On-going Thoughts: Amagami SS+ 13/13

How will it end…

I believe this is a fan-service episode.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

Yeah, it’s a hot spring episode. I really dislike her voice. I also dislike her character. I probably just dislike her. Anyhow, they’ll be visiting the new hot spring facility.

I typically like to commentate, and give my thoughts on the storyline, the developments, and the characters; but with this episode, that’s going to be rather difficult.

Well, shit, that advertisement in the upper right was relatively abrupt. They’re doing girl stuff I guess.

Screw it, it’s a hot-spring episode, there isn’t much to commentate on. She does aerobic exercises inside the pool.

She writes her a song, then sings it to her while showing her affection.

She praises her for her well-developed character.

They’re hugging Hibiki, because she’s apparently cute.

Well shit, that episode was ridiculously redundant to commentate, it’s a fan-service hot spring episode revolving around minimal interaction aside from the inherent sexual harassment.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts
I watch Amagami SS for the half-assed storyline, and the romance; I don’t really care for fan-service episodes. This was a rather lackluster way to end the season from my perspective, but hey, there isn’t much you can do with an arc-based romance. Enjoyable watch overall; it’s a romance-series with minimal character developments. Amagami SS+ was an original sequel, it could have been much better if they just did plain lovey-dovey interaction between the main character, and the girls. There wasn’t a need to have a central, redundant, melodrama to encapsulate everything; the season would have been more enjoyable if they just talked, did shit together, etc.

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