On-going Thoughts: Amagami SS+ 10/13

Sae gets a time-skip.

Last time on Sae’s arc… I don’t remember. I think it had something to do with food. Anyhow, onto this episode.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

Sae’s been busy with the Founder’s festival, so he’s been alone at lunch. Last episode emphasized how powerless he felt towards her, this is further accentuated by his demeanor this episode, he wants to help her, but he can’t. The narrator places an emphasis on this too.

Being the melodramatic guy that he is, he decides to rewatch some videos on the “good memories”. Suddenly, he gets invigorated with a new idea.

He pitches the idea of doing a documentary about her work; this is most likely an excuse to hang out with her. I’m not sure anyone would want to watch twenty-four minutes of that voice. She likes the idea, and accepts. The narrator warns them on his stupidity, unfortunately, he’s ignored. Thus, his fetish for being director, began.

He begins filming. It’s very reminiscent of a bad porno thus far. She begins to introduce herself, using “um” as the staple for her sentence. Suddenly, the class president walks in. She questions him on the filming device; they explain their intricate idea to her. She likes the idea, although she warns them to not film her. The scene shifts to the classroom.

Suddenly, he gets informed that Sae’s in trouble. He rushes to her aid; unfortunately, she mumbles certain phrases in her sleep that insinuated sexual assault, all to the grandeur of his sister walking in. Thus, argument ensued with one side intent on refuting the opponent’s claim. In the midst of the aggravated-assault-to-be, Sae arose from her slumber and cleared up the misunderstanding.

They begin to film more actively; as we can observe from the picture, there’s two idiots smiling. Suddenly, a budget crisis emerges. The teacher offers a solution, she thanks her and leaves.

She begins to complain about work; he stares off into the distance, entrenched in thought. She begins to regret volunteering, he questions her on if she’s okay. She says that she is, but she’s probably lying. She thanks him for his sympathy, and leaves, he begins feeling helpless once more. He bumps into the class president.

She gives him cliche advice. Apparently, being preached common sense is new to him, that’s understandable. She suggests that he should preach the word of common sense to Sae. He begins to think, his serious countenance emerges, and he has an epiphany, “I should use common sense.”

He shows her videos of her doing work; he’s trying to convince her that she’s not a useless president with a shitty voice. He proudly declares his inherent status as a stalker. He begins to give a monologue, reminiscent of a speech that every guy gives when they’re feeling somewhat helpful. She thanks him, and asks him to stalk her, while filming her, while looking at her the entire time. He accepts, although her permission wasn’t going to stop him if she declined.

With her newly-found companion, common sense, she gains a self-esteem boost. She begins to lead more efficiency, and things of that cliche nature.

The festival begins, and she begins her speech. If she was a masked mute, she would be a far, more likable character.

Detailed analysis on why such a change would be beneficial to her character.

The festival’s going well. She gives him his Christmas present, a green box. He asks her what she wants, he didn’t prepare a gift for her, she wants a kiss.

Thus, marks the end of the present arc.

For once, there’s actually a time-skip. This may partially be due to the fact that she didn’t get a fulfilling ending in the first season, although giving all the characters a time-skip would have been cool too. Unfortunately, her voice did not improve at all.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

For some reason, I tend to get disillusioned with Amagami SS+ at times, although, most of the time, it’s resolved by the end. Was a somewhat enjoyable watch, unfortunately, a terrible listen.

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