Spring 2012: Upcoming Anime

I lack creativity.

Winter 2012 was a fairly decent decent, better than the previous season. I guess it’s time to move on to Winter; the titles this season look far more intriguing.
I’ll be giving my thoughts on the upcoming series this season; I’ll be following this chart: http://static.neregate.com/2012/02/neregate.com-Spring-2012-Anime-v3.1.png
I’m omitting the specials, movies, shorts, and spin-offs for the most part.


Synopsis: In the far future, the elevated irradiation from the sun has destroyed the environment of the earth and the birthrate of humans has drastically decreased. The government controls society with an army of cloned soldiers called “Ideal Children (IC)”. Sam Coin is a trader in a desert. One day, he saves a beautiful woman Maya, who has been chased by Theseus, a corps of IC. He shelters her in his trade ship, but the destroyers of Theseus surround Sam and Maya.
Commentary: I tend to dislike Science-Fiction, the genre itself is at times, synonymous to giant mechas, which tends to get repetitive. I’m not sure if this is any different, it’s a short series with only six episodes, so I probably won’t be watching this. But hey, if you’re into a somewhat interesting Science-Fiction series, go for it.

Uchuu Kyoudai (Space Brothers)

Synopsis: Once upon a time there were two brothers, Hibito and Mutta. Hibito, the littler brother, had been blessed with good luck since the day he was born. Mutta, the elder, had always had bad luck. One day, looking up at the night sky, the two brothers saw a UFO. This experience made them both promise to become astronauts.
Commentary: It actually looks fairly interesting; it’s about astronauts. This is Science-Fiction that I really wouldn’t mind trying. Unlike most shows, the main characters revolve around two adults, rather than teenagers. However, I believe that this is going to be a fairly lengthy series; I’m probably not going to watch it. But, on the other hand, if you don’t really care about length, give this unique series a try, there’s not many similar series, it has the potential to be good. Who knows, maybe in like a few years, the majority of anime is going to revolve around astronauts doing “kawaii” shit rather than moeblobs.

Ginga e Kickoff!!!

Synopsis:The story follows a boy who was in a soccer team, but it was disbanded due to not enough players. However, after the boy meets a female professional soccer player, he aims to bring his soccer team back.
Commentary: I really don’t care much for sports; this being a children’s show doesn’t help the matter either. I’m probably not going to watch it; sports anime in general, are methodologically repetitive, it’s usually a conflict alleviated by friendship, teamwork, and strenuous determination. But, if you’re a football fan, go for it.

Kuroko no Basket

Synopsis: Kuroko is a member from the legendary middle school basketball team known as “The Generation of Miracles”, and while nobody seems to know about him, the main 5 players of the team all admit that he is a better player. When he joins the high school basketball team, everyone is surprised to find out that he is small, weak, and easy to miss. What is the secret that makes him so strong, and how will he help his high school team
Commentary: A basketball anime, that’s slightly rarer than baseball ones. I still don’t care for sports though. If you enjoy watching basketball, give it a try.

Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future

Synopsis: Three years after the events of “Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream”, Aira, Mion and Rizumu have grown up and tutor a new group of aspiring idols: Karin, Reina, Mia and Ayami, who form the Prizmmy☆. Teenage girls from Korea, named Somin, Shiyoon, Haein, Chaekyung and Jae Eun (who are the Kara), appear as a rival group
Commentary : The show appears to be tailored towards females, and male basement enthusiasts. It’s cute and all, but I’m probably not going to watch it. If you’re looking for a series revolving around girls being girls, then watch it; but, if you’re the latter audience in need of carple exercise, go for it.

Jewelpet Kira Deco!

Synopsis: The fourth season of Jewelpet.
Commentary: I really would watch this, but I’d have to catch up with the previous three seasons, and that would take far too long. If you really have nothing better to do, watch it.


Synopsis: A teacher is looking for a school by the name of Seishou Academy, as he is a new transfer teacher for that school. Seishou Academy is known for having students with excellent marksmanship. However, he gets lost along the way and decides to look for someone who knows where the school is at a summer festival.
Commentary: Intriguing synopsis and all, but I’d prefer to be kept off the suspected-sex offender registry. Besides that, it doesn’t seem like a worthwhile watch, it’s just small girls acting like cute animals, shooting M16s. If you really like the concept of risk-reward, watch it, you may get registered, you may not, it’s worth it at the end. [That was sarcasm, you will probably not get registered as a suspected-sex offender, but, it may catalyze social alienation, if you’re already experiencing social-alienation, then this series should be enjoyable.] (The previous statement was also a joke, watching this does not make you lose friends, and you being forever alone is not a result of watching similar series.)

Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle 2

Synopsis:The puzzles get tougher and even more deadly as Kaito Daimon continues his battle against the power hungry Givers of the POG. And with one team member already switching sides, will Kaito have what it takes to keep solving the deadly puzzle traps put before him and reach the fabled Puzzle of God? More importantly, will he be able to solve the puzzles AND maintain his sanity?
Commentary: It’s a sequel; I didn’t watch the first season. Other than that, the synopsis almost seems like a mock epic, but, it’s probably serious business underneath the surface. So yeah, I probably won’t be watching it. If you enjoyed the first season, then watch it, if not, then don’t.

Cardfight!! Vanguard: Asia Circuit Hen

Synopsis:Sequel of Cardfight!! Vanguard.
Commentary I somewhat regret going over every other show regardless of how interesting it is. This is a sequel; I didn’t watch the first season, so I will not be watching this. If card games intrigue you, go for it.

Eureka Seven AO

Synopsis:The story is set on Okinawa’s isolated island of Iwado, which has seen a growing movement advocating a return to an autonomous government. Ao Fukai, a 13-year-old boy with a missing father, lives on the island with an old doctor named Toshio and is about to enter middle school. Ao’s mother was taken away a decade ago by unknown individuals. Naru Arata, Ao’s 13-year-old childhood friend and the story’s heroine, lives with her father, older sister, and grandmother. She has a “Yuta” power awakened within her due to an incident when she was young.
Commentary: Finally, something I’m actually going to watch. I didn’t finish the first season, but this isn’t a direct sequel; so my knowledge of it probably won’t be necessary. I did enjoy the first season, but I didn’t really feel like watching so many episodes. I’ll do a First Impressions on this at the very least, if this proves to be as long as the predecessor; I’ll probably continue watching it, but, I won’t be doing on-going entries. I’ll decide after the impressions. It should be decent though, it’s being animated by Bones; they did Brotherhood and numerous other series with pretty art and mediocre storylines[Brotherhood has good art and a great storyline]. If you’re looking for a possibly above-average shounen series, then go for it; I thought Eureka 7 did better than series such as Bleach and Naruto.

Fate/Zero 2nd Season

Synopsis:The second part of Fate/zero.
Commentary: I really liked the first season, I’ll definitely be watching this. I would normally be wary of sequels to great series, but it’s being done by the same studio. I’ll pick this up as one of my On-goings, along with a First Impressions. If you enjoyed the first season, watch this; if you want a series revolving around boobs and great combat, go watch Bleach; if you want a series revolving around intelligent combat and dialogue, then watch the first season prior to this.


Synopsis:Oreki Hotaro is a high school boy, who always acts passively. One day, he enters “Koten Bu (Classic Literature Club)” as recommended by his elder sister.
Commentary: It’s by fucking Kyoto Animation; I’m watching it. They did Clannad, Air, Kanon, and every other moeblob series. I’m watching this regardless, to the end, After Story remains great in my illogical, elitist book. I’m picking this up for On-going Thoughts and First Impressions. Just watch this.

Accel World

Synopsis:One autumn day in 2046, Haruyuki has an encounter with Kuroyukihime, the prettiest girl in his school. For the middle school boy who is often bullied, the meeting changes his life. Through a mysterious piece of software from her, Haruyuki learns of the existence of the virtual Accel World. In that moment, the lowest of the “school caste” becomes “Burst Linker”, a knight defending a princess.
Commentary I’m giving this a try at the very least, it has pretty pictures, but I’m not sure if I can handle the storyline. It seems to revolve around the attractive female, and the most irritating, spineless male lead possible, but, I hope I’m proven wrong. I’m giving this a First Impressions at the very least, it’s a full 24 episode season, so I’d rather not drag along for a mediocre show. If you’re a fan of Shu from Guilty Crown, or Yuki from Mirai Nikki, you should probably watch this.

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka of the Dead

Synopsis:Second season of “Kore wa Zombie desu ka?”
Commentary: I can confirm that this does seem “desu” as the title implies, but, since, … fuck it, it looks like an ecchi fan-service harem. I’m probably not going to watch it. If you enjoyed masterpieces such as C³, then you’ll probably enjoy this.


Synopsis:The story starts off with a face-off between two rival heroes, ZET and ALPHAS, and then traces their origins – Jin Kanzaki, a young man with the ability to transform into a superhuman being known as ZET, and Kouga Amagi, a young man with a strong sense of justice who uses technology to fight as ALPHAS.
Commentary: I really don’t care for superheroes, it just really isn’t an interest of mine; but, it does look fairly interesting. It’s a more mature series, and it’s fairly short; the art also looks pretty. I’ll give this a First Impressions; if I actually do like it, then I’ll pick it up. If you’re interested in a more mature series, then watch this; from what I hear about the manga, it does seem to be a good series.

