On-going Thoughts: Amagami SS+ 9/13

Sae’s arc, it’s not possible to have a more annoying voice.

Time’s passing by fast this season, seriously.
Since I’m probably going to dislike this arc her voice, I’ll do this review analytically.
On-going Thoughts: Episode

The arc starts by the narrator pointing out that she views the cafeteria lady as a person now, rather than just a means to attain food. I didn’t watch her original arc, but it appears that she transitioned from being a shy girl, to a more outgoing,friendly one.

Even though her popularity is probably a result of his actions, he doesn’t attain the same popularity than she does. He’s feeling inferior in comparison to her; everyone gossips about her, but they question who he is.

To alleviate such concerns, he commits the arduous task of buying lunch. Unsettled by dissonance over the wide array of possible choices, he goes with the safe route of buying two lunches.

Although the eye of the storm was inherently near, ambivalence strikes once more. An epic ensues on his quest to choose the correct dressing for the salad.

Rihoko then orders her salad, he questions her on her choice. Unbeknownst to him, Rihoko would essentially eat anything, but, given his dire predicament, he feigns ignorance to her salubrious advice and holds her choice insignificant with his reasoning, and thus, chooses Thousand-Island when swayed by the cafeteria lady to do so.

Unfortunately, Sae insists on taking the initiative to not prepare lunch at such a sluggish pace. Although he lost this round of his trials for manhood, he will not forego the precarious achievement.

Held by seemingly nonexistent contempt, he takes clandestine notes on her behavior, and her pleasures, in hopes of carpe diem’in the shit some other day.

Days pass, they take a journey to the local shrine, Sae makes a wish. He questions her on the wish she made, she refuses to tell him. Driven by the callous nature of curiosity, he leaves the matter to be alone, in doing so, “clouds of insecurity arose in his heart.”

He’s informed by a notable source [his sister], that Sae’s attending a wedding. Overwhelmed by the unrelenting force of overreacting like an illogical idiot, he deduces based on impeccable accuracy that Sae’s wish was to insure a break-up in between them, so she could pursue a life of happiness with someone that has a brain located in the upper extremities [preferably in the cranial area], rather than the pelvis area.

The incredulous nature of the on-going scenarios should appear to be blatant, however, common sense is but a scarce,rumored resource in anime. With the added catalyst of an idiot sibling, it ultimately galvanizes the surmounting paranoia of such. [by adding “of such”, it automatically makes me seem more intelligent, or to the actual intelligent crowd, an idiot.] And thus the search for Sae-chan began.

After crashing a moment of matrimony, he finds Sae. At first glance, it would appear to be a scene of infidelity. An influx of sporadic thoughts rushed through his mind, the trust foregone, the envy accentuated, the skepticism extenuated, he would need to make his move.

Thankfully, I enjoy melodramatic writing too much. It appears that her meeting was actually with her cousin, they were having a play-date for the dogs. It was then revealed that the genes of stupidity not only resided within the hero of the series, but also with his siblings. Logic cannot fathom the well-being of the parents who produced such.

Essentially translated to, “I can prove that I stalk you everywhere with these forty-three volumes of video tapes, if I can’t prove my love for you, then who can?” Unfortunately, the stupidity is also strong with this one, she feigns ignorance to his poor excuse, and accepts the good-will.

Translation for “I’m glad your a paranoid, overbearing boyfriend, thanks for stalking me based off an illogical hunch.” He then admits his stupidity, it would be a notable feat if he didn’t do this every other episode. He confesses that he wouldn’t have been able to accept her marrying someone else, he wouldn’t be able to live on. She then admits that she would never marry someone else. It’s then revealed that her wish, was to stay with him forever. Totally an original wish.

The next day at school, he reminisces on how much of an idiot he was, operating under the assumption that he still isn’t one. Thankfully, misunderstandings and bad days only serve to bolster the strength of a relationship.

A dilemma then emerges; Sae is nominated as head of the Founder’s Festival committee, he encourages her to pursue the position. Thus, the episode ends as the prelude of the adventures of penis-for-brains, and how-the-fuck-is-she-a-voice-actress’s voice.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

Sleepy. Her voice kind of blows, enjoyable episode still. Yeah, sleep is cool. Really cool.

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