On-going Thoughts: Another 8/12

This show blows.

On the last episode, they learn more shit about the curse. That’s about it. Onwards to this episode.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

Fuck yes, beach episode.
Nothing says enjoyability like a twenty-four minute circlejerk among some of the worst characters this season.

A flashback to his conversation with his aunt. She remembers taking a trip (much like his current beach trip) to alleviate the curse. Something happened on the trip that she can’t recall.

They’re in the car on the way to the beach. Sakakibara flirts with the head of countermeasures. Then he asks her how she acquired such a title; she tells him that the head of countermeasures is usually appointed by the teacher, but in her case, she volunteered.

He runs into Mei at the beach. She was supposed to be on a family vacation; so I’m assuming her family’s at the beach. However, she’s alone. It’s later revealed that her father’s rarely in Japan, he travels a lot, probably due to work. They basically pull a facade of a family vacation, when in reality, they all do their individual thing.

They get hungry, so instead of going back to the hotel or visiting a store, they’re going to hunt for the food.

One of Reiko’s classmates visits her on the beach. He should help fill in some holes on what happened fifteen years ago; Reiko believed that something he did stopped the calamity. Both of their memories appear to have lapses during the period of the their class trip. Earlier we learned that memories are altered or removed after the calamity ends, so, there’s a chance that he actually did stop it.
They begin to regain partial pieces of what happened. The entire class visited a shrine, which may have alleviated the curse. Afterwords, a clue was left behind, he took the clue to the school.

Suddenly, a tornado appears.

Let’s break this rant down into two sections.

First of all, fuck off with the censors.
Secondly, a sudden gust of wind hits, causing the beach ball to fly far out on the water. Then this guy, has the impulse to swim out, in the rising tide, to rescue a fucking beach ball? Then, he gets hit by a random boat that just appeared? Logical as fuck.

let “fuck” = no fucking logic at all.

Why are they surprised anymore? For fuck’s sake this show is retarded.

let “fuck” = respectable gentleman who gets fucked over by bullshit constantly

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

The first 18 minutes was redundant, pointless filler. Nothing important happened. I couldn’t even poke fun at anything, nothing fucking happened. Last minute, somebody dies, because that’s how Another works.

EDIT: Whoa, getting quite a bit of rage for my comment this episode. Check out my profile on MAL if you’re curious on how the arguments’ are going.

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One Response to On-going Thoughts: Another 8/12

  1. Dimorphic says:

    They were surprised because they’re outside Yomiyama, where this random death shit isn’t supposed to happen.

    The cause of death was a bit weird, I admit. First he fakes disappearing under water to troll his friends, then suddenly he passes out and the boat that shows up doesn’t see him. If a beach ball is in the water and near the beach, common sense would tell you to watch out where you drive your boat, but the guy gave zero fucks.

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