On-going Thoughts: Another 12/12

The final episode.

The final episode of Another; this show could either be remembered as that one show that sucked but had that one cute chick, or a half-assed, decent horror show. I really don’t care what it gets remembered as, it’s a glutton for criticism.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

You know, I really hope they have an explanation for her character. Her douchebaggery should be due to something believable and intriguing, rather than the circumstantial, and mediocre excuse of hysteria. Thankfully, the librarian arrives and stabs her before she kills more kids.

The scene shifts to Sakaki looking for survivors in the hallway. He seems to have caught on to the events.

He finds a survivor, unfortunately, she gets backstabbed [literally and figuratively]. It appears that all the cool kids have a case of hysteria. He’s playing a stab and guess game on who’s the “extra”; this shit is ridiculously contradictory to the initial purpose. The initial purpose was to save the classroom, and to ignore the extra. By killing every other classmate in aspirations of killing the extra, he’s just exacerbating the situation even further. Not to mention, life-threatening situations typically make the kid scared, not fearless.

Thankfully, Sakakibara, who was not just stabbed recently, is dodging all of his swift strikes with accuracy. Needless to say, he eventually corners Sakakibara and begins a monologue on how it’s his fault that some chick he wanted to bone died [slightly altered to get the point across]; the head of countermeasures suddenly appears, and kills him [because that’s the best way to fight against the curse]. Since he killed two people, she justifies killing him.

The librarian stops her, she accuses him of being cowardly [for running away, and totally not saving the kid with the asthma attack]. He retorts her stupidity by affirming her accusation, but, he claims that he can still stop the untimely death of a classmate [glasses guy]. She calls him useless, saying that the only ones who can fix the current situations are the ones living in death’s jaws. She’s the head of countermeasures. He’s the damn librarian. It’s not his responsibility to keep your class safe. He might be obliged to aid you, but for fuck’s sake, you’re the head, not him. You stress that title every other time your name is mentioned, I even emphasize that in this blog. Quit bitching about your responsibilities. Suddenly, she attacks, but, she gets overpowered; she then runs away. Unfortunately, a blow to the head is a blow to the head, he dies regardless. Sakaki dials a number, to no avail; he reenters the house, probably to find the Cosplay Pirate. [still amazed that being stabbed in the arm is no big deal, and the bleeding’s already stopped.]

He finds Mei, but also the head of countermeasures. He notices the weapon in the hand of the head of countermeasures; he quickly rushes to her, in hopes of alleviating the currently desperate situation. This results in her riposting his charge, then declaring that if they don’t kill her, they’ll all die [if she didn’t like him, he would have two holes in his arms]. Sakaki quickly gets overpowered, but thanks to extremely coincidental, favorable events occurring in the environment, Mei’s saved from death. Right when she corners Mei after a series of unfortunate events [in her perspective], Sakaki does the right thing, and tackles her with his injured arm.

Sakaki passionately tells her that she’s wrong; this results in her drawing tears. Unfortunately, she still decides to knock him back, but, she declares that she’s doing this to protect them all [Mei is not included in “us”]. Since he’s so eager to die, she does the reasonable thing and offers to kill him along with Mei. Suddenly, lightning strikes the window, and glass is shattered everywhere. It then shifts to a flashback, that was partially shown in an earlier episode. If that shredded glass ends up killing her, then this show is mediocre bullshit, make her fall on her stabby device or something, not coincidental bullshit.

In the flashback, she refers to her brother as “stupid”, then she trips down the hill. Thankfully, since this isn’t occurring during the curse, she didn’t break her neck, or fall on a pencil cleverly hidden inside her pocket. Sakaki does the common-sense thing, and helps her up. However, she’s probably never had human contact before, so, she’s taking this moment rather sentimentally. She begins crying, he asks her if she’s in pain. She says no, someone she loves died [because emotional pain doesn’t exist], rather than a cliche reply like “Oh, that sucks.” or “I’m sorry.”, he tells her “Oh, we’re the same.”

That scene was essentially extremely relevant to the current events. [Half-sarcasm, but also half optimism, Sakaki’s introduction to the town was a bit ambiguous]. Oh right, since lightning strikes through windows [since glass conducts electricity], she dies because shrapnel hurts. This results in Sakakibara’s jaw size tripling for an added “No!” affect [Mei also gives an apathetic, half-assed gasp, common courtesy]. However, it appears that her gasp was not due to sympathy, because well, she tried to kill her; it appears that she was actually the “extra”, if not, that’s one inaccurate piece of shit eye]. Thus, begins her dying monologue, since I’m a good person underneath all that caustic malice.]