Kimi to Boku 2

Synopsis: The second season of Kimi to Boku.
Commentary: I actually enjoyed the first episode of the previous season. It’s a fairly decent series if you’re into guys being guys. But since I didn’t complete the first season, probably not going to watch this; but if you did, go for it.

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

SynopsisThe story takes place in Seikyou Private School. A facility that consists of multiple buildings that connect together to accommodate both junior and senior high school students. Sixty years of ongoing renovations and expansions have meant most of the old inner structures have been sealed and abandoned. Classrooms turned into storage rooms, staircases no longer in use, hallways like dark alleys. With the existence of such a maze-like building, it is only natural that rumours of the paranormal would appear.
Commentary: This better not be… Another disaster *ba dum tss*. It’s fairly short, much like Another, but, I do hope this is better than the mediocre, horror series that Another turned out to be. These two series are fairly comparably similar. It’s being animated by Silver Link; they animated Baka to Test and C³. C³ was a shit series; but it was pretty shit at the very least, it didn’t have amazing production quality, but it was above average at the very least. I also enjoyed both openings, and the first few tracks of the soundtrack. I’ll be watching this; Impressions and Thoughts. If you enjoyed Another, then give this a try, at the very worst, you’ll get a series revolving around a shit storyline and a pretty female character.

Hiiro no Kakera

Synopsis: The protagonist is a teenage girl (Tamaki) who revisits a small village, she remembers from her childhood and gets caught up in her family’s history and supernatural dangers surrounding it.
Commentary: I’m assuming that Samurai romances are to females as moeblobs are to males. I’m not going to watch this, not because it’s probably not a good series, but because I’m a sexist tool. In all seriousness though, looks boring, and it’s a full 26 episode season. On the other hand, if you often find yourself fantasizing, and daydreaming about buff,attractive samurai, then go for it, you may be able to live out your fantasies.


Synopsis: Yuki Sanada is a high school boy who cannot communicate with people well and doesn’t have a single friend. He lives on Enoshima island with his French grandmother. One day, he meets a boy named Haru. Haru calls himself an alien who visited the Earth for fishing. Another high school boy, Natsuki, and a mysterious Indian, Akira, join the two and the island becomes the center of the event which determines the fate of the world.
Commentary: I can relate with the guy, I have very little friends in real life. That was sarcasm; but, it doesn’t seem that bad, the art looks nice and the premise itself doesn’t seem as generic as it could be. I’ll give it a First Impressions at the very least. If the series seems plainly interesting, then watch it.

Shining Hearts

Synopsis:One day, a mysterious girl named Kaguya was washed ashore the island of Wyndaria after a great storm. She encounters Rick, a swordsman who wound up working at the island’s bakery. Apparently, Kaguya is suffering from having lost her memories and emotions. In addition, the usually peaceful Wyndaria is now swarming with pirates who came seeking for the special spirit stone that is worn around Kaguya’s neck. Knowing the situation, Rick and his co-workers, Nellis, Amyl, and Aerie decided to bring back peace to island and help Kaguya regain her lost memories and emotions.
Commentary: This is a RPG adaptation, they don’t happen as often as the other sources. Debating on whether or not I want to watch this, it has pretty art, but the character design was done by someone very unique. Fuck it, I’ll give it a chance. I’m picking up far too many shows this season; but this is an RPG adaptation, I haven’t watched many of them. If you like video games, play video games, if this looks interesting, then watch it.


Synopsis:Furuya’s obsessed with zombies. He collects any figurines, watches any movie, and plays any game with the living dead, and is even only interested in zombie girls. When his cat dies, Furuya begins trying to raise it from the dead using an ancient book of the occult he bought from a shop. But what will happen when he sees the idol of a nearby all girl’s school walking close to where he conducts his experiment, wishing to die and be reborn as a different person?
Commentary: The girl’s pretty, therefore I’m giving this a try. If you find this girl attractive, give it a shot too; I’ll probably do at least a First Impressions on it.

Natsuiro Kiseki

Synopsis:Natsumi, Saki, Yuka, and Ringo are best friends. They’ve grown up in an old agricultural town, experiencing everything together, both happy and sad. But one summer, they are visited by a miracle.
Commentary: I love teenage girls and miracles, therefore I’m watching it. That was sarcasm, I’m getting delirious from constant copy-pasting, resizing, commentating, etc. Watch it if you’re a miracle enthusiast.


Synopsis:The series follows Koko Hekmatyar, a young arms dealer who sells weapons under HCLI, a weapons corporation.
Commentary: The plot doesn’t seem that great; but it’s being animated by White Fox. I’ve watched two series by White Fox, they’ve only done three. Steins;Gate and Katanagatari, both ridiculously good series in my elitist opinion. As an elitist, I’ll probably be watching this series, but fuck, so many shows this season. Watch this.


