On-going Thoughts: Zero no Tsukaima F 10/12

Well, the best character of Zero no Tsukaima dies.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

Louise is worried about Saito. Last episode, the pope answered a rhetorical question, for no apparent reason than to inform an eavesdropping Louise about the mechanics of Saito’s power. Just wished they revealed that in a way that wasn’t overly blatant.

Ever since that nude brawl, I haven’t been able to take the Queen seriously. The generic,sad parodic music in the background doesn’t really help either. Anyhow, the Queen is informing them that the Pope is requesting their aid. They’ve been informed that a village at the foot of Fire Dragon mountains, was destroyed overnight. They have no idea what burned the village down. Louise seems hesitant to go, but Saito reassures her that it’ll be fine. The moment that Louise puts Saito ahead of saving the world, or obeying the Queen. or his Holiness in this case, is when she actually changes from being subservient, to being herself.

I’m glad she’s not a main character; I would watch Zero no Tsukaima mute. Anyhow, they ride the flying Lapras to Romalia.

They arrive to find the city on fire.

Holy fuck? Dragons? On Fire Dragon Mountain? Did not see that one coming.

Julio informs them that the dragons are rampaging, he only has control of his white dragon because of his powers as Windalfr. The flying Lapras is fine because she’s a different type of dragon.

The reason for the dragons’ rampage? Apparently the fumes of the Ancient Dragon caused this. If only they came up with a cooler name for it.

Apparently this was the ancient danger. A dragon coming up the surface for no inherent reason than to screw with everyone’s day. I do hope this isn’t the primary antagonist this season, it’s a fuckin’ dragon. He begins dividing the responsibilities for defeating Mr. Ancient Dragon of Ultimate Destruction Who Rose To Fuck With Everyone’s Day [Gave him a more creative, threatening name]; he’ll handle the dispelling, Louise is in charge of using Explosion, Tiffa is in charge of casting Mind Wipe on the dragons, then, he asks Saito, to utilize his Lìfþrasir powers. Saito readily agrees, I personally dislike how the script made him say, “That’s it? Sure!”, it was basically written to insinuate a completely oblivious response, it broke his character to get a stronger response out of Louise, if that makes sense.

The Pope, then bows to him, in gratitude. Personally, I don’t like Louise’s reaction, it’s far too unrealistic. She just stands there, and lets it be. The Pope probably does this, knowing that Saito’s going to be seriously injured, or killed.

Julio asks the Pope about Saito’s safety, “Is he going to die?”. The Pope’s happy that Julio shows compassion now, when they first met, he showed nothing but hatred for the world.

This picture could be misconstrued… Dat countenance. He calls Julio his love and joy, oh the clergy jokes I could make.

She asks Saito to not use his Lìfþrasir powers. That line would be important, and crucial to her development, if she actually said it in front of the Pope, or in front of authority, rather than just in front of Saito. Anyhow, she informs him of the situation, the mechanics of Lìfþrasir. He seems skeptical at first, but after Louise mentions that the Pope said it, he accepts it. Louise reassures him that she’ll protect him; Tiffa overhears this in the background. She feels guilty, her summoning resulted in Saito becoming a medium for Lìfþrasir. Therefore, Tiffa repeatedly apologizes, then runs away.

Saito breaks from his trance of thought, he decides to use the power, regardless of the circumstances. He asks Louise to look after Tiffa, he then goes with Julio to battle. I’m sure I’d care about this scene much more if this season thus far wasn’t riddled with “what the fuck’s” and “seriously’s?”.

Meanwhile, Tiffa is using her Mind Wipe ability on the smaller dragons.

Louise is forced to watch from a distance, as Saito, uses his Lìfþrasir powers.

Why didn’t the Pope jump with him? No fuckin’ idea.
On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

I’m not bullshitting when I say this, Derflinger’s death affected me much more than if Tiffa or the maid died. That guy was fuckin’ bro, he had the most amount of fuckin’ logic on this show. That wasn’t fuckin’ cool. Oh well, slight better episode.

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7 Responses to On-going Thoughts: Zero no Tsukaima F 10/12

  1. okthxbaii says:

    >Still trying to figure out why you are attempting to analyze a show that isn’t meant to be deep.

    Like, this show isn’t meant to have a clear story, it’s meant for the “romance” and the “comedy.”

    Oh who am I fucking kidding, i just enjoy seeing how terrible it is.

    What I like to call, so bad its good.

    Derflinger :( Why are they trying to do all this shit like killing people off, when you know, there’s only two episodes left? No way they are going to even make a dent in a decent ending at this rate.

    Oh well, more to laugh at.

    • mdlolz says:

      Pfft because, underneath all that incessant bullshit that is Zero no Tsukaima, I’d like to believe that there’s some sentiment underneath it.

      Yes it is ridiculously bad at times, A lot of times. As long as this ends well, I don’t really care I guess.

      Eh, didn’t come into this season expecting a “great”, nevertheless a “good” ending, just want to see their romance fulfilled. However, if it ends as a harem ending, I promise a passionate rant. First season was strangely really enjoyable, second was too. Third season was ridiculous shit, this is a slight improvement.

      How’s stuff been btw?

  2. grek14 says:

    Poor Derflinger ;(
    Were is the sense watching this show now.

  3. okthxbaii says:

    Stuff’s been good. Sorry I disallowed comments, the things I do for Lent, ahaha.

    This season’s been fairly good I suppose.

    Chihayafuru is still awesome, still enjoying Inu x Boku SS, Nisemonogatari is still great, Rinne no Lagrange and Senki Zesshou Symphogear are still fun.

    Highschool DxD is so bad its good, but I like it still.

    I like all the stuff I’m watching, but I had to weed out some of the stuff.

    How are things with you?

    • mdlolz says:

      Winter season’s goin’ I guess, Nisemonogatari’s good still. Another is Another, ZNT is rage-induced enjoyment, Amagami SS+ is fine, boring at times.

      I’m behind on Fall Season, I’ll probably catch up to all my fall shows right before the finales. So, good I guess.

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