On-going Thoughts: Zero no Tsukaima F 11/12

This may have been a bit late.

Sorry, this review’s a bit late; I spent most of my weekend editing a video for a school project. I essentially spent three hours on the Nisemonogatari season finale entry, then 10 hours after that on the school project. Sunday, I spent twelve hours, so now I’m exhausted. Anyhow, here goes.

On-going Thoughts: Episodes

During the previous episode, the Ancient Dragon of Ultimate Destruction ate the Pope. Now people are shocked. This results in the knights, retreating.

Saito wakes up from his nightmare. As you remember, Derflingr was murdered last episode; given that Zero no Tsukaima is a very complex show with abstract symbolism, we can assume that Derflingr symbolized “common-sense”. Therefore, with the death of common-sense, dies any chance of a decent romance between Saito and Louise. We learn that the dragon has stopped rampaging for now; it turned into a rock[at least the Pope got someone hard].

I’m still confused at how Julio survived after falling into an abysmal crevice. But he seems to be doing fine physically.

Saito shrugged off the situation at hand, with a “Let’s get him next time.” This caused Louise to be sad. You see, Saito did not mention Derflingr’s death, as if he was insignificant. But since Derflingr also symbolizes common-sense, and the romance between Saito and Louise, symbolically, by rejecting Derflingr, Saito is rejecting Louise. Therefore, Zero no Tsukaima is an intelligent-written romance anime. This results in Louise arguing with Tiffa.

Back at the round-table, they discuss the strategy against the Ancient Hardened Dragon of Ultimate Destruction. In the past, the dragon was defeated through the efforts of the Gandalfr and friends, however, since their “culture” has advanced significantly since then, they believe that they can allocate more forces instead of raw power. So, the Queen orders ALL of the Tristain’s resources to fight the dragon. Logically, that’s an asinine idea, it’s basically telling every other hostile country to invade the shit out of you; your forces are docked in some distant land. However, since it’s anime logic, Gallia agrees with her, and joins the fight. But seriously, an unanimous agreement to allocate all your resources into a fight against a dragon? There’s no politics involved at all, or critical thinking for that matter. These assholes run their kingdoms, but they exhibit as much intelligence as the romance in Zero no Tsukaima, or the storyline of Guilty Crown, or the characters of Ao no Exorcist, and so forth.

Saito converses with elf and friends; he questions them about the plane. They’re clueless as to what it is; it’s wrecked, so they can’t exactly use it. So basically, bullets can defeat the dragon, but extreme concentrations of released energy cannot? Since the fighter plane’s so omnipotent, they suggest that Saito go back to his world, and get another one, through the use of Louise’s magic. So basically, the kid that’s been missing for a year or two, is going to go back, and be like, “Sup, was in a magical world where all these chicks wanted my dick, anyhow, going back there, gimme a fighter plane please.” Thankfully, that would be absurd, so this is not plot development, but melodrama development.

Louise, who was eavesdropping, drops in, agreeing with the plan. The chances of them going back to the real world, and effortlessly obtaining a Zero fighter jet, is about as practical as Zero no Tsukaima using logic in its strategies.

The door opens without and difficulty, but unpredictably, our heroine prepares to break into monologue. As irritated as I am about the direction Zero no Tsukaima’s going, this scene was still an inherent kick in the balls. I make fun of the series, but that has no correlation with how much I actually like the series, or the characters. They’re mentally deficient the majority of the time, but still, I don’t like 5CMPS endings.

Needless to say, Louise viewed that as a noble thing to do, regardless of the melodrama caused. Well fuck, how’s Saito going to integrate back into life now.

The village idiot returns back to the Queen. Since every female in the room was after his dick, they agree that it was the best idea.

They learn some mechanics about the Ancient Dragon on the magical dragon ride. Yes, Void Magicians are the most effective way to go against it, however, if it consumes one, it gets more powerful. Since the dragon consumed the Pope in the previous episode, it’s now more potent than previous. Therefore, the Pope effectively went “Fuck you” to the world by dying instead of Julio, coolios.

Louise returns to the academy, unexpectedly, her classmates are there too. They appear to be on her side–they intend on fighting the dragon, even if it means putting themselves into harm’s way. The mercenaries are also there; Tabitha hired them. As heartwarming as this scene is, I still don’t appreciate them using the wedding instrumental of “I SAY YES”. It’s an improvement from using it to showcase Saito’s feelings towards every chick, but still, it’s a memorable track from the second season. It was played once prior to this, only during the second season, during the wedding scene, when Saito “died”. It’s sentimental, but it loses it’s luster after you play it during every other “emotional” scene.

IQ of 88 aside, in his shoes, the trepidation has to be ridiculously terrible. The girl that you truly love, and all of your friends are essentially walking into a slaughter; you’re the only one that’s capable to even attempt to combat it, but you can’t. It’s a ridiculous feeling of helplessness; it must suck to be him.

This is essentially the prelude before a group gets their ass kicked. Never mind, apparently months of incessant training, and combat, does nothing to prepare you against an attack from unskilled thugs.

Since eating the Pope gives you wings, he’s now a bigger threat than ever.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

I’m not worried about a “happy” ending; it’s common-sense that it’s going to occur. I’m more concerned on whether Zero no Tsukaima is going to be remembered as a romance between a girl and her knight; or a romance between a boy and his harem.

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2 Responses to On-going Thoughts: Zero no Tsukaima F 11/12

  1. Mark says:

    Between a boy and his harem, I bet. And I won’t like it.
    I really enjoyed reading this. ^w^

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