Synopsis: The story of Haiyore! Nyaruko-san centers around Nyaruko, a formless Cthulhu deity of chaos (Nyarlathotep) who can take on the shape of a seemingly ordinary silver-haired girl. Mahiro Yasaka is a normal high school boy who is chased by aliens one night, until Nyaruko saves him.
Commentary: Shit’s kawaii and all, but I have too many shows this season. If you’re a prominent scientologist, then you’ll love this series.

Sakamichi no Apollon

Synopsis: Because of his father’s job situation, freshman high school student Kaoru Nishimi moves by himself from Yokosuka to Kyushu to live with relatives. Until then, Kaoru was an honor roll student who tended to keep to himself, but meeting notorious bad boy Sentaro Kawabuchi starts to change him. Through his devil-may-care classmate, Kaoru learns the attractions of jazz and finds the first person he can call a “friend”. He also discovers how much fun it is to play music…
Commentary: For fuck’s sake, stop airing good shows this damn season. Add some moeblob shit in there so I can go, “Fuck that”, and move on. Yoko Kanno’s doing the OST, that’s reason enough for me to watch.

Nazo no Kanajo X

Synopsis:One day, a strange transfer student appears before Tsubaki. Urabe Mikoto is an antisocial girl, whose hobby is just sleeping during class-breaks. One day, Tsubaki goes to wake her up and accidentally tastes her drool… And gets hooked on that!
Commentary: I decided that I was watching this beforehand, but, I’ll drop it if it’s bad. First Impressions at the very least. Watch it if saliva is on your culinary palette.

Medaka Box

Synopsis:Kurokami Medaka, a first year, is elected as Student Council President, and the first thing she does is establish a suggestion box, later dubbed by students the “Medaka Box”. Medaka encourages students to submit any problem to the box without hesitation and promises to take on any issue from anyone.
Commentary: Fuck off season, seriously. I’m watching this, same author as the gatari series. At first glance, it appears to be an ecchi-harem, but knowing his works, it’ll be something far more interesting. Fuck. Watch this if you liked the gatari series.

Queen’s Blade: Rebellion

Synopsis:After the 30th Queen’s Blade, Claudette becomes the queen. At first, she governs the country well by abolishing the heavy taxes and the aristocracy. However, her reign turns into terrorism by power and the Queen’s Blade is repealed. The Princess Knight of Rebellion, Annelotte organizes a rebel army and declares war against Claudette. The adventures of boobs and more boobs.


Synopsis: In the beginning of the 21st century, a world war breaks out over interplanetary travel tech. The environment is pretty much destroyed so mankind leaves Earth and starts Star Calendar 00. Entertainment and songs become heavily regulated and eventually banned due to their power to move people, but a brave idol group puts on guerrilla performances in the name of a famous act from earlier times that sang to Earth’s bitter end, AKB48. The illegal revival group’s name is… AKB0048.
Commentary: I don’t care much for singing girls. Therefore, I’m not watching it. Watch it if you like singing girls.

Concluding Thoughts: Spring Season 2012 Preview
Screw this season, too many shows worth watching. I’m not looking to watch decent shows, I’m looking to watch good shows. I’m picking up far too many shows; I’ll probably drop shows incessantly. Feel free to give your thoughts on this season.

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6 Responses to Spring 2012: Upcoming Anime

  1. grek14 says:

    >>Screw this season

    Really far to many series. To little time, to much to watch.
    These will be busy weekends.

  2. Heisuke Matsudo says:

    I enjoyed the first season of Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? so i’ll probably watch the 2nd season. I also read the manga of Sankarea and I’ll probably watch the anime to compare them. Based on your suggestion, I think I’ll watch Medaka Box since I loved the Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari series.I LOLed on the synopsis and commentary for Queen’s Blade: Rebellion :D

  3. Kevin says:

    I must admit I’m skeptical of Medaka Box. I know it’s coming from an excellent source but the art is putting me off. I will reserve my judgement when I watch it though.

    I must say, I’m quite excited for Sakamichi no Apollon. For the soundtrack if nothing else.

    • mdlolz says:

      I wouldn’t consider Medaka Box if it was plainly as it was, but since it’s from a “good” source, it should be different than every other ecchi harem.

      Yes, the soundtrack should be ridiculously awesome.

  4. Mark says:

    i will only be able to watch a couple of shows. So I choose Kore wa zombie desu ka just because I watched the first season, hoping it won’t be an harem thing just like with Zero no Tsukaima.
    And then I’ll choose a show of wich you start to write, so it will be funier. :D

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