First Impressions: Kimi no Iru Machi (OVA) 1/2

A town where you live with endless melodrama.

Decided to pick this up; I’ve only read a few chapters from the manga, but from what I did read, I enjoyed. Let’s see how this does.

First Impressions: Episode
The story starts very reminiscent of 5CMPS, it’s a long-distance relationship. I don’t remember this part in the manga, only some of the partial flashbacks that they showed, so, I don’t really know if this is original material, or an actual, rushed adaptation. I really like the soundtrack so far.

So basically, after a while, she moved back to Tokyo. They began their long-distance relationship once that occurred. But hey, from what I know, this is an improvement over the manga where the never-ending love triangle continues to irritate. A difference that I did notice from this adaptation was a lack of development on the main guy’s part; his inner monologue was essential to the development that he did have in the manga.

So basically, he’ll be in Tokyo for a while on a school-trip; they plan on meeting momentarily once that occurs.

A flashback occurs, it basically accentuates how lonely she is due to not seeing her boyfriend daily; it is a long-distance relationship after all. Her sister calls her attempts futile; although she’ll probably set that aside for the moment; it’ll come back to bite her when she’s down. [Like, not getting to see her boyfriend.]

Predictably, she misses him by just a few minutes. Now, this is where the rant begins. You see, the remarkable thing about 5CMPS and how much it hit was the realism of it, it was inevitable events followed by a period of trepidation and helplessness. This however, is completely different. Yes, he might get in trouble if he misses the bus, but who the fuck would actually use that as an excuse to not see his girlfriend? Let’s also take into consideration that they have cellphones; they did not have each others’ numbers in 5CMPS, thus, they could not communicate. 5CMPS was a ridiculously memorable, depressing, albeit great movie; but I’m not exactly a glutton for impossible romances, I like them possible. It just so happened that it wasn’t avoidable in 5CMPS. Anyhow, this results in her reviewing the words from her sister, from the earlier flashback.

Invariably, after missing his girlfriend by a few minutes, a girl confesses to her. I’ll assume this is where the love-triangle mechanics occur from the manga. Needless to say, the scene shifts on a cliffhanger.

She’s back at school; the poetry in the background only serves to screw with her mentality.

Gee Willikers, that was close, turns out she only needs him to act as her boyfriend! Thankfully, there’s no possible way for his actual girlfriend to see them pretending together because they live hours apart, right?

She questions the pair on how long they’ve been dating. The female begins to explain that the guy first confessed to her during the festival, but, she didn’t respond to his confession till soon after. Anyhow, it soon becomes evident that this actually is based off actual events. She nonchalantly responds to the pair, preoccupied with her cellphone –she obviously doesn’t care, she was probably paid or pestered to do this.

Thus, once she begins to suspect the pair, the prelude to the inevitable plight of melodrama occurs. I don’t like the guy for acting like an idiot.

The chances of his actual girlfriend not being on the other side is fuckin’ zero. She is on the other side, and melodramatic shit will occur.

Sigh, for fuck’s sake. You turned something reminiscent of 5CMPS to just another melodramatic love-triangle. How the fuck is this even logical, don’t you two live quite a bit apart. Oh wait, she probably did a fuckin’ surprise visit, because that’s what happens.

It doesn’t matter if the other girl isn’t a complete retarded asshole, hell, she’s even somewhat likable. But for fuck’s sake, nobody wins in a love-triangle, someone is always stuck with the fuck off stick. The most redeeming thing about this entire situation is the soundtrack, it’s good; on the other hand, this unrealistic bullshit is irritating beyond belief. I don’t know a guy who wouldn’t do everything in his power to see his girlfriend, if they truly are in love.

First Impressions: Concluding Thoughts

I never really understood why romance writers assume that a love-triangle automatically constitutes as drama. Most of the time, it’s melodrama, there is no winner behind it. The third person always gets screwed over; it’s the same with harems. There is no happy-ending to them, it’s just that the perspective is so awfully skewed to the advantage of the “main couple” in most series. Love-triangles remain to be consistently, the most irritating cliche in romance anime. I can’t recall a scenario where it was done well.

Although this soundtrack is really great. I’ll finish this series, it’s two episodes, and they’re weeks apart. I don’t expect the perfect ending, hell, the manga’s still on-going, I don’t expect a fulfilling ending. But if I could, I’d pick the first chick, screw short-hair.Somewhat enjoyable regardless of the melodramatic bull; although, that might be skewed considerably by the ending song.

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9 Responses to First Impressions: Kimi no Iru Machi (OVA) 1/2

  1. Dafuq did I just watch? says:

    If it follows exactly like the manga then I guess I should nickname this “A town where I rage”

  2. mdlolz says:

    An endless filler arc?

    • Dafuq did I just watch? says:

      no its just the guy was being an indecisive prick with the girl trolling him which then made him hop to and fro between 2 girls and eventually going back to the main girl
      seriously there was pretty much no point to that whole arc…

  3. Kafka says:

    This Series makes me wanna break my monitor every chapter!!!!

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