On-going Thoughts: Amagami SS+ 12/13

I liked this arc the best.

The end to what’s her face’s arc.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

The episode starts with more roleplaying between them, once again as husband and wife. Before the game escalates into something far more interesting, they stop; they head out to have fun.

She makes dinner for him; the image of them being a married couple is exemplified by the mood. Since he’s home alone; she decides to stay over. This results in him fantasizing about the endless possibilities.

After “dinner”, they play footsie Communication under the table. The events proceeding are lackluster, so she heads off to take a bath.

An actual allusion to the previous season; he’s met with the question of whether or not to peek in the shower. Last Christmas, she was irritated that he didn’t peek. Met with a burst of profound energy, he decides to do it. If he doesn’t go, then he’ll regret it; if he does go, and she gets mad, then he could just apologize with his heart. Unfortunately, he hesitates, and does not peek.

She comes out dressed in a negligee, that she secretly borrowed from her mother. He asks her to change clothes; his imagination is too clairvoyant. She replies that she wore it to show him; this results in more mental ambivalence. “Would not looking at her body be betraying her feelings?” [Anime is logical, he decides to take a good look, because that’s what gentlemen do. He turns around, but, she’s already changed. This results in his forehead angrily taunting the tabletop with a physical nudge. As suggested by her, he takes a bath afterwards.

He feels guilty about having her sleep on the ground; so he offers her the bed instead. She then reveals that she’s going to England after she graduates. This is a particular development that I don’t understand, or support. She’s going to England for a negligible reason, her grandparents’ insistence. Given her character, and their relationship, there isn’t any logic in her wanting to leave him, to go off to a distant land. It seems like a forced plot-development, mainly for the central melodrama of the arc. It also doesn’t coincide with the first season’s time-skip, in which they were married and together. However, the chances of her actually leaving him permanently are ridiculously low, it’s not going to happen; people expect happy endings with Amagami SS+, and chances are, they’re going to get it. This results in him being needlessly worried about the situation at hand.

He then begins to meticulously piece together the foreshadowing from the previous episode; such as why she specifically mentioned that she was glad to visit the shed before graduation. Overcome by common-sense, he leaves class and heads off to the senior classrooms. Unfortunately, his moment of badassery is interrupted when he finds out that seniors do not attend school; their classes have ended.

Given his predicament, he finds Haruka’s friend, and questions her about the situation. He begins by asking her if she knew about the preceding events, she confirmed that she did. This results in his bringing the question on why Haruka did not entrust in him, the knowledge beforehand. She says that she doesn’t know either, but questions him on what he’s going to do about it.

Still driven by common-sense, he calls Haruka’s residence. Jessica picks up, they exchange greetings. He learns that Haruka is currently packing for England, this results in him putting on his shocked, serious face. He then confirms to himself that Haruka really is attending college in England, much to the surprise of Jessica, on the other line. He then requests to talk to Haruka; Jessica denies him that. She explains that Haruka didn’t really want to return to England initially, that was mostly due in part to Junichi, however, Jessica is intent on taking her back to England regardless [which was her primary reason for returning to Japan]. He continues to protest, but she shows no mercy in psychologically manipulating the idiot. Basically, it’s pretty blatant that Jessica isn’t actually serious about taking Haruka back, it’s probably for a visit, rather than a prolonged stay; she’s just doing this to fully accentuate how melodrama can drive an arc, and to bolster Haruka’s and Junichi’s relationship.

He puts on his thinking face, and proceeds to walk down the street. He’s met with incessant ambivalence on the actions to commit; suddenly, he spots a wedding dress. Haruka and Junichi enjoy role-playing. The arc is centered around the wedding-motif. Therefore, Junichi will make an ass of himself by embarrassing himself for Haruka’s love.

At the graduation assembly, he convinced Tsukasa to allow him to give the speech. The speech starts of as usual, cliche school stuff; he doesn’t seem to be anxious at all. His speech is paralleled with flashbacks revolving around his relationship with Haruka. He then shifts from the boring, cliche stuff, to the romantic stuff.

“Ever since I entered high school, Senpai, you’ve been the girl of my dreams. Senpai, do you remember? When I first confessed to you, you quickly rejected me. But when I confessed the second time, you said I could remain in love with you. Many things happened after that. We played leapfrog together and looked for photobooks of dogs in the library. I was really surprised when you suddenly asked me if I was carrying a girl’s swimsuit. We then went to the pool where the Girls Swim Club was having their training, but Tsukahara-senpai got mad at us both. I haven’t forgotten any of them. I remember them all. That’s why I want to make more memories with you, Senpai. I don’t want you to go to England… Haruka, I love you! I really love you! Please marry me!”

Well shit, that last part was awkward to type. I don’t believe I’ve ever typed “I love you”. Anyhow, there’s always the idiot archetype, this guy belongs in it. However, he belongs in the so-called, refined section of it. There’s idiots who do consistent retarded shit, but, they never recover from it. This guy on the other hand, recovers from it, and he solves it. He’s not the most intelligent, and he’s not the best character, but he manages to handle “bad” situations well. At the end of the day, I prefer this idiot over a multitude of other romantically-inept characters.

This results in an outpouring applause, and an unconventional reunion between the two idiots.

She took his proposal to heart, and accepts it.

Like I said, this arc, as every other arc before this was built on needless melodrama. I don’t understand why they didn’t just make a fan-service arc for each character; exemplifying their characters, after the story of Amagami SS. I don’t believe most people give a damn about more school life, Amagami SS left at essential cliffhangers, may as well have given the fans that.

Thus, ends the arc of Haruka and Junichi.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts
I enjoyed this arc the most, partially due to me actually watching her arc during the first season, but also due to the fact that her voice could not be used as a biological weapon. And the fact that she has a likable, somewhat eccentric character. The next episode is the final episode, I was under the impression that this was a 12-episode season, I was mistaken.

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