“A year and a half ago, I hit you with an empty can. Remember? [Sakakibara shakes his head, denying it] Honestly, you’re terrible. You’re supposed to say you remember, even if it’s not true.”

Well shit, that was the fastest dying monologue ever, anticlimatic too. There’s probably a shitton of heavily-laced symbolism behind her words, I’m just too unintelligent to decipher it. Suddenly, lighting strikes again, [Another believes that amplifying the volume by 400% = horror] the head of countermeasures gets buried in the rubble. He searches around for Mei, because well, she’s already dead, so let bygones be bygones. Suddenly, he gets a signal [because the curse ended, the series of continued unfortunate events is just common courtesy]; he calls Misaki. She picks up, she’s in the backyard; Sakakibara tells her to stay put, he’s on his way; Mei tells him to not come, he does not want to come; he questions her on why, she says she has to stop it. She tells him that he’ll regret it, so he shouldn’t come. Needless to say, he’s off looking for his Cosplay Pirate.

So, the class president wasn’t the dead one? Then what the fuck was the point of that flashback? Does Sakaki merely have shitty memory? Anyhow, she sees the color of death. He questions her on if she’s always known, she says that she has, but she couldn’t tell him [which is why she’s stopping it now, rather than when she first learned about it].

And it was Reiko, or Mrs. Mikami. Well shit, that foreshadowing in the first episode was also inherent common-sense; well played Another. Now, I really would praise it, but come the fuck on, Mei’s known about this for fucking ever. She decides to tell him now, and kill her in front of him now, rather than by herself. Sakaki blocks her, I honestly hopes she takes the pickaxe and impales his face with it. Suddenly, the table flips; he offers to kill her instead. Now I’m hoping for him to kill Mei with the pickaxe, then leave his Aunt by herself, you know, just for shits. He apologizes to her, but she tells him to not do it, making him hesitate. Then he starts questioning himself on whether or not killing is okay, if it’s the correct choice. Now I’m hoping for him to kill her, only to be told that Mei’s eye really is just a shitty instrument. Mei asserts that she remembers Reiko’s actual death, she was stabbed for shits by some thug, then flipped into the river. Suddenly, an influx of flashbacks relevant to the event is shown; most of it contains a body of ambiguity that doesn’t blatantly give the answer away. Given the information, he takes a deep breath, then prepares to mine for some Reiko ore. Another flip of events, Reiko’s actually his mom.

Therefore, murder is okay if you have a reason behind it, because nothing says justice like circumstantial evidence. The librarian arrives, and essentially summarizes the events. He offers to take them come; but they decline, he tells them to be careful, but takes the warning back after jokingly saying that the calamity was over. Mei and Sakaki walk home [they are totally going to be killed by that “unknown assailant.”]

Wait, you’re questioning, what good would it have done to know about the “enemy” beforehand? Well, I don’t really know, sure, you may not be able to kill her any quickly, but how about the people who were tried and convicted for being the “extra”. He invites her to the amusement park; this is the shittiest romance, they have no fucking chemistry. He continues flirting with her after learning about the fate of her cellphone; I’m still expecting for both of them to be killed off.

They sit on a bench overlooking the horizon; they talk about the photo, she confirms that the color of death is on Reiko. Sakaki regrets that they’ll probably forget about the events eventually; the other classmates do not see Reiko in the photographs. In all honesty, still waiting for that guy to come up behind them, and give em a cool double back-stab. Anyhow, they continue walking; this guy is mentally-retarded when it comes to conversations, he’s incessantly asking her if it’s over yet. There is no potential romance between these two, a logical one at least, they’re two fucking penguins. [After the credits, the former students of the class put the tape back where they originally found it; basically confirming that some of them do remember it.]

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

Amazed at how often shit shows, do decent endings; I’ll do an in-depth entry on why Another is shit later, similar to the Guilty Crown one. I’ll also be listing the positives of it; although I can’t really think of many. For shows like Guilty Shit, I list the aesthetics, Another has above average art and a shitty OST; melodramatic crap and Ali Project [I don’t hate them, but god damn, every song sounds the same if you don’t understand Japanese.] Was this watch enjoyable? For the most part, it was irritating due to how bad it executed it; given the final reveal, I believe it had a decent enough premise, they just executed everything along the way mediocrely and haphazardly.

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