Concluding Thoughts: Steins;Gate Oukoubakko no Poriomania (Special)

I can’t believe I didn’t know that this was out.

Oh the memories that this brings back…

I remember watching Steins;Gate due to a friend’s recommendation. I didn’t really expect much; it was science fiction. In my head, science fiction solely revolved around giant mechas and melodramatic teenagers with daddy problems. Surprisingly, I got into it, and I caught up to the 22 episodes in a day. Then the last two episodes aired. The feeling while watching it on-going is completely different than marathoning through it. For me, it was one week of constant trepidation; I was expecting the worst [probably slightly exaggerated]. Then it was followed by a week of being ridiculously pumped up; I vividly remember speculating on the finale with a friend, those were some really great memories. When the finale came; it left me satisfied, yet longing for more. I finished the series on a high-note, was essentially elated. Given that, I didn’t expect this special to rival the series, it’s bonus material after all. Yet, I’m surprised to say, it delivered.

Rather than a generic fan-service special that adds nothing to the overall scheme of things, this was an added sequel; I’m perplexed at how well they executed it. It not only contained further clarification on the events surrounding Steins;Gate, but it also managed to accentuate the same atmosphere, the same interactions that made Steins;Gate so great to begin with. I came in expecting a decent watch, yet I left amazed with a memorable watch.

But how exactly did the special end? The series itself ended on a satisfying, yet open ending. It just wasn’t an obvious “happy ending”, it was more bittersweet than anything. This special astounds me in the fact that it induced the same feeling. It doesn’t present to you an explicit happy ending, it does insinuate it to such a degree that it’s almost blatant though. This being said, I was slightly disappointed when the credits began to roll, I was sure that it would shift to the episode at any second, I was convinced that it was a false ED. Unfortunately, nothing more came.

Regardless of the ending, I’m still ridiculously happy after this watch. What leaves me speechless is that I came in feeling as elated as I did when Steins;Gate ended, yet I’m leaving with the exact same feeling. It’s an unexplainable sensation. Just sheer happiness.

There’s an upcoming movie. Its predecessors both excelled at presenting the story, I can only hope that the movie does the same.

Objective Score: 8/10: The first special I’m giving this score to on my elitist-asshole scale. I’m still speechless at the this.

Subjective Score: 9/10: This is fanboyin’ at it’s finest. Seriously, giving a subjective score to the fan boy is like… look at the banner. It’s Steins;Gate. Do you seriously expect a logical subjective rating?
Well, that’s enough being sentimental for the year, I should get to mocking anime things again. Still stunned… White Fox animated Steins;Gate, this special, and Katanagatari.

Steins;Gate the series is a 9 on my elitist-asshole scale.
Katanagatari is a high 8.
Therefore, White Fox is the best studio ever.

Fuck, the movie needs to come out. I probably won’t be able to sleep tonight… I’ve watched my fair share of anime, but all in all, there’s only two series that really left me with this elated feeling: Steins;Gate and After Story. What exactly is this feeling? If someone messaged me saying that the third season of ZNT was great, and that Another is a masterpiece of the horror genre, I’d probably agree with them. In fact, I’d probably support their ideas and help prove them. It’s essentially drugs.

Just so ridiculously happy.

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2 Responses to Concluding Thoughts: Steins;Gate Oukoubakko no Poriomania (Special)

  1. grek14 says:

    Finally watched this to the end.
    I watched the first episode of Steins;Gate way back when it came out. I thought it was a fairly decent watch, but after that was to stressed to watch the second episode. If I only had watched the first 8 minutes of the next episode back then…
    It was on my to-do list ever since that, also your rating of the special reminded me to watch it.
    Finally I hat some time and practically marathoned through it the last two days. Today I watched the OVA and must say, Steins;Gate really is a masterpiece.
    I also know what you meant with thinking the ED would shift back to the episode :l

    Just hoping the movie will come out on BD relatively quickly after it airs; not the normal half year later, that would wreck my nerves.

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