On-going Thoughts: Zero no Tsukaima F 12/12

Shit better end well.

The final episode; the ending better not suck.
On-going Thoughts: Episode

The episode begins with Saito hesitating to press his doorbell; he’s kinda been gone for a year. Being the outstanding guy that he is, he goes “Fuck my family, they can worry needlessly about me.”, and runs off to find some way to reunite with Louise.

Meanwhile, at the academy, they put up a barrier against the dragon. It’s a combined effort between the academy students, the elves, and the mercenaries.

Elsewhere in the world, Saito has an idea. Today happens to be a very certain day; chances are, there’s probably some air show, meaning, he’s going to magically hijack a plane to aid Louise.

The situation’s worsening, however, the reinforcements arrive. Queen Henrietta, Julio and a shit-ton of flying ships are coming to help them.

So wait, they have the technology to make construct airships, but they’re at a complete loss when it comes to an archaic fighter jet? Saito said something along the lines of the bullets being game-changing; how exactly does a 50 caliber round do more damage than a giant-ass cannonball? It appears that the dragon was defeated.

Suddenly, it attacks back, incinerating most of the airships. This final “boss”, so to say, is by far, the shittiest antagonist ever. It doesn’t have a goal; it just kills shit for giggles [and to eat]. They could have incorporated numerous antagonists, but they chose a mute dragon.

As grim as it seemed, hope was found; the elves arrived.

Unfortunately, the dragon still breaks the barrier.

Elsewhere, it appears that Saito hitchhiked a ride to a base of some sort. He’s probably going to hijack a plane.

Louise targets the weakened spot of the dragon; meanwhile, the others are fighting. The dragon takes a direct hit, then explodes. But, the Ancient Dragon easily bounces back, and ripostes Louise’s attack, it narrowly misses. Since this was Louise’s strongest spell, and essentially, the best moment to use it [against the weakened spot], she loses hope at how noneffective it was.

Okay, how the fuck did he hijack a F-22 from an air base. Like what the fuck? Anyhow, I was wrong with my earlier prediction; what he saw in the newspaper was a report on the eminent solar eclipse. He seizes this opportunity to return to his world. [Contrary to popular belief, flying to the moon is indeed an easy feat if you have a fighter jet.]

At Louise’s call, Saito appears exactly where he’s needed. He fires two missiles at the dragon; he mastered the controls of a fighter jet during his brief 15 seconds of flight. It directly hits the dragon, thankfully, propelled metal does far more damage than a overload of raw energy. It’s revealed that Delf was always inside Saito’s rune; he’s still alive [this inherent symbolism, as explained in a previous entry, foreshadows that this show will not end with a shit ending revolving around Saito and his harem.]

Due to the infinite amount of missiles on Saito’s fighter jet, the dragon takes some heavy damage.

Through a series of events, Louise winds up in the cockpit of Saito’s fighter jet. She greets him with a friendly pummel; they come up with a stratagem on how to defeat the magical ancient dragon of ultimate destruction. Louise, influenced by the early event, doesn’t believe in the power of her explosion. Saito reassures her that he’s here to help with his power. Louise doesn’t want Saito to use the power, as she says, “There won’t be a purpose in living anymore”[If he dies]. Saito promises Louise that he won’t die.

Oh hey, the romantic moment is sealed with the opening song of the first season, arguably the best season. Fuck it, who cares about the broken logic in making the power of love supersede the dangers of using Lìfþrasir. Who actually watches Zero no Tsukaima for the logic, or the storyline for that matter.

Louise’s uses her empowered explosion against the dragon. This results in a myriad of colors, and gasps. This results in the dragon turning into a statue, and then collapsing.

I’d much rather Saito die, than continue on with the entire harem. Thankfully, he awakens when Louises says “I’ll do anything for you.”

He begins by teasing Louise about her previously spoken lines, but then, he proposes to her. More cliches follow, but I don’t give a fuck. Shit ended well, that’s all that matters.

For once this season, they played the OST correctly. The mood would have been exemplified so much more if it was ONLY played during this scene, and during the ending scene of season 2.

The series ends with Saito returning to the human world with Louise. It cuts off after he rings the doorbell to his house. One of the moments where Zero no Tsukaima successfully parallels a previous event with a current one. The first picture is of Saito hesitating to ring the doorbell, he was alone, now he’s with Louise. It opens and closes with similar scenarios.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

Zero no Tsukaima is best described as a rollercoaster of rage. Through the great seasons, and through the shitty seasons, and undoubtedly, through this mediocre season, it finally concludes. I’m more than content with the ending, it was one of the better choices they could have made given the circumstances prior to the final episode. I’m glad it did end well. This series probably won’t be remembered as the sentimental central-themed romance that I wanted it to be, nevertheless, it was a ridiculously enjoyable watch, and a memorable one for me.

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2 Responses to On-going Thoughts: Zero no Tsukaima F 12/12

  1. Mark says:

    I didn’t expect that ending. But I kinda liked it… I don’t know how to feel about this anime. xD
    It will be cool to keep reading this blog. ^^

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