On-going Thoughts: Zero no Tsukaima F 9/12

Zero no Tsukaima is a rollercoaster of rage.

Last time on Zero no Tsukaima, more bullshit happened. It’s becoming a love story between Saito and his harem, rather than between him and Louise.
On-going Thoughts: Episode

Last time, through the power of love, Louise saved Saito and pals from the elves. However, the airship was damaged in the process, so, they’re docked in Galia, Tabitha’s homeland, to repair the ship.

Although Louise saved Saito through the power of love, he’s paying more attention to his harem. This will inevitably cause conflict because Saito lacks common sense. Louise follows by initiating a tirade on how Saito’s paying more attention to Tifa, this would a cutesy, jealousy moment if this didn’t happen every episode, not every other episode, but every episode.

In the midst of their redundant argument, someone comes to greet Tabitha. She orders him to prepare for the coronation ceremony; she’s intent on becoming Galia’s Queen.

After the opening, which stressed love and dedication, something void in this season, the scene shifts to an encounter between Tabitha and her mother.

Before the contents of their conversation are revealed, the scene shifts to the whore maid and Louise. They basically discuss Tabitha’s inevitable urge to claim Saito for herself. It’s moments like this that make me go, “Hey Saito, you should have left the maid with that nice noble gentleman during the first season.” Anyhow, the Siesta sees something outside the window, it’s Saito out on a walk, with Tiffa.

Louise then interrupts Saito, he was allegedly in the process of groping Tiffa, but it’s okay, because he had noble intentions behind it [there was an imaginary bug in her blouse]. Siesta joins in on berating Saito for his shameless tactics. However, a bug actually does fly out of her shirt. Fuckin’ anime.

The scene shifts to what’s her face, and what’s his face. She wants to explore the grounds, but he doesn’t want to.
Constantly arguing, passive ambivalence between them, unlikely romance.

She exits the room by herself with the intentions of touring the palace. She’s stopped by what’s his face, and what’s his face 2; they were instructed to not allow her to leave the room. She informs them that Tabitha gave her permission to do whatever, but they remain adamant; they can’t have her causing commotion. They can’t let the public know that they’re harboring elves, it could endanger the coronation. However, she still insists on touring the palace. Unfortunately, this results in the more bulky what’s his face groping what’s her face, on accident. The elf guy retaliates, however, he stops before any damage is done to what’s his face.

Thankfully, Saito comes to quell the ambivalent discourse between the elves, and the what’s his faces. They basically exchanged insults with each other, at least the elf isn’t retarded when it comes to defending your love; he doesn’t let start his own harem because he can.

Saito enters his room, he finds Louise there with an assortment of dresses on the bed. She questions him on the attire than she should wear for the dance. However, his opinions result in allusions to better-suited,bigger-chested candidates, like Tiffa. Louise insists on him helping her dress; he blushes. So wait, the one time that she actually insists, and allows you to dress her nude, you deny it, but you spend every other occasion incessantly insinuating your desire to do so? Anyhow, she gets dressed with his help.

Louise: “You can touch them if you want.”
[suiting music plays, and groping ensues]
Louise: “Saito, can I ask you something? I’m the only master for you, right?”
[enter Tifa through door]
Tiffa: “Saito!”
Louise: “Tiffa?”
Tiffa: I’m having trouble putting this on. Is it all right to depend on you on things like this, too?” [stress the incessant jiggle of the breasts in this scene]

At times, I like to reaffirm my beliefs that Zero no Tsukaima is just an intelligent parody on the romance genre, and not intentionally meant to say “Fuck you” to fans every other episode.

I hope you realize when you pantomime that, you’re actually supposed to block your vision.

It appears that Lukshana, aka what’s her face, escaped. Blinded by anxiety, he commands them to look for her, this is followed by an argument on the subject of “Why do you get to command us”. They’re informed on the arrival of His Eminence, they decide to stop their quarrel to look for her. For some reason, they find it more efficient to stick together when looking for her, because splitting together is far too complicated.

Lukshana appears to be in a cathedral. His Eminence arrived. The pope generally likes cathedrals. Lukshana is in a cathedral. Therefore, shit’s going to go down.

