoyed the episode probably more than I should have. Also, why do I abstain from offensive words when writing about Nisemonogatari, along with being much more pedantic than usual.

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