On-going Thoughts: Another 9/12


Last week’s episode was redundant, even more so than the previous ones. Let’s see what exciting, creative, and logical death awaits us this time.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

The librarian asks Sakakibara on Nakao’s [the boat magnet] behavior on the day of his death. He informs him that he swam like an idiot, and that he had carsickness. That leads them to the conclusion that Nakao was dead before the impact of the boat. Prior to the trip, Nakao fell down a flight of stairs, thankfully, he rushed out of the house before his parents checked on him. Therefore, his “fall” which resulted in subsequent brain-damage, occurred while they were “in” town; meaning, the curse could still be null outside city limits. I would praise the use of logic here, but a boat coming the fuck out of nowhere onto a deserted beach still doesn’t imply “logic”.

The guy has Another dream. The victims of the “curse”, are blaming him for their deaths.

Sakakibara informs the group about the item that Mr. Matsunaga mentioned; they have the location of it, but they don’t know what it is. Sakakibara asks them to keep this newly obtained information, a secret. I like his logic; “I don’t want anyone else to die, so let’s not give them crucial information that might lead to their death”. They plan on visiting the location of the item, an old-school building, tomorrow at three.

They run into some classmates at school; he informs them of their intentions. Out of common courtesy, they ask them to come along with them on their presumably dangerous mission; they decline, and say good-bye to them. Chances are, Sakakibara and pals will be fine, but the classmates that denied their invitations, they’re going to die [it’s Another’s formula; they’re noticeable characters, but they’re not important enough to affect the storyline, therefore, they get killed off].

They run into Mei; she was bored with nothing to do, so she came to school to paint. Reasonable.
She questions them on their motives; they try to hide it. Unfortunately, Mei calls their bluff and she explores with them. Thankfully, we have overused, cliche, and overused music to extenuate the mood.

They search the room, and while they do, they discuss a myth. The myth is labelled “the secret of the auxiliary library”; it revolves around a librarian sporadically moaning due to him being locked [on his own will] inside the secret library to guard it. The secret library contains secrets unknown to mankind.

They shatter some glass, and topple some bookshelves on accident, but they’re fine.

MEANWHILE, HALFWAY ACROSS THE WORLD, This scene should, by logic, be insignificant.

Oh god, they’re splitting up. What’s going to happen next?

The scene shifts back to the classroom, [the deaths must occur at the end of each episode, it’s the formula] Sakakibara finds something. It’s an unidentified object, but on it, there’s a message inscribed to the future students of the senseless disaster. They open the package, they find a cassette. They head to the film room to play it.

The message begins to play, it’s an introduction followed by the purpose.

While the tape plays, the scene shifts momentarily to her. It appears that she’s preparing to move, or leave town, at least someone has common sense. Unfortunately, through the use of “Another logic”, she’s going to end up in an accident.

His purpose is split into two parts; the first reason is to confess his “sin”, he wants to alleviate the guilt. His second reason is to offer some advice for going against the curse. He begins reciting the story. They visited a local shrine, they were under the impression that group prayer would exorcise the curse. 22 students took part of the event, most of them were skeptical, but still hopeful. On the second day of the visit, they ascended the mountain to visit the shrine, it looked desolate. Then, they decide to clean up the grounds, fix it up, you know, common courtesy. Then, group prayer ensued; after prayer, the teacher informed the class that everything’s going to be okay now. Unfortunately, he was wrong.

Immediately after prayer, a storm ensued. They quickly rushed down the mountain; that’s when the first incident occurred. A boy by the name of Hamaguchi thought that using an umbrella in a rainstorm was a bright idea, thankfully, he was smited from the skies for actually using common sense. Another seems to be very anti-umbrella. Anyhow, being the star-students that they are, they ran away and left his body for the wolves. Unfortunately, that’s when the second incident occurred. A girl by the name of Hoshikawa tripped on air, which resulted in her falling off the cliff. He moves on to “important” part, after they finally descended the mountain, he… [the teacher enters the room, Sakakibara and pals begin to panic]

And now, they’ll never know the intriguing details of the tape. That’s cool, watching Another for storyline is like watching Another for enjoyment, it’s a farfetched idea, and you’ll more than likely end up being more irritated then you were prior.

Oh hey, Another death. Thankfully, this death was logical; a random rock slide followed by breaking through the steel guard rails at 15> MPH, logical as fuck.
Let (fuck) = not logical at all

In all honesty, they’ll probably blame the possibility of this occurring on corrosion, or sabotage from the metallic termites. Maybe the termites teamed up with the metallic beavers. It’s all plausible, according to Another logic that is.

Well shit, you got the short end of the logic stick.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts
Logical as fuck. This show is turning out to be a great horror-parody series.

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