On-going Thoughts: Nisemonogatari 10/11

From donuts to serious business.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

Shinobu asks to discuss an urgent matter with Koyomi. She requests for Koyomi to buy her donuts, because they’re on sale. He accepts, but rather than her accompanying him for the trip, he asks her to remain in his shadow.

Tsukihi asks Koyomi where Karen is, he doesn’t know. He questions her if she’s done with being the “Fire Sisters”. She affirms that she is, she just hasn’t spent as much time with Karen recently. She states that she’s not that into justice like Karen is; she doesn’t have her own interpretation of justice. She just follows their interpretations of it; therefore, she’s a “fake”. She admits to being far too easily influenced by people around her, so she wants to scrap the idea of the “Fire Sisters”. Koyomi agrees with her, they should stop. She then wonders if by scrapping the idea, they’ll drift apart. Anyhow, she concludes by saying she’ll discuss the matter once Karen returns home; Koyomi then leaves, probably to buy donuts.

Suddenly, he notices something amiss, and forcibly strips Tsukihi. He notices that her scars are healed; the doctors previously stated how that’s not possible. She gets angry saying that scars heal, and questions his impulsive actions. She angrily storms off; it’s revealed that Karen and her have boyfriends. Koyomi then leaves.

They arrive at the shop; Shinobu raves on about the donuts. She wants to eat all of them, Koyomi on the other hand, denies her this privilege. He asserts that he’ll take her here monthly, so she’ll have to wait. She’s asked to pick only three, she refutes this by asserting that by buying her more, he’ll get on her good side. He questions her on the benefits of getting on her good side, but he gives in. She settles for ten donuts between them.

They begin to eat; Koyomi questions her about the two new characters introduced in the last episode. She mentions that the second character introduced, wasn’t human, she was a creative assuming a human form. She appears to be the familiar, of the other new character. She doesn’t want to give out anymore information because she doesn’t really want to be used as a tool. She mentions that buying her more donuts wouldn’t suffice as a bribe; she’s not that cheap. She tells him to ask the man sitting in the distance for more information.

Suddenly, Kaiki. He mentions that he’s here for minor, unpleasant business. He assures him that it’s nothing to be concerned over. He offers to tell Koyomi about the pair, however, monetary encouragement is required. Koyomi pulls out his wallet, and questions him on the amount. Kaiki, being essentially the coolest guy, takes the wallet, examines the contents, then proceeds to inform him that it’ll do. He informs him that he’s doing this as a mild favor to honor Koyomi’s relationship with Senjougahara. Koyomi learns that they’re specialists, similar to him; however, they’re real, unlike him, a fake. Koyomi questions Kaiki’s relationship with the pair; he informs him that it’s strictly business, he only knows about them due to their prominence in their field. They’re specialists for immortal creatures, like vampires and phoenixes.

He comes home to find the pair outside his house. He deduces that they asked him for directions not by chance, but by intention. He assumes that they’re here to exterminate Shinobu, the vampire, and him, the servant. She informs him that he’s under a misapprehension, the threat of Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-the-blade [Shinobu], has already been resolved. She then goes on to explain how allocating resources on a human with a few lingering aftereffects would be futile and a waste. However, that’s due to Oshino’s meddling [converting them from actual, threatening vampires, into something practically harmless].

Tsukihi storms out after the incessant doorbells; she complains that her pretending to not be there was met with failure.

She tells him to calm down, he angrily asserts that they killed his sister. They seem surprised, they assumed that Araragi was a common last name, thus an implied coincidence. She apologizes apathetically. He retorts enraged by the petty apology, they killed his sister after all. He tells him to observe.

He’s informed that his sister, Tsukihi, is possessed by a phoenix. She was never his sister, she was a phoenix in disguise.

Shinobu interrupts them. Yozoru questions her on her intentions, she can’t exactly stop them, she’s a powerless vampire. She threatens her familiar; Shinobu isn’t strong enough to take her, the omnyouji [handler] on, but she has enough power to siphon all the power from her shikigami [familiar]. After that’s done, she has a chance to defeat her, the onmyouji. Koyomi assumes the threat, as a bluff. Shinobu states that she doesn’t intend on interfering, but instead, requests that they leave.

They accept, out of respect for her, the prior legendary vampire; but she reaffirms that Tsuhiki isn’t actually Koyomi’s sister. They’ll pretend to fall for her bluff; she tells Shinobu to prepare herself. They’ll be back tomorrow; they affirm how they’re nothing like Oshino, they don’t intend on letting their prey get away. They’ll eliminate anybody in their way, regardless of being harmless. He questions their motives, why go after Tsukihi? She’s not exactly harmful. Yozoru asserts that Tsukihi’s a supernatural creature, she pretended to be human and deceived humans. That’s their definition of evil, or in this case, justice. They’re simply upholding their idea of justice.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts
The fuck? She’s a bird…?

On a side note, I like how they emphasized the individual idea of justice this episode, it’s thematic.

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