On-going Thoughts: Zero no Tsukaima F 8/12

Hadena’s a last resort unfortunately.
During the last episode, Saito was kidnapped alongside Tifa by the elves. This episode should involve Louise going after Saito, to save him, along with plenty of melodrama. 

On-going Thoughts: Episode

The other elf is trying to convince Tifa to go for Saito, he’s not married, therefore he’s available. If this season ends on a harem ending, I’ll probably do a ten page rant revolving around the words “fuck”, “shit”, and “shitfuck”. Anyhow, two other elves flew in on magical birds, they’re taking Saito and Tifa away.

The scene shifts to Louise and pals on the airship. They probably made a logical plan, but I was too busy nitpicking Hadena’s grammar to pay attention.

They’re improving, but there’s still some fundamental, obvious flaws. Some of the dialogue doesn’t flow: eight words for two syllables and so forth.

Saito and Tifa are being prosecuted. I can’t help but assume that these elves are fuckin’ idiots.

“Hey, there’s this passive,good-willed elf out there who has the possibility of honing evil. I know, let’s kidnap her, then kill her.”

Then again, if this means killing the love triangle, then go for it. Every fuckin’ season, I’m fine with the characters at the beginning. Then suddenly, the plot shifts from a faithful romance between Saito and Louise to Saito and fuckbuddies. Anyhow, everything in the trial goes to shit, half the room goes “LET’S NOT BE MEAN” while the other half goes “KILL KILL KILL”

After the trial, they’re imprisoned. Tifa thanks him for standing up for her. I personally support Saito standing up for her, but for fuck’s sake, stop leading her on.

She then confesses his love for him after he informs her of his intent to always stand by her side protecting her.

No dumb fuck, it’s gratitude. If every chick in the world screwed the dude who helped her, then I’d be the coolest dude in the world.

Hah, fuck this show.

After the kiss, the summoning mark from the second episode cockblocks him, and he falls to the floor. Which leads to Tifa incessantly screaming “Saito-san!”, because nothing says first-aid like encouragement.

And I’ve never heard of an average dude who attracts every fucking chick on the planet, but we all learn something new.

Anyhow, apparently he’s now not only Louise’s bitch, but Tifa’s too. The elf chick, who originally kidnapped them, rescues them alongside her uncle and fiance.

The uncle basically opposed their rescue because the elves needed an outlet to unleash their anger towards. Saito then questions him on his former relationship with Joseph, he acknowledges that he was under his control due to fear, not insistence. He was afraid of the void magicians gathering in other words, he did it for the safety of him, and his elven brethren.

This is what I mean by “meh” dialogue, by saying “will” instead of “would”, it’s interpreted as more of a promise, rather than an innate obligation. Here’s an appropriate example.

“I will not call Hadena a shitty fan-sub group”: This insinuates an original intent to call Hadena a shitty group, but you were swayed otherwise.

“I would not call Hadena a shitty fan-sub group”: This insinuates that you’re a fucking idiot who actually thinks that Hadena is a good fan-sub group. This phrase is usually synonymous with sarcasm,  blind fanboyism, and illiteracy.

In other words, the phrase that Tifa says by itself suggests that she had an original intent to hurt people, but the actions of the elves surrounding her, swayed her otherwise.

Enough Nitpicking 101, back to the shitty storyline, the uncle believes her, then he leads them out. Unfortunately, the elves have common sense so they locked the exit.

Unfortunately, the elves surround the escapees. These elves have magical powers, surpassing humans. They also have dragons. They’re on the verge of extinction. Logical.

The battle ensues upon the airship. These dragons fucking blow, they’re essentially just transportation. The academy students are doing decent at defending, but they’ll lose at this rate. They proceed to discuss on how not to end up like the Titanic.

An armistice is reached between the airship and the elves, discussions for peace ensues. The academy students and Louise only wish to rescue their pals that the elves kidnapped, they’re not interested in their Lucky Charms.

Louise begins a monologue on her love for Saito, this speech acts as a catalyst and some tome in the corner begins to glow.

You’re fucking with me.

They’re cornered, and the elves are about to release the poisonous gas, killing them. Then, suddenly, through the power of love and compassion, Louise summons a portal, conveniently teleporting them to the airship. What the actual fuck? Louise opens the portal, then she begins to get weaker; she’s on the verge of fainting. Then, Saito holds her hand, which results in her magically regaining strength.

Therefore, when you’re in a pickle, call upon the powers of love.

The guys at school are relieved that Tifa’s alive boobs are unharmed.

Louise is perplexed at the phenomenon known as shit storytelling. I feel the same way. It’s fine though, watching ZNT for the storyline is like watching ZNT for the romance, oh wait… Why the fuck do I watch this then.

The elves plan to run away to a place where the grass grows, and the giraffes roam free.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

Let’s talk about the subtitles first. Hadena kind of has a reputation for being shitty, incoherent, a waste of time, shitty, shit, a waste of time, and incoherent when it comes to their subtitles. In comparison to the second episode, there’s much fewer grammatical errors, but there’s still plenty. This makes Hadena watchable now; but, their script is mediocre at best. It doesn’t flow half the time, but that’s just nitpicking. I may use Hadena from now on, it’s a day faster than HorribleSubs.

My thoughts on the episode?

AKA, I fucking hate this show.

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4 Responses to On-going Thoughts: Zero no Tsukaima F 8/12

  1. Mark says:

    I will read this entries instead of watching the next episodes, This season made me hate this show. Now I’m disappointed but at least I can have some laughs reading you.

    • mdlolz says:

      Still slightly better than the third season, which was all fan-service, at least there’s SLIGHT romance development between Saito and Louise this season. If this ends with a harem ending, then I’ll probably have to write the rant.

      • Mark says:

        I wouldn’t mind seeing the same amount of fan service as in the third season if Saito could stop kissing every girl. At least in the past seasons Saito had some respect for Louise. But now he doesn’t care about her.
        Also, the Queen is much closer to be a whore than a good friend for the main couple.
        I’ll be waiting your next entry. n.n

  2. mdlolz says:

    I doubt I’d mind the fan-service if it was between Saito and Louise, and not between Saito and his harem. Saito had like no respect for her during the third season, it was just an incessant cluster of fan-service between him and his harem, this season is slightly better, but the second and first season are far superior to this one. And yeah, going to start watchin’ it =p.

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