On-going Thoughts: Another 10/12

Best episode yet. [no sarcasm] /sarcasm

Last week on Another, the episode sucked as usual. It’s cool though, this episode will probably suck too.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

It appears to be a flashback. Head of Countermeasures was bitchin’ about her stupid brother when she tripped, and fell down the hill. Thankfully, this is presumably before the curse, so, she didn’t break her neck. Then she wakes up from the flashback.
Well, that was anticlimatic. Shit. Do I keep this picture? Fff…

Back to the present; it appears that they’re taking a class-photo commemorating not being dead. They appear to be on a class-trip; they’re heading for the shrine tomorrow. I’ll try to justify some of my ranting for Another in this entry.
This episode will follow this exact format:
Recap of the most previous death -> Opening -> New Development -> Slight Backstory -> Sporadic, Shocking Death at the end. If not, then Another is a great anime.

Last episode, they found a tape. Unfortunately, before the tape revealed anything productive, Another disaster happened. Anyhow, the tape continues; right after reaching the bottom of the mountain, something happened. He got into an argument with a guy named —, they ended up trading blows. However, his opponent accidentally fell onto a branch, and died. Given this, he ran back to the lodge. At the lodge, he spent the next night scared shitless that — was going to come back to life as a zombie people were going to find the body of —. However, since nobody realized that — was dead, he decided to run back to the scene of the crime, to check on his body, you know, common courtesy. But, when he went back, the body was missing. This resulted in him, being confused. So, he ran back and asked everybody about —, but, they were like “Who da fuck is —? You be crazy.” [slightly modified to suit Another’s logic]
So basically, he accidentally killed the “extra” student on the trip, ending the curse. So, his confession was a result of guilt in killing a zombie. So, basically, his advice is essentially, kill everybody, you’ll eventually get the right person.

So, he suddenly breaks character and questions his classmates on whether or not it’s right to kill zombies. Thankfully, his speech is accompanied by cliche horror music, and the creative and innovative countenances of his classmates.

So, basically, the head of countermeasures is once again, blaming Misaki for the curses. She’s blaming Mei for not acting the role of being the bullied, invisible kid. Therefore, it’s Misaki’s fault, that Sakakibara, talked to her. The head of countermeasures is probably being influenced by Sakakibara’s charm, even though it’s blatantly his fault while taking into account her “logic”, she’ll blame it on Mei. So, to atone for it, Mei has to be killed off just for shits apologize. Mei questions if an apology really is necessary, on whether or not it’ll help the situation; if it does indeed benefit the situation, or alter it in any way, she’ll do it. Sakakibara interrupts her, by telling her that she didn’t do anything wrong; Mei apologizes anyways. Now, chances are head of countermeasures is going to slip and fall down the hill onto a branch this episode, or, some kid that nobody really cares about.

In the midst of denouncements, some kid that nobody cares about, is having an asthma attack. They would call the ambulance, but, the phone’s kinda far away, and nobody really cares about the kid the phone line’s dead. The classmates attempt to call for help on their cellular devices, however, they’re not being connected. Thankfully, the librarian offers to drive the asthma-attack kid, to the hospital. Since their death would be too obvious, and not abrupt enough, someone else is going to die.

Mei thanks Sakakibara for exercising his right of common-sense. She thanks him regardless, and invites him to her room later. Well, shit just escalated really fast. Seems like a PSA on anti-bullying. “If you stand up for the bullied chick, she might make something of yours stand.”

Unfortunately, this is a children’s show, so, there’s no scenes embodying intimate bonding, and character development. They look over some old photos. Sakakibara shows her the alleged odd-one in the class photo. Misaki notices a striking similarity between his mom and aunt. He questions her about some family matters, she usually doesn’t like talking about it, he asks her nicely, she tells him. Her mother’s real name is Yukiyo, rather than Kirika, while Misaki’s [the other one] mother’s name is Mitsuyo; they’re twins in appearance. After they grew up, Mitsuyo became a mother, giving birth to Misaki [the other one, Mei’s cousin], and one other, a twin. A year after the births, Mei’s mother, Yukiyo became pregnant. However, her child never came into this world. Yukiyo, paralyzed by grief, had a pseudo-breakdown. Mitsuyo, the mother of Mei’s cousin, was having some financial troubles during this period; Yukiyo’s family, around this time, needed something to alleviate Yukiyo’s heart. So, Mei was sold to her, the reason being her name, Mei [If they gave her Misaki, her name would be Misaki Misaki, that would result in a rough junior-high school year, constant bullying, etc, oh wait]. Anyhow, she learned about this fiasco during the fifth grade, prior to that, she didn’t exactly suspect anything. Given her new-found knowledge, she wanted to meet her birth mother, she told this to Kirika. This resulted in Kirika, being sad at first, but then, she turned furious. At first, she didn’t really mention it anymore after that, but, she began to meet Misaki in private.

They really took a liking to one another. They took a liking to secretly hanging out at the doll shop. When her birthday came, Mei questioned her on her birthday present desire. Misaki, wanted a doll. Unfortunately, Misaki had an abrupt sickness and died, she’s presumably the first death of the curse. One of the first scenes of Another involved Sakakibara meeting Mei in the elevator, Mei was carrying a doll on her way to the morgue. The doll was intended for Misaki [oh shit, Another actually had a “decent” development]. On a general consensus, the class believes the calamity to have started in May, when in reality, it was during April, the month of Misaki’s death. Given this, if her story is true, then Sakakibara cannot be the “extra”, however, she also has another reason for this inherent belief: her magical eye says so.

Previously, we assumed that her magical eye was a result of repeated drug use and a history of mental illness, however, it’s actually magical. It sees the color of death. The color of death is a magical color, it cannot be described through words, nevertheless animated, so we have to take her word for the magical color of death. She can essentially see those who are about to die. She never told Misaki about her eye, presumably, it’s assumed that only Sakakibara knows. She wanted to see the old-photo, she saw the color of death prominently in Misaki.
[There’s either three fuckin’ Misaki’s, or Mei is a time traveler. There’s either her, her sister, and another Misaki from the past, or, there’s her and her sister. The latter doesn’t make sense, unless she’s a fuckin’ time traveler. I probably should have paid attention.]

So basically, she had every opportunity to discern the “extra” from the class. But instead, she preferred to keep her eye-patch on, because guys obviously don’t dig heterochromia. However, after the seventh or so death, she went, “Maybe I should see who the extra is, you know, just for shits.”, it turns out, that the extra, is indeed, on the trip. It’s *KNOCK KNOCK*

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

Yes, this episode was better than the last few. But it’s still following the same, prosaic formula. Another would be great if it was labeled a horror-parody series, or a mystery series, rather than an actual horror series, or horror-mystery. It does decent in one section, but it does completely mediocre in the other. It managed to connect two events, a new one, and a previous one, but it also revolves around the use of idiotic logic.

Oh right, just for shits.

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