On-going Thoughts: Nisemonogatari 9/12

MIA Tsukihi

Last week’s episode was pretty cool, a new fetish was invented. Let’s continue on to this week’s.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

Since Karen bested him in the toothbrush game of life, he has to call Kanbaru to arrange a meeting. It initially appears that Kanbaru was only joking when she wanted to meet his sister, but it turned out to be teasing; he promises to bring Karen to her the following afternoon.

On the way to Kanbaru’s house, Karen proposes to teach him how to properly play rock-paper-scissors, however, she also insists on betting something as motivation: the loser has to carry the winner for the rest of the trip. He accepts, however, he doesn’t intend on following through if he does lose.
There’s two stages to “properly” play rock-paper-scissors:
The first stage appears to be in control of the chant; the second stage would appear to be executing it. Basically, you start the chant by saying “rock”, followed by “paper”, then you end it by drawing “paper”. You essentially skip the scissors part of the chant, feigning it as a self-explanatory fragment of the chant, causing your opponent, who’s anticipating for scissors to be said, go late, giving you a free win.

Unfortunately, her shenanigans causes her to get a fist to the face. He accuses her of cheating, then goes on to mention that only an idiot would admit defeat over that.

Since she loses, she insists on carrying him. However, he doesn’t really want to ride on his sister; so, he uses the excuse that he gained too much weight recently; she refutes this claim by positing that she could carry someone twice his weight. He then argues that even if she wanted to carry him, her ponytail would be in the way; she alleviates this concern by cutting off her hair.

She lifts him up; he pleads with her to let him down.

Karen: “Nii-chan, got a sec?”
Koyomi: “What?”
Karen: “Your crotch is pressing into the back of my head, and it doesn’t feel good. Well, Nii-chan? Don’t you think we should cut off your crotch, like I cut off my ponytail, to be fair?”

Anyhow, after more fun banter, they continue onwards to Kanbaru’s house.

A new character emerges, she’s looking for the cram school. She introduces herself as Kagenui Yodzuru, she questions them on if they know her. Koyomi introduces himself, and Karen introduces herself. She reasserts herself in calling Koyomi the devilish brother once more, but also calls Karen, a hornet sister. It appears that she has some clairvoyance on Koyomi’s receding vampirism, and Karen’s former affliction of the hornet. She laughs, then questions them once more on the location of Eikou Cram School. He seizes this opportunity to call Hanekawa, who’s knowledgeable about the location of cram schools.

They begin the phone-call leisurely. She then confirms that she does know where the cram school is, but she mentions that he should too: it’s the abandoned building where Oshino and Shinobu lived during the events of Bakemonogatari. He then thanks her, she then hangs up after asking him to say hi to Kanbaru for her. Needless to say, he’s surprised and somewhat afraid that she knows where he was headed.

He gives the location of the cram school to her. He questions her on her intentions by going there, given that it’s out of business. She tells him that she doesn’t have a special reason, just to establish a base of operations. She thanks him, then proceeds to leave, but, before she does, she warns him about a short girl, who’s going to ask the same question. It would be best compared to Shinobu’s height. She tells him to treat her as well as he did to her.

After she leaves, he questions Karen on her silence. She then apologizes, stating that she was anticipating an attack from her, she mentions that she was “strong”. Koyomi questions her, to him, she didn’t seem to be extraordinary, she just appeared to be an average “pretty woman”, besides her rhetoric, her physical appearance didn’t insinuate power. Karen then goes on to explain that she held her center of gravity during the entire conversation; she had the balance of a figure skater. Her fists were shaped for combat, it appeared that she was trained. He jokingly tells her that she sounds wimpy, it’s not usually her character to actually recognize someone else’s power. She goes on to mention that she can perceive any difference in power, as long as it’s not evil. She could analyze the previous encounter with the woman, but she was clueless against Kaiki, thus, the woman would be inherently “good”. But, she’s unsure of her deductions.

Later on, he introduces the two of them, Kanbaru as a pervert, and Karen as an idiot. He walks home alone, but suddenly, a wild Hachikuji appears. He then stops, and begins a tirade on how we probably expect him to leap onto Hachikuji in a burst of joy. He then admits that there was a time in which he would have committed such atrocities, however, he’s an adult now, a changed man; he has no interest in the little girl called Hachikuji Mayoi. However, he then goes on to deduce that the most logical thing would be to greet her, because if he doesn’t, it would insinuate that he’s avoiding her deliberately. Therefore, through bipolar inversive psychology of the reversive degree, he has to greet her to show how disinterested he is in Hachikuji.

He then runs after Hachikuji, unfortunately, Shinobu trips him. He then goes on to rant about how Shinobu screwed up the biggest event of his life. Thus, fun banter ensues between him and Hachikuji.

They’re interrupted by presumably, the person that Yodzuru mentioned. She questions them on the location of the cram school. She introduces herself as Ononoki Yotsugi, she refers to Koyomi and devil boy, and speaks in a “book-ish” rhetoric. He tells her the location, she thanks him, and Mayoi. Mayoi is a lost snail, she’s usually invisible, but she can see her. She then walks away. He then questions himself on what just happened, Mayoi interrupts his chain of thought by mentioning that she looked “pretty capable”, similar to when Karen said the same of Yodzuru.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

Karen took up half of the episode, it wasn’t bad, the intelligent dialogue was still there, so whatever. It is Tsukihi’s arc though, she hasn’t been around much. Oh well.

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