Elsewhere, Louise and Saito are conversing with the Pope, Tabitha, and the Queen of Tristain. It appears that her earlier spell was not in fact due to the power of inherent love, it was actually a void door. This not only signifies that she possesses the ability to use such a spell, but it also signifies that her love had nothing to do with the spell. Therefore their romance is… void. *ba dum tss* It appears that Saito has another man inside him, from when he became Tiffa’s familiar. except this familiar, isn’t a sword-machine like Gandalfr, but instead, empowers void magic. Oh right, the name of the familiar is Lìfþrasir. Since Saito holds the Heart of God, Lìfþrasir and the Left Hand of God, Gandalfr, he’s essentially 50% of God. Therefore, he’s the majority of God, given that the other two pieces of God are held by two individuals, giving them 25% of God. However, since Joseph possessed the Mind of God, it makes God a three-piece embodiment, hence, Saito holds 2/3 pieces of God, or 66% of God. Therefore, through the use of circular reasoning, Saito is God. Saito is shocked by incredulity at being God, he has the power to save the world.

Tiffa begins her inner monologue about her feelings towards Saito. I don’t really hate her character, I just dislike the fact that her existence hinders the romantic development in the story. Like, if the maid didn’t hold any romantic feelings for Saito, she wouldn’t be that bad. But since she does, I’d love nothing better than to see her get killed off. It’s simple subjective reasoning, staying objective in a show motivated by the chemistry between characters, such as this, isn’t effective. You don’t watch Zero no Tsukaima F for the storyline, you watch it because you’ve already watched two good seasons, and a mediocre season. You want to watch it to the end, you want it to end well, not end with a sour taste. The first two seasons were great, they really accentuated the knight saving the princess, fantasy feel. The third season still kept the adventure, but it deteriorated to the adventures of Saito and his harem, rather than Saito and Louise, the romantic coupling that most people watching this enjoy. Therefore, the song playing during the scene will forever be associated with me, typing up an overly sentimental paragraph on why I watch Zero no Tsukaima.

Elsewhere, they’re continuing their hunt for Lukshana. They begin to relate to each other, he realizes that human guys never win arguments against females either. Lukshana runs into the girls, and Tabitha. She explains the situation to them; it clears up the misunderstanding.

Therefore, nothing says bonding like a rant about how unfair it is to be a guy, the root of every society, elven and human.
They tell them that everything’s fine, and that she’ll be staying with them for the night.

Tabitha’s coronation basically symbolizes that she’s giving up her futile pursuit of love for Saito, in aspirations of making a change in her Galia. Knowing ZNT, they won’t play it off intelligently as such, they’ll have her going after Saito in no time. But, I’ll hope for it regardless, I really like Zero no Tsukaima; I wouldn’t watch it if I didn’t. The first season is the only show that I can’t defend with hermetic objective reasoning on why it’s so great to me.

Keep your word so I don’t have to do a paragraph rant on why you’re a fuckin’ idiot. Regardless of the validity, I’ll take this scene as foreshadowing to the ending; I don’t want a harem ending. They never work. In a love-triangle the other two do get screwed over, but in a harem, it’s basically not giving out a trophy, just participation ribbons to everybody. I don’t gain a sadistic enjoyment out of watching them cry their eyes out, but if it’s necessary, it allows you to fill the rest of the story with blanks yourself.

Meanwhile, in the hallway, the pope is having a conversation with Julio. Lìfþrasir does hold the power of amplifying void-magic by a significant amount, but in simplest terms, you use your own body as the alchemist’s stone. You burn away your own power, or in this case, soul when using it. You never regain what you lose, repetitive use will result in his death. It’s like the Rasengan in Naruto, or that super cool version at least, it harbors great power, but with great power, comes great responsibility. The responsibility in this case, is caring for your life. I don’t really like the dialogue between him and Julio, it’s slight nitpicking, but Julio already knows the inevitable effects. He’s essentially explaining it to him like he’s expecting someone in the background to hear, in this case, Louise. This results in Louise striking her worried face, and volcanic explosions.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

As much as I’d like to berate this show for going downhill, it’s a far improvement from last week’s episode. At least they attempted to add some logic in. The relationships are slightly better too, Tabitha’s out of the running for his love, and it’s pretty much a given that Siesta doesn’t care that much anymore. It’s more so between Louise and Tiffa now, I’ll believe that ZNT will end this with Saito and Louise; otherwise, that rant.

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