On-going Thoughts: Another 11/12

Nope, still no common-sense.

Last episode was an improvement. Still followed the same episodic formula; but it presented it in a slightly more intelligent way than the previous few.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

The episode starts with a recap once more, although it’s done in a slightly more intelligent way than two schoolgirls gossiping.
It’s still going to follow the formula of:
Recap->slight development->possible large development overshadowed by an interruption->sporadic death at the end

She recalls that there was a girl reminiscent of Misaki in her elementary school; unbeknownst to them, it’s Misaki’s sister. They realize that they’re not the same person after deducing based off two facts: her address was not consistent with her school of attendance, and she did not cosplay as a pirate.

In the previous episode, step three of the formula occurred; he did something bad. He questions the pair on Kazami, do they know him? They unfavorably reply with a yes, meaning that he accidentally killed the wrong guy. His excuse for killing him? He wasn’t acting like “himself” lately, and when questioned about their childhood, he had foggy memories. Therefore, remember your negligible childhood memories, or else you’ll probably get killed. I’m just curious as to why Mei isn’t going, “By the way, just in case some more sporadic shit happens, the extra is —.”

Sakaki goes searching, when suddenly, he gets grabbed by some insignificant character. So wait, a few seconds ago, he was tripping balls that the other person may still be alive. But this kid, dies in front of his eyes, and he doesn’t budge at all. He doesn’t even acknowledge his death, he gets told the information about the kitchen, and leaves him be.

For fuck’s sake Another, horror is meant to be done subtly, you make the audience anxious at every other turn, through intelligent plays. Blasting the sound from zero to 300% is not horror, it’s being an asshole.

They regroup, they couldn’t find Kazami. He tells them about the on-going situation, when suddenly, a female scream is heard.

They arrive at the site of the scream; there’s blood everywhere, but no body. Thankfully, they’re optimistic that somebody’s walkin’ around missing 60% of the blood in their body. They regroup, and they learn that Kazami’s been spotted. It’s assumed that he’s killing people.

They search for their teacher, she’s not in her room. Being the troopers that they are, they follow the blood-trail. I believe she’s the owner of the inn, she has a cleaver. It’s assumed that she lived out her Dr.Mundo fantasies.

Sakaki, Mei, and the head of countermeasures bump into Sakako. Suddenly, she snaps and attacks.

This lady’s just being an asshole. The curse doesn’t affect her, she just likes cutting the shit out of children.

Thankfully, Sakaki convinces her to go away and come back some other day, being the sane chick that she is, she complies. Now, she mentioned something about sending the dead back to the dead, while attempting to stab the shit out of the head of countermeasures. I’m sure that holds some significance, but why doesn’t anyone on this show have a grain of common-sense? Fuckin’ ask her who the extra is, you might even skip some melodramatic murders along the way. Suddenly, the tape begins playing on the speakers; the entire class hears about the calamity, and how it was supposedly stopped.

What an avoidable Catch-22; they’re using the fact that Mei’s eye = intact, as the sole basis of her being the “extra”. Now, given that as the only fact, that’s inherently logical to assume so, Mei did not inform anyone else about her twin aside from Sakaki, so it makes sense. However, also being given that, it could be that Mei actually is the extra, and she’s just a manipulative lying asshole hoping to kill everybody, if that’s the case, then I might actually say there’s a decent character on this show.

For fuck’s sake; this is not human nature. Yes, your life being on the line does cause you to do some shit you normally wouldn’t do, but collaborating in group murder is bullshit. There’s always the inherent odd variable that wants to solve shit peacefully, or compromise. Something along the lines of that. Yes, this is mass-hysteria, and yes, this would make sense if the entire class wasn’t portrayed as sympathetic idiots the entire season through; it’s a complete personality change. Using simple hysteria as an excuse is plausible, but it’s so damn illogically irritating. It could account for a few people, like the chick who actually did the announcement, but unanimously the entire fuckin’ class without questioning the word, at all.
As a counterargument, you could also assume that the entire class’s hysteria is justified through incessant trepidation over the preceding events, and the current state of events. Trepidation makes the class mimic a mob-mentality, going with whoever the fuck promises them “hope”, in this case, the announcements. But just an equal argument could be said going against this, since Another is applying some logic, it’s only fair to not just attack the shit out of it.

Thus, they accidentally killed the teacher. I can’t say that this episode is productive thus far, nothing important is being developed, they’re on the same page of knowledge. But, if they bothered asking Misaki about who the fuck the missing person was, this entire fucking episode may have been avoidable; or at least this part.

Remember her? She’s the chick that got stuck with the short-end of the logic stick. The bulldozer went sup through her house and killed her brother, she’s here to avenge him. Higurashi and other series like Mirai Nikki overuse this concept far too often: Cute girls + atrocities = horror/scary shit. Horror should not be defined by giving the character a larger grin than usual; that’s just a poor,overused device, that seems to constantly work for some reason. Unfortunately, she slips and falls on her neck. Why the fuck is anybody surprised anymore about the incessant deaths; deaths don’t mean anything once they’re dealt with on a constant basis, they lose the value and the initial shock.

Why the fuck won’t you tell him who the missing person is? Seriously, for fuck’s sake, just go “By the way, the extra is ___, no need to thank me for saving you all from an hour of melodrama.”

Finally, if he dies, this series ends. However, since she’s an outstanding team-player, she won’t kill him because he’s not the extra. If they changed the killer to a dude, nobody would give a damn about this scene. This wouldn’t be cute, it would be considered a “What the fuck, why is that dude killing everyone.” rather than a “shit’s kawaii”.

I swear, they kinda stole this death scene from Tarzan. Misaki’s shocked about her death; it’s either breaking character for no inherent reason, or the current person who’s choking, is the extra. It could also be that Misaki’s the extra.

Unfortunately, class president walks in during a bad time, and now she thinks that Mei killed noticeable, but negligible character #11. Given the heat of passion, she declares her disdain and her promise to kill the shit out of Mei.

The fuck, I was actually right on #11 being the extra. Or, Mei’s just bullshittin’ about her magical eye.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

Another episode, that sentence sums it up pretty well. The show bases its horror solely on the shock factor; the first three episodes was essentially just random flashes of dolls, because dolls are scary. Now, the dolls aren’t mentioned at all, or even alluded to for that matter. I don’t exactly predict the most amazing ending, but it’ll be fulfilling enough for anybody who actually enjoys the show. It wasn’t a horribly-bad episode, just not good.

Oh right, about the formula. On the bright side, they did break the generic mold. On the down side, less was accomplished this episode. Yes, we did indirectly learn about the extra, but that information was essentially easily given at the end of the previous episode, or the beginning of this one.

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One Response to On-going Thoughts: Another 11/12

  1. Dimorphic says:

    I was actually enjoying this series, but this episode… was just so retarded. It went from a mystery story to full-on parody of Battle Royal within one episode. Really, why is everyone acting so stupid? One announcement and everyone turns into a ‘return death to dead’ zombie that lost all sense of reason, sure. Everyone just hunts Misaki without any though and if they die themselves in the process, well that’s too bad then.

    Why is that fire just ‘there’ and not spreading in the entire episode? It’s like nobody cares.

    What about that woman that runs the place? Why the fuck is she killing people? Stay out of it, bitch. It’s none of your business. Also funny how she just slowly walks (why pick up the pace right) after those other two friends of the main character for the entire goddamn episode. Beautiful. It’s not even like that blond guy can’t walk on his feet after having a cut in his leg. Sure, it may hurt but come on, a crazy bitch is after you with a weapon.

    Then you have that head of countermeasures chick (she sure showed a lot of countermeasures up till now, holy shit) that just disappears half way through the episode and comes back right at the end to tell Mei that she was quite rude to kill her friend like that. After all, her friend totally didn’t act like a homicidal maniac right in front of her just a while ago, nope.

    And Misaki’s reaction during all this? Meh, she doesn’t really seem to care a lot unless the director REALLY wants her to. It’s like this is just another day in the office for her.

    I thought that you were needlessly negative about this series for the most part, but I can fully agree on this episode. At least it was still entertaining to watch I guess.

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