On-going Thoughts: Amagami SS+ 11/13

The best for last?

In all honesty, her arc was the only one I watched last season, not because the others were uninteresting, but because her arc was first. I didn’t really love the arc-based romance, I don’t do well with adapting to a new relationship every other episode, call it overly-sentimental, but hey, I usually prefer static romances.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

They’re dating; I was hoping for an afterstory-esque episode, but then I realized that the other arcs probably left off with “endings” during the first season too. Oh well, should be enjoyable still, as long as there’s a time-skip. Anyhow, she invites him to meet her parents.

She converses with a friend; she begins to reminisce on her childhood memories with her grandparents. Her grandfather suddenly proposed to her grandmother in front of a chapel; to make matters more intriguing, it was during her graduation year. At the chapel, they promised to love each other forever. Now, assuming her fantasies are being paralleled with the storyline, then there will almost certainly be, a mock wedding.

Given her sentimental story, she doesn’t want it revealed to Junichi yet. But, since this is Amagami SS, it’s probably going to be the central plot of the arc. Junichi learns about Haruka’s older sister, Jessica, who resides in England.

Her sister visits, she’s here to sight-see, attend her graduation ceremony, and steal her boyfriend [American courtesy].

And the dilemma of life after high school emerges once more. Oh well, I’ll probably be able to relate more next year; he’ll probably find some way to solve it though, because if Amagami SS+ ends with a depressing ending, then the blu-rays won’t sell.

Haruka appeared to be acting depressed, the opposite of how she usually is. Therefore, everyone assumed it was due to her eminent graduation, or a break-up between her and Junichi.

Jessica calls Junichi informing him about Haruka’s loneliness; she catalyzes his shitty self-esteem by mentioning that there was a multitude of guys who liked Haruka back in Europe. Thankfully, this is anime and not life, therefore, this event serves to only accelerate Junichi’s common-sense, and not to essentially foreshadow an ending like 5CMPS.
As predicted, a guest appearance by the Shed.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

I liked this episode more than the others, probably because I actually watched her arc the first season, but also because I like her character.

Just for context, Schadenfreude is a German word meaning pleasure derived from the misfortune from others. It’s usually when someone’s unknowingly about to commit something ridiculously stupid